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Density Distribution of a Bose-Einstein Condensate of Photons in a Dye-Filled Microcavity: Code and Data

S. Greveling, K. L. Perrier & D. Van Oosten
In this work, we present the data and an implementation of the theoretical model that were used to prepare the manuscript with the title "Density Distribution of a Bose-Einstein Condensate of Photons in a Dye-Filled Microcavity" by S. Greveling, K. L. Perrier, and D. van Oosten. The folder ManuscriptFigures contains the figures in the manuscript as well as the Python scripts used to generate them. The (relative) paths used in these scripts can be used...

Book prices and sizes in Europe, 1275-1450

Eltjo Buringh
The dataset 'Book prices in Europe 1275-1450' originaly forms part of the collection of Bibliometrics, which has been dowloaded from the Centre of Global Economics website (http://www.cgeh.nl/global-historical-bibliometrics) in september 2017. The original name of the datafile was 'data CGEH working paper 55 Books do not die.xlsx'. This database contains the information on prices and sizes of manuscripts used in CGEH-working paper # 55: "Books do not die: the price of information, Human Capital and the...

Computing and visualizing the Qur’an’s footprint in fifty-five works of Islamic substantive law

Yusuf Çelik
A collection of Qur'an citations discovered in the works of fifty-five jurists, segmented according to the chapter (sūrah) number of the Qur'an. Each segmented file contains a table with the exact verse number, the string quoted by jurists, the title in which the citation appears, the original internet source from which the data has been mined, and the context of the citation. Qur'an citations have been annotated in the latter column with HTML tags for...

Trust in Embedded Settings: Third-Party Effects

Davide Barrera & Vincent Buskens
This laboratory experiment was designed to disentangle effects of various types of information stemming from dyadic and network embeddedness. More precisely, this experiment represents an empirical test in which relative complex arguments to trust, such as learning and control effects, are compared with other “simpler” heuristics, such as imitation or social comparison. In this experiment, groups of actors embedded in small networks play a repeated Investment Game (Berg et al. 1995) and exchange information concerning...

Tafel-Vbis: Summary of all death duties in the Netherlands in 1921

Ruben Peeters, Amaury De Vicq De Cumptich, Joost Jonkers & Oscar Gelderblom
This database is a transcription of the original Tafel-Vbis source for the year 1921. Tafel V-bis is the name of a specific ledger in the Dutch inheritance tax administration which lists all of the deceased people in the Netherlands for whom a death duty (inheritance tax declaration named Memorie van Successie) was drawn up. This dataset was compiled from all remaining Tafel-Vbis ledgers across the Netherlands. It lists basic information about the people who were...

Cooperation between newcomers and incumbents: The role of normative disagreements

Kasper Otten
Cooperation in groups often requires individual members to make costly contributions that benefit the group as a whole. Prior research suggests that shared norms can help to support ingroup cooperation by prescribing common standards of how much to contribute. These common standards may be disrupted when groups undergo membership change, i.e., when members from outgroups enter the ingroup. When newcomers and incumbents have different notions about how much to contribute, a normative disagreement ensues that...

Public Finance of Indonesia 1817-1940

Jan Luiten Van Zanden & Joost Mellegers
The dataset in this datapackage was constructed for the 'Indonesian Economic History' project, which has been a concerted effort of several researchers at different universities and research institutions. The aim of the project was to reconstruct the national accounts of Java (1815-1939) and of Indonesia (1900-2000) and to analyze the long-term evolution of the economy of Indonesia in this period. The reconstructed national accounts form the prime source of information about the economy's development over...

World Bank's PovcalNet Distributional Data for Poverty Research

Michail Moatsos
Using materials and methods already made publicly available by Dykstra et al. (2014), I hereby make available the latest distributional data from World Bank's PovcalNet as of October 2nd, 2018. These data are used in the poverty estimates by the PovcalNet interactive online tool. Having these data locally, an independent scholar can experiment with extensive poverty line configurations that PovcalNet cannot accommodate at its present version. NOTE: the data contained here are provided under a...

