203 Works

Analyse af gigtpatienters brug af komplementære og alternative behandlinger (KAB)

Christian Skovsgaard

Systematic review – Protocol

Ida Kyvsgaard

Ikke-konstitutiv kosmopsykisme: naturalisme, idealisme og Martinus’ metafysik i syntese

Nikolaj Pilgaard Petersen

Autonomy for Surgical Robot Systems

Kim Lindberg Schwaner

Teledermatological solution to improve patient management in psoriasis: a participatory design study

Bettina Trettin

Supporting Service Innovation through Design Thinking: The case of an eHealth firm developing digital technology solutions

Mercé Bonjorn Dalmau

Epidemiology of hemolytic disorders in Denmark

Dennis Lund Hansen

Protokol - Behandling af postmastektomi smertesyndrom med fedttransplantation

Martin Sollie

Kognitiv adfærdsterapi for socialfobi

Lars Clemmensen Clemmensen, Mathias Torp Ernst, Cecilia Schøler Nielsen, Eik Runge & Stig Helweg-Jørgensen

New Evidence of Health State Dependent Utility of Consumption

Nicolai Fink Simonsen & Trine Kjær

Approaches to rural place branding and their impact on the local stakeholders

Barbora Gulisova

Energy-Aware Coverage Planning and Scheduling for Autonomous Aerial Robots

Adam Seewald

The pig as translational model of urinary tract infection: recapitulating important aspects of human disease

Kristian Stærk

Transcriptional Networks and Cellular Plasticity in Murine NASH

Sofie Marchsteiner Bendixen

Detection of Diabetic Eye Disease in a Danish Context using Deep Learning

Jakob Kristian Holm Andersen

Private Equity Fund Characteristics and Their Role in Acquisitions

Charlotte Sun Clausen-Jørgensen

From insect to robot walking: A biorobotics investigation into network topology

Beck Strohmer

Politics of Exclusion in Military Institutions

Vicky Karyoti

Autologous Fat Grafting as Treatment for Chronic Pain

Martin Sollie

Beach wrack monitoring using image dataset with artificial intelligence

Yaoru Pan

Coordination of the Clinical Care Trajectories of Acutely Hospitalised Older People: A Qualitative Study on Healthcare Professionals Across Sectors

Maiken Hjuler Persson

Applying Explainable Outlier Detection: En Empirisk og Teoretisk Undersøgelse af Anvendelse af Explainable Outlier Detection

Jonas Herskind Sejr

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