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Re-focusing the Creative Process: Blending Problem-Based Studio Practice and Online Reflection

Ben John Cunningham
To promote the development of greater creativity in my students’ design work, I created an online tool—called Reflective Inquiry (RI)—that accompanies all of my open-ended assignments and that I require students to submit with each project. The RI is composed of a series of prompts that students must respond to, almost daily, to explain and illustrate their thinking processes and decisions. I ask students to think critically about questions such as “what don’t you understand...

Project Based Learning versus Traditional Learning – Comparing Perspectives of Arab Managers with Chinese Managers

Martin Jaeger, Gang Yu & Desmond Adair
The perspectives on Project Based Learning (PBL), traditional learning and engineering competencies are influenced by national and organizational culture. Based on Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory and grounded in constructivist learning theory, the purpose of this study is to identify the perspectives of Arab and Chinese managers on the effectiveness of PBL versus traditional learning. Utilizing descriptive and inferential statistics (Wilcoxon and Mann Whitney U test), findings show that Arab managers perceive 13 and Chinese managers...

Afklaring af den terapeutiske relation mellem den retspsykiatriske patient og musikterapeut

Britta Frederiksen
I denne artikel undersøges forforståelsen hos artiklens forfatter af begrebet terapeutisk relation i den særlige kontekst af musikterapi med retspsykiatriske patienter. Til brug for undersøgelsen anvendes repertory grid (RepGrid) teknikken, der er en teknik til at undersøge dybe og strukturelle aspekter af, hvordan en person opfatter et givet fænomen, som ikke ville fremkomme, hvis man blot beskrev de enkelte dele af fænomenet. Via undersøgelsen fremkommer der to hovedkoncepter i forfatterens opfattelse af den terapeutiske relation...

Development of an Innovation Process for Managing Employee-driven Innovation

Henrik Sørensen
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University

Seven domains for leadership mentoring and executive coaching A reflective paper

Paul O. Olson
This article discusses how coaching and mentoring can be integrated and work together as systematic tools for leadership development. The author draws on psychotherapy as a parallel for practitioner research and posits five validation hypotheses for coaching and mentoring. Arguably coaching is not sufficient to develop leaders, but a useful toolbox within mentoring. Internal mentors in particular have cultural and industry knowledge of direct relevance to the adept. Seven domains are identified for an integrated...

ECG-Based Measurements of Drug-induced Repolarization Changes

Tanveer Ahmed Bhuiyan
The PhD Series of theThe PhD Series of the Faculty of Medicine, Aalborg University

Forskning og formidling 2019

Poul Melchiorsen

Google som platform for dynamisk GIS

Lars Brodersen, Esben Munk Sørensen & Michael Gram

Analytics on Indoor Moving Objects with Applications in Airport Baggage Tracking

Tanvir Ahmed
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University

América Precolombina: "Donde el pronunciar palabras no estaba desligado del acto mismo de creer"

María José Levine
Sociedad y Discurso, No 2 (2002)

2010年后中美关系调整 ——基于“制度体系”理论解读 / The Readjustment of China-US Relations After 2010 - Based on The Theory of 'Institutional System'

Zhang Shuai
二战后,国际体系逐渐从“权力体系”进入“制度体系”时代,国际制度成为国际体系建设的核心,大国围绕制度结构中优势地位的争夺变为推动彼此关系变化的主要动因。“制度体系”背景下,国际制度主导国为维护自身主导地位,往往使用“安全杠杆”,在维持国际市场开放性前提下,建立“歧视”崛起国的国际经济制度,推动经济要素向着有利于己方的方向流动,削弱崛起国的物质基础和政策自由度。2010年前后,国际制度结构进入加速调整期,重点是在东亚地区,中国则是主要推动力。国际制度结构的调整威胁了美国原有的主导地位。因此,2010年前后,中美之间的矛盾瞬时尖锐起来。中美此轮博弈的焦点是东亚国际制度主导权,美国的安全战略只是手段,面对美国即将建立的针对中国的“歧视”性国际经济制度安排(TPP),中国需在更大范围内的加大开放,以“共同发展”应对该歧视战略。 After World War II, international order gradually changed from a 'power-centered system' to an 'Institution-based System'. International Institution became the core stone in the construction of the international order. Occupying an advantageous position in the institutional structure became the main factor in driving relational changes between major powers. Against the background of 'institutional system', the dominant countries are inclined to use the 'security lever' as a tool to maintain their dominant position. In order...

Antinociceptive and analgesic effects of botulinum neurotoxin type A

Larissa Bittencourt Da Silva
The PhD Series of theThe PhD Series of the Faculty of Medicine, Aalborg University

Analysis of Public Private Interplay Frameworks in the Development of Rural Telecommunications Infrastructure

Idongesit Williams
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University

Social protection and gender at the intersection of discourses and governmentality

Dennis Puorideme

Early Stage Decision Support for Sustainable Building Renovation

Anne Nørkjær Gade

Building stock energy modelling

Morten Brøgger

Transformative Social Innovation Theory: Spaces & Places for Social Change

Jens Dorland

Model-based speech enhancement for hearing aids

Mathew Shaji Kavalekalam

Development of next generation energy system simulation tools for district energy

Anders N. Andersen

Personalized musculoskeletal modeling

Christine Mary Dzialo

Ecopsychology informed coaching psychology practice

Stephen Palmer & Siobhain O’Riordan
Ecopsychology interventions may offer creative and helpful ways of supporting coachees with wellbeing, stress management and psychological restoration. There is growing evidence to suggest that being with nature can positively influence our wellbeing and health. In light of this, coaching psychologists, coaches and healthcare professionals have begun to place more emphasis upon understanding the ways in which ecopsychology can inform our practice. This paper reports the findings from two studies based on outdoor coaching formats....

Using hypnosis in coaching psychology practice to enhance performance, reduce anxiety and increase self-efficacy

Stephen Palmer
Traditionally, hypnosis techniques have been applied within hypnotherapy and psychotherapy as a therapeutic intervention. This paper focuses on using hypnosis as a technique to enhance performance, reduce anxiety and increase self-efficacy in coaching and coaching psychology settings. A hypnosis script is included that can be adapted by practitioners to tackle presenting performance-related problems.

Relationship quality

Alanna Henderson O’Broin
Early research on negative effects of coaching proposes a role for relationship quality as a possible protective factor against negative effects. This article begins by briefly contextualising and outlining the relationship quality findings in relation to negative effects of coaching. Then, taking the question raised in the research of whether negative effects of coaching can change to positive effects, the role that the coaching relationship may play in this question is examined further, drawing from...

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