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Design of Distributed Energetics Solution Based on the Increasing of Direct Consumption of Electricity Generated from Wind and Solar Energy

Alo Allik
This doctoral thesis presents six original papers, which are used to demonstrate the design possibilities for increasing the local renewable energy consumption of buildings equipped with renewable energy production devices. The findings and visualisations can be used for educational purposes as well as for the practical engineering of building based energy systems. The findings from papers can be used to decrease the necessary grid connection capacity of buildings. It was found in the thesis that...

Monitoring and evaluation of forest ecosystem restoration

Diana Laarmann
This thesis synthesizes several studies of forest ecosystem restoration in Estonia, including afforestation on abandoned oil-shale mining areas and initiating natural processes and fostering natural structures and species composition. Silvicultural systems for timber production have caused changes in ecosystem structure and function associated with anthropogenic alterations of natural disturbance regimes. Increasingly, forest management is based on understanding of processes of natural disturbances, their effects for stand and landscape composition and structure, considering that this enables...

Effect of rake angle and cutting speed on energy demands of mulcher with vertical axis of rotation

J. Čedík, M. Pexa & R. Pražan
The contribution deