988 Works

Systems analysis of grass stem development for biofuel production

Laura Bartley

Genus-wide genomics of the biomass-degrading and plant-beneficial Trichoderma

Randy M Berka

Engineering enzyme networks for biomass deconstruction in synthetic microbial communities

Steven Hallam

Biogeochemistry of carbon and nitrogen cycling in subsiding subtropical soils

Willm Martens-Habbena

Biofuel Metagenome 2

Harry Beller

Switchgrass diversity analysis and genomic selection using RNAseq and genotyping by sequencing

Shawn Kaeppler

Four anaerobic lignin-degrading bacteria isolated from Puerto Rico tropical forest soils

Kristen DeAngelis

Resequencing of yeast strains engineered for metabolism of xylose from lignocellulose

Trey Sato

Sequencing of 6 Lactobacillus casei strains with biofuels-related phenotypes of interest

Elena Vinay Lara

Comparative Metagenomics of Biomass-Deconstructing Communities Enriched on Multiple Feedstocks

Steven Singer

Investigation of a Novel Cellulolytic Bacteriodetes Enriched from Green Compost

Steven Singer

Genome sequencing of Thermoascus aurantiacus ATCC 26904

Steven Singer

Sequencing of Fosmid Clones Derived from Amazon Forest Soil Microbial Communities

John Gladden

Flax bast fiber and xylem profiling

Starla Zemelis

Populus Haplotype Verification

Gerald Tuskan

Resequencing of Trichoderma reesei cellulase production mutants

John Gladden

RNAseq profiling of engineered S. cerevisiae during conversion of cellulosic sugars into biofuels

Trey Sato

Comparative transcriptomics of Aspergillus niger during biomass deconstruction of wheat straw

Blake Simmons

Oryza sativa DEX-Inducible XA21 transcriptomics

Tong Wei

Resequencing of Aspergillus niger strains transformed with thermophilic bacterial cellulases

John Gladden

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  • 2019

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