Cost of Basic Needs based Global Poverty estimates, 1983-2014

Michail Moatsos
This dataset provides global poverty estimates using the method of cost of basic needs, covering the period 1983-2014, as have been calculated for the "Global Absolute Poverty: Behind the Veil of Dollars" article published in the Journal of Globalization and Development (DOI: 10.1515/jgd-2016-0033). Consult that article for details on the calculation method and the use of the data provided here. See the documentation in this datapackage for explanation of the meanings of each column. The...

Extended syntax for 'Cooperation between newcomers and incumbents: The role of normative disagreements'

Kasper Otten
This dataset contains an extended version of the syntax that was originally uploaded in the dataset: 'Cooperation between newcomers and incumbents: The role of normative disagreements'; DOI: 10.24416/UU01-87KATL. The extensions are based on comments received during peer-review.

Public data risk-sharing experiment

Eva Vriens
This folder contains the oTree code and final dataset of the Risk-Sharing experiment. The risk-sharing experiment was programmed in oTree and conducted with Uk-based participants recruited from the Prolific platform between June 5 and June 11. In total, 525 people showed up for these sessions (68% of those who signed up), of which 430 could be assigned to a risk-sharing group. 424 subjects completed the entire experiment. The experiment consisted of four parts. First, the...

Dataset Broodfonds survey

Eva Vriens
The broodfonds data was collected with a survey distributed among all 10230 members of the 230 broodfonds groups that were established before 1 Feb 2017. The data collection period ran from May 8, 2017 until June 14, 2017. Within this period, 5192 respondents (59.7%) filled in the questionnaire. This questionnaire contained questions about motivation for membership, personal characteristics, health and sickness, and social relations. All chairpersons of the 230 broodfonds group were invited to fill...

Networks and New Mutualism

Eva Vriens
This folder contains all Mplus and Rscripts used to run the analyses and create the figures as reported in 'Vriens, E., Buskens, V., & de Moor, T. (2019). Networks and new mutualism: how embeddedness influences commitment and trust in small mutuals. Socio-Economic Review. Paper abstract: Mutualism is reviving again in several countries, replying to state and market failure with an alternative, social insurance setup. We study participation in such new mutuals with a focus on...

Indonesian Military Height Data

Bas Van Leeuwen & Peter Földvári
This height data set, constructed from Indonesian military data, Indonesia Family Life Surveys (IFLS) and a sample of Europeans born in Indonesia who joined the Royal Dutch Indies Army (KNIL), was constructed to generate a trend of heights in Java and the Outer Provinces throughout the twentieth century. The data set contains information about education, ethnicity, occupation, height, place of birth, place of last residence, migration and religion. The study of heights provides a promising...

NELLS wave 1 and wave 2 data with linked alter information for the CDN

Eva Vriens
This dataset was constructed based on waves 1 and 2 of the NELLS panel. The NELLS survey contained ego-network questions in both waves. These questions asked respondents to list up to 5 alters with whom they discussed important personal matters (i.e., measurement of the core discussion network). Follow-up questions asked about personal characteristics of these alters. We used the original data file with the names of all alters listed (obtained from the panels' administrators) in...

Corporate network data - UK

Gerhard Schnyder & John F. Wilson
The dataset contains data on the composition of the boards of directors (BoD) of the 250 largest UK companies by net assets for nine benchmark years between 1904 and 2010 (1904, 1938, 1958, 1976, 1983, 1993, 1997, 2003 and 2010). The sample is composed of 50 financial firms and 200 non-financial firms, categorized according to the dominant sectoral activity of each firm. In order to compile this data, we relied partly on existing datasets, 2...

Corporate network data - France

Pierre Francois & Claire Lemercier
According to the general principles defined by Thomas David and Gerharda Westerhuis in order to insure comparability between countries, we have selected the ca. 50 biggest French financial and the ca. 200 biggest French non-financial firms for each benchmark date. Due to constraints in our sources, we however departed from studies on other countries by always choosing share capital as our sampling criterion. Other minor peculiarities of our sampling scheme can be found in the...

