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MFCS9a Data Set

Wei Jin, Rebecca M. Riley, Russell D. Wolfinger, Kevin P. White, Gisele Passador-Gurgel, Greg Gibson, Wei Jin, Rebecca M. Riley, Russell D. Wolfinger, Kevin P. White, Gisele Passador-Gurgel & Greg Gibson
Original ScanAlyze file


Ashley Farlow, Eshwar Meduri, Marlies Dolezal, Liushuai Hua, Christian Schlötterer, Ashley Farlow, Eshwar Meduri, Marlies Dolezal, Liushuai Hua & Christian Schlötterer


Natalie Cooper & Andy Purvis
Tab delimited text file - see ReadMe.txt for details

Table S2.pdf

Madeleine Beekman, Ben Oldroyd, Michael Allsopp, Alex Jordan, Julianne Lim, Madeleine Beekman, Ben Oldroyd, Michael Allsopp, Alex Jordan & Julianne Lim
Genotypes of pre-emergent drones (PED) of all 8 colonies


Rebecca Fuller, Leslie A Noa, Reid S Strellner, Rebecca Fuller, Leslie A Noa & Reid S Strellner
This appendix explains our sample sizes (i.e. number of tanks of fish), family sizes, and replicates for which there is missing data for either the pecking assay or opsin assay.

Cave Bear Data Set

Simon Y. W. Ho, Sergios-Orestis Kolokotronis & Robin G. Allaby

Brown Bear Data Set

Simon Y. W. Ho, Sergios-Orestis Kolokotronis & Robin G. Allaby

Fig. S1

Rodolfo Jaffe, Vincent Dietemann, Robin Crewe & Robin Moritz

Microsatellite genotypes for Pinus pinaster. Spatial genetic structure in Spain

Ana De-Lucas, Santiago González-Martínez, Giovanni G Vendramin, Elena Hidalgo & Myriam Heuertz

Brown trout microsatellite data

Michael Hansen, Dylan Fraser, Kristian Meier & Karen-Lise Mensberg
The file contains microsatellite data (21 loci) from six wild brown trout populations in Western Jutland, Denmark, along with samples from two hatchery strains used for stocking the rivers. The samples from the wild populations consist of contemporary samples (2000-2006) and historical pre-stocking samples (1927-1956), the latter obtained by analyzing DNA from archived scale samples. See Hansen et al. (2009) for further details on the data and study. The file format is MSA [Dieringer D,...

Alignment representing consensus of three other alignments

David C Blackburn
Consensus alignment generated by removing nucleotide positions for which the alignment differed when comparing three alignments generated via ClustalX (with gap costs of 10, 15, and 20).

ITS-1-20 intragroup.nxs

Liuyang Wang, Richard Abbott, Wei Zheng, Ping Chen, Yujin Wang & Jianquan Liu

Sequenced fragments of the Est6 gene for Anopheles scanloni mosquitoes

Katy Morgan, Yvonne-Marie Linton, Pradya Somboon, Prasanta Saikia, Vas Dev, Duong Socheat, Catherine Walton, Katy Morgan, Yvonne-Marie Linton, Pradya Somboon, Prasanta Saikia, Vas Dev, Duong Socheat & Catherine Walton

Measurements of snout-vent length and head width of African frogs

Breda M Zimkus, David C Blackburn, Breda M Zimkus & David C Blackburn
Tab-delimited file containing measurements of snout-vent length and head width for sub-Saharan frog genera Arthroleptis and Phrynobatrachus.


Issei Ohshima, Kazunori Yoshizawa, Issei Ohshima & Kazunori Yoshizawa
Partial Ldh sequences of moths collected in Sendai, Japan.


Jared Lee, Jerald Johnson, Jared Lee & Jerald Johnson
Aligned cyt b data for all individuals with the taxa labels in nexus file format.

Warramaba sp. COI sequences

Michael Kearney, Mark Blacket, Michael Kearney & Mark Blacket
COI sequences in MEGA format, grouped according to species/lineage


Jon Brommer, Jussi S Alho, Clotilde Biard, Joanne R Chapman, Anne Charmantier, Amelie Dreiss, Ian R Hartley, Mårten B Hjernquist, Bart Kempenaers, Jan Komdeur, Toni Laaksonen, Paula K Lehtonen, Thomas Lubjuhn, Samantha C Patrick, Balazs Rosivall, Kees Van Oers, Marco Van Der Velde, Joost M Tinbergen, Tomasz Wilk & Wolfgang Winkel

Symonds & Tattersall data 2.doc

Matthew R. E. Symonds, Glenn J. Tattersall, Matthew R. E. Symonds & Glenn J. Tattersall

Zip file to conduct Carex scoparia analyses in R

Andrew Hipp, Paul Rothrock, Richard Whitkus, Jaime Weber, Andrew Hipp, Paul Rothrock, Richard Whitkus & Jaime Weber
A zip file with an R workspace and a source file that executes all analyses conducted in R to generate Table 2. To execute, unzip the files into your working directory, load the file called "scopariaWorkspace.Rdata" into R, then source the file called "27may08analyses.R". Please note that the mantel tests are set to run for 200 permutations in this file, to make life easy when you are running... these mantel tests were actually run for...


Alice Dennis, Michael Hellberg, Alice Dennis & Michael Hellberg
Alignment files in FASTA format. There are 4 species and three genes, each in an individual file. The 4 species are: (1) Melampus coffeus, (2) Melampus bidentatus cryptic species NORTH, (3) Melampus bidentatus cryptic species SOUTH, (4) Melampus bidentatus cryptic species GULF. The 3 genes are: (1) Histone H3 (2) Cytochrome oxidase I (CO1) and (3) MCP, which has been Probable mitochondrial phosphate carrier protein.

DUN x IM RIL M. guttatus genotype and linkage map data.xls

Megan Hall, David Lowry, John Willis, Megan Hall, David Lowry & John Willis
This file includes the genotype data for EST markers, as described in Lowry et al. (2009) New Phytologist 183:776-788. These markers were genotyped in 191 recombinant inbred lines (RILs) from IM & DUN parents of Mimulus guttatus. Marker genotypes are: a=IM/IM homozygote, h=IM/DUN heterozygote, b=DUN/DUN homozygote. The markers are ordered by linkage group (1-14) and include distances (cM) between markers.

Microsatellite genotypes of captive lowland tapirs in Argentina

Anders Gonçalves Da Silva, Danielle Lalonde, Viviana Quse, Alan Shoemaker, Michael Russello, Anders Gonçalves Da Silva, Danielle Lalonde, Viviana Quse, Alan Shoemaker & Michael Russello
Length, in base-pairs, of alleles at 13 microsatellite loci in 41 individuals of captive lowland tapirs. Missing data coded as -9. Data collected with funds from the Copenhagen Zoo, Martha Pipper Research Award, and Canadian Foundation for Innovation.

Mitochondrial DNA sequences for California sea lions in Mexico

Manuela González-Suárez, Ramona Flatz, David Aurioles-Gamboa, Philip W Hedrick & Leah Gerber


Lisa B. Whitenack, Philip J. Motta, Lisa B. Whitenack & Philip J. Motta
PDFs contain force-displacement traces for all successful performance testing trials. Methods can be found in the original publication (Whitenack & Motta 2010. “Performance of shark teeth during puncture and draw: implications for the mechanics of cutting.” Biological Journal of the Linnean Society). “WhitenackMottaDraw.pdf” – contains all graphs for unidirectional draw tests on white grunt Haemulon plumieri. Each color represents a different individual shark tooth.

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