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DKRZ Jahrbuch 2014-2015

Michael Böttinger, Jana Meyer, Panagiotis Adamidis, Joachim Biercamp, Hendryk Bockelmann, Carsten Ehbrecht, Irina Fast, Kerstin Fieg, Ulf Garternicht, Ilse Hamann, Heinke Hoeck, Dieter Kasang, Stephan Kindermann, Michael Kuhn, Michael Lautenschlager, Hans Luthardt, Wolfgang Müller, Holger Pohlmann, Hans Ramthun, Torsten Rathmann, Hannes Thiemann, Frank Toussaint, Freja Vamborg & Tobias Weigel
Project: Literature - Literature e.g. grey literature Summary: The issue 'Jahrbuch 2014-2015'; focuses on DKRZ's new supercomputer system HLRE-3 'Mistral' (only available in German, published in July 2016). The pdf documents may be freely downloaded and used. Re-use of single parts (i.e. pictures) is only permitted for non-commercial purposes - except for those pictures that are copyrighted by commercial stock photo agencies. Details can be found in the corresponding picture credits ('Bildnachweis'). For any commercial...

The POP Manual

Fergus Gallagher, Hans von Storch, Reiner Schnur & Gerhard Hannoschöck
POPs = Principal Oscillation Patterns

The ECHAM 3 Atmospheric General Circulation Model

The ECHAM model has been developed from the ECMWF model (cycle 31, November 1988). It contains several changes, mostly in the parameterization, in order to adjust the model for climate simulations. The reference resolution is T42, but the model is set up to use resolutions in the range T21 to T106. Long term integrations have so far only been done for T21, T42 and T63.

The CERA Metadata Model

Heinke Hoeck, Hannes Thiemann, Michael Lautenschlager, Ingo Jessel, Beate Marx & Manfred Reinke
The CERA Metadata Model

The WASAR algorithm for retrieving ocean wave spectra from SAR image spectra

Susanne Hasselmann, Patrick Heimbach & Christian Bennefeld
The WASAR algorithm for retrieving ocean wave spectra from SAR image spectra

PUMA Portable University Model of the Atmosphere

Klaus Fraedrich, Edilbert Kirk & Frank Lunkeit
PUMA Portable University Model of the Atmosphere

Ensemble Simulations over Europe with the Regional Climate Model CLM forced with IPCC AR4 Global Scenarios

Heinz-Dieter Hollweg, Uwe Böhm, Irina Fast, Barbara Hennemuth, Klaus Keuler, Elke Keup-Thiel, Michael Lautenschlager, Stephanie Legutke, Kai Radtke, Burkhardt Rockel, Martina Schubert, Andreas Will, Michael Woldt & Claudia Wunram
Regional climate projections have been performed for Europe with the climate version CLM (version 3.1) of the ’Lokal-Modell’ (LM) of the German Meteorological Service. CLM has been forced with output of the ECHAM5/MPIOM global climate model of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, which contributed to the fourth climate assessment report (AR4) of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The results of the global model for the IPCC A1B and B1 scenarios as well...

Quality Maturity Matrix Checklist

Heinke Höck & Frank Toussaint
DKRZ Data Management Report: Quality Maturity Matrix Checklist Contents: 1. Evaluation Process of QMM 2. Conceptual Grade: Level 1 3. Research Grade: Level 2 4. Collaboration Intended use Grade: Level 3 5. Exchange Grade: Level 4 6. Impact re-use Grade: Level 5

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