Corporate network data - Switserland

Stéphanie Ginalski, Thomas David & André Mach
To create this dataset we used a sample of the 100 largest Swiss companies for eight benchmark years in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries (1910, 1929, 1937, 1957, 1980, 1990, 2000 and 2010). We included the 25 most important firms in the financial sector (banks, insurance companies and financial companies) and the 75 largest industrial firms. Moreover, we derived the composition of the board of directors (BoD) and the main executive director(s) (1– 4 people,...

Corporate network data - Austria

Philipp Korom
This dataset contains data on the top 10 central firms, the top 10 big linkers and the corresponding network indicators in Austria for the years 1937, 1949, 1958, 1967, 1983, 1992, 1999 and 2008. The data are part of the ´The power of corporate networks: A comparative and historical perspective' project, which can be found via the following link: http://cgeh.nl/power-corporate-networks-comparative-and-historical-perspective

Economic Growth in the Cape Colony

Johan Fourie & Jan Luiten Van Zanden
The dataset 'Economic Growth in the Cape Colony' was downloaded from the Centre for Global Economic History website, of Utrecht University (http://cgeh.nl/economic-growth-cape-colony). On these data and estimates the researchers based their reconstruction of GDP for the Cape Colony (1701-1795). In this dataset are also related data for the nineteenth century making it possible to bridge the gap between the estimates and the official series of national accounts for South-Africa starting in 1911. A large part...

Bibliography of the Utrecht Psalter

Bart Jaski & Esther Van De Vrie
Bibliography of publications about the Utrecht Psalter up to 2019

Cornelis Booth, Catalogus der handschriften van Aernout van Buchell

Bart Jaski
Beschrijving, discussie en transcriptie van Utrecht, Universiteitsbibliotheek, Hs. 1831 door Bart Jaski en Kees Smit. Hs. 1831 bevat een korte lijst met handschriften van Aernout van Buchell (Buchelius; 1565-1641), geschreven door Cornelis Booth tussen 1641 en 1652, die hij en zijn verwanten in bezit hadden. Ingevoegd is een lijst van boeken van de universiteitsbibliotheek die vermist worden, geschreven door Booth tussen 1670 en 1678. Description, discussion and transcription of Utrecht, University Library, Hs. 1831 by...

Large-scale biaxial experiments on frictionally heterogeneous faults: Mechanical data and selected strain and image data

Loes Buijze & Yanshuang Guo
Frictional heterogeneity within fault zones is one of the factors proposed to explain the spectrum of slow, intermediate, and fast slip behaviors exhibited by faults in nature. Numerical modeling shows how even a simplified model setup incorporating sliding on a velocity-weakening (VW) patch surrounded by velocity-strengthening (VS) material can reproduce a rich variety of slip behaviors resembling nature. However, experimental investigations of sliding on heterogeneous faults are few. In this study, the slip behavior of...

Data supplementary to \"Complementing scale experiments of rivers and estuaries with numerically modelled hydrodynamics\"

Steven Alexander Hubertus Weisscher
This data set contains supplementary material and the raw data for the Esurf paper Weisscher et al (2020). The supplementary material includes four supplementary figures to the paper and a movie for visual comparison between measured and modelled flow. In addition, there is a supplementary manual that explains how to remodel the hydrodynamics of scale experiments (i.e., the iRIC manual). The raw data of the meandering and braided river scale experiments was collected by Van...

Mechanical data from rotary shear experiments on material derived from outcrops felsic and mafic rocks in the East African Rift Zone

Nina Hellebrekers
In all experiments, multiple series of velocity-steps were performed to obtain the velocity dependence of friction. The data can be modeled using rate-and-state friction equations (see Marone, 1998). We used the rate-and-state friction tool included in the XLOOK program to invert the data for all RSF parameters. For more details on the inversions scheme, see e.g. Reinen and Weeks, 1993. The excel-files included give the best fit values for the different parameters and different velocity...

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