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Managing the organisational transition from products to services in a global context

Madalina Pana & Melanie Kreye

Aqueous Electrolytes Model Parameters and Process Simulation

Kaj Thomsen

Electrolyte Solutions: Thermodynamics, Crystallization, Separation methods

Kaj Thomsen

Remote Sensing of Offshore Winds for Wind Energy Applications

Tobias Torben Ahsbahs
Winds in the coastal zone are variable due to sudden changes of the meteorological conditions caused by the land-sea transition. Near-shore areas are, however, attractive for installation of offshore wind farms because of the shallow waters and the proximity to logistics on land. Accurate information about winds in the coastal zone is necessary for optimizing the positioning and layout of wind farms. The PhD project explores the potential of new remote sensing techniques for mapping...

Modelling of Wind Power under Stressed Voltage Conditions

Moumita Sarkar

High Fidelity CFD-based Shape Optimization of Wind Turbine Blades

Mads Holst Aagaard Madsen

Application of Agile in Product-Service System Development

Tabea Ramirez Hernandez, Melanie Keye & Steven D. Eppinger
The aim of this report is to provide insights into the uncertainty faced by manufacturers when developing Product-Service Systems (PSS), and how to navigate this uncertainty better through agile management practices. PSS are compound offerings comprising of an artefact (the tangible or intangible product), and supporting engineering services. To provide these insights, this report describes the results of a study undertaken in the American aerospace and defence industry. An in-depth case study of a large-scale...

Proceedings of the 13th NOVO symposium: Sustainable work and inter professional collaboration in health care

Kasper Edwards

Proceedings of the 50th Nordic Ergonomics and Human Factors Society Conference

Ole Broberg & Rikke Seim

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