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Continuous Forcing Data, Darwin, Australia

Christian Jakob
Long term, large scale continuous forcing data set for three complete wet seasons (2004-2005, 2005-2006 and 2006-2007) in Darwin, Australia.

Ground Penetrating Radar, Barrow, Alaska

John Peterson
This is 500 MHz Ground Penetrating Radar collected along the AB Line in Intensive Site 1 beginning in October 2012 and collected along L2 in Intensive Site 0 beginning in September 2011. Both continue to the present.

SPRUCE S1 Bog and SPRUCE Experiment Aerial Photographs

P.J. Hanson

Kinematic and Hydrometer Data Products from Scanning Radars during MC3E

Alyssa Matthews, Brenda Dolan & Steven Rutledge
Recently the Radar Meteorology Group at Colorado State University has completed major case studies of some top cases from MC3E including 25 April, 20 May and 23 May 2011. A discussion on the analysis methods as well as radar quality control methods is included. For each case, a brief overview is first provided. Then, multiple Doppler (using available X-SAPR and C-SAPR data) analyses are presented including statistics on vertical air motions, sub-divided by convective and...

ACMEV-SP2 (Single Particle Soot Photometer)

Arthur Sedlacek
The SP2 provides information on the amounts of rBC (refractory black carbon) and of other, non-refractory substances associated with individual rBC containing particles by simultaneously measuring the scattering and incandescence signals of such particles that are directed through the cavity of a 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser. (refractory Black Carbon) rBC mixing ratio (ng/Kg) and number size distribution time series collected during the DOE-ARM sponsored ACME-V field campaign held from June 1 to September 15, 2015...


Tim Shippert, Rob Newsom & Laura Riihimaki
Doppler lidar vertical velocity and cloud statistics VAP

Aethelometer \"2spot\" a1 datastream

Annette Koontz
Raw data from aethelometer 2 spot model


Nitin Bharadwaj & Dan Nelson


Krista Gaustad & Karen Johnson
The kazr2spec process ingests KAZR spectra, retaining only spectra associated with significant radar detections.


Krista Gaustad & Karen Johnson
The kazr2spec process ingests KAZR spectra, retaining only spectra associated with significant radar detections.


Karen Johnson, Tami Toto & Michael Jensen
For the Ka ARM Zenith Radar (KAZR) data stream, kazrmd.b1 (md=moderate sensitivity), produces significant detection mask, corrects reflectivity for gaseous attenuation, and dealiases mean Doppler velocity.


Annette Koontz & Janek Uin
AOS nephelometer data

ARM: AOS: Single spot Aethalometer®

Cynthia Salwen, Annette Koontz, Stephen Springston, Anne Jefferson & Arthur Sedlacek
AOS: Single spot Aethalometer®


Paul J. Hanson & Daniel M. Ricciuto

DataHawk 1 data from COALA Engineering Evaluation

Gijs De Boer
These are raw (uncorrected) measurements from the DataHawk 1 sensor package. This is a level 0 data product and only minimal quality control measures have been applied. It is likely that substantial further corrections will be required to use these in a physically meaningful way. Please contact the PI if interested in using the dataset.

Soil Water Characteristics of Cores from Low- and High-Centered Polygons, Barrow, Alaska, 2012

Ji-Won Moon & David Graham
This dataset includes soil water characteristic curves for soil and permafrost in two representative frozen cores collected from a high-center polygon (HCP) and a low-center polygon (LCP) from the Barrow Environmental Observatory. Data include soil water content and soil water potential measured using the simple evaporation method for hydrological and biogeochemical simulations and experimental data analysis. Dataset DOI: 10.5440/1299259; https://doi.org/10.5440/1299259 Data can be used to generate a soil moisture characteristic curve, which can be fit...

CO2 and CH4 Production in Low-Temperature Soil Incubations from Low and High Centered Polygons, Barrow, Alaska, 2012-2013

Taniya RoyChowdhury, David Graham & Stan Wullschleger
The dataset consists of respiration and methane production rates obtained from soil microcosm studies carried out under controlled temperature and incubation conditions. Soils represent the low- and high-centered polygon active layers and permafrost (when present) from the NGEE-Arctic Intensive Study Site 1.

SCM-Forcing Data

Shaocheng Xie, Shuaiqi Tang, Yunyan Zhang & Minghua Zhang
Single-Column Model (SCM) Forcing Data are derived from the ARM facility observational data using the constrained variational analysis approach (Zhang and Lin 1997 and Zhang et al., 2001). The resulting products include both the large-scale forcing terms and the evaluation fields, which can be used for driving the SCMs and Cloud Resolving Models (CRMs) and validating model simulations.

Merged analog and photon counting profiles used as input for other RLPROF VAPs

Rob Newsom
The rlprof_merge VAP "merges" the photon counting and analog signals appropriately for each channel, creating an output data file that is very similar to the original raw data file format that the Raman lidar initially had.

Organic Carbon Transformation and Mercury Methylation in Tundra Soils from Barrow Alaska

Ziming Yang & Baohua Gu
This dataset includes information on soil labile organic carbon transformation and mercury methylation for tundra soils from Barrow, Alaska. The soil cores were collected from high-centered polygon (trough) at BEO and were incubated under anaerobic laboratory conditions at both freezing and warming temperatures for up to 8 months. Soil organic carbon including reducing sugars, alcohols, and organic acids were analyzed, and CH4 and CO2 emissions were quantified. Net production of methylmercury and Fe(II)/Fe(total) ratio were...

ARM: Spectra from 1290-MHz Beam-Steered Radar Wind Profiler (BSRWP) operating in low precipitation mode

Timothy Martin, Paytsar Muradyan & Richard Coulter
Spectra from 1290-MHz Beam-Steered Radar Wind Profiler (BSRWP) operating in low precipitation mode

Data Products from ECMWF (European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts) Covering the MAGIC AMF2 Deployment

Maike Ahlgrimm
ECMWF derived diagnostic variables over MAGIC's ship path from Los Angeles, CA and Honolulu, HI. Two dimensional (time and height) slices were extracted once the ship's exact positions were known.

ARM: Doppler lidar wind VAP

Timothy Shippert, Rob Newsom & Laura Riihimaki
Doppler lidar wind VAP

SPRUCE S1 Bog and SPRUCE Experiment Aerial Photographs

P.J. Hanson

Digital Elevation Model, 0.25 m, Barrow Environmental Observatory, Alaska, 2013

Cathy Wilson & Garrett Altmann
This 0.25m horizontal resolution digital elevation model, DEM, was developed from Airborne Laser Altimetry flown by Aerometric Inc, now known as Quantum Spatial, Inc. on 12 July, 2013. One Mission was flown and the data jointly processed with LANL personnel to produce a 0.25m DEM covering a region approximately 2.8km wide and 12.4km long extending from the coast above North Salt Lagoon to south of Gas Well Road. This DEM encompasses a diverse range of...

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