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Data from: Biogeography and evolution of body size and life history of African frogs: phylogeny of squeakers (Arthroleptis) and long-fingered frogs (Cardioglossa) estimated from mitochondrial data

David C Blackburn & D BLACKBURN
The evolutionary history of living African amphibians remains poorly understood. This study estimates the phylogeny within the frog genera Arthroleptis and Cardioglossa using approximately 2400 bases of mtDNA sequence data (12S, tRNA-Valine, and 16S genes) from half of the described species. Analyses are conducted using parsimony, maximum likelihood, and Bayesian methods. The effect of alignment on phylogeny estimation is explored by separately analyzing alignments generated with different gap costs and a consensus alignment. The consensus...

Data from: A new squeaker frog (Arthroleptidae: Arthroleptis) from the Cameroon Volcanic Line with redescriptions of Arthroleptis adolfifriederici Nieden, 1911 "1910" and A. variabilis Matschie, 1893

David C Blackburn, Legrand N Gonwouo, Raffael Ernst, Mark-Oliver Rödel & David C. Blackburn
We describe a new species of squeaker frog (Arthroleptis) from Mt. Manengouba in southwestern Cameroon. The new species is distinguished from other Cameroonian Arthroleptis by moderately larger body size; a darkened throat and posterior thigh, both with many white spots; and, in females, a fourth finger longer than the first and second fingers. This species corresponds to a Cameroonian taxon previously identified as Arthroleptis adolfifriederici but which has been long recognized as distinct. Multivariate morphometric...

Data from: An ancient origin for the enigmatic Flat-Headed Frogs (Bombinatoridae: Barbourula) from the islands of Southeast Asia

David C Blackburn, David P Bickford, Arvin C Diesmos, Djoko T Iskandar, Rafe M Brown, David C. Blackburn, Rafe M. Brown, David P. Bickford, Arvin C. Diesmos & Djoko T. Iskandar
Background: The complex history of Southeast Asian islands has long been of interest to biogeographers. Dispersal and vicariance events in the Pleistocene have received the most attention, though recent studies suggest a potentially more ancient history to components of the terrestrial fauna. Among this fauna is the enigmatic archaeobatrachian frog genus Barbourula, which only occurs on the islands of Borneo and Palawan. We utilize this lineage to gain unique insight into the temporal history of...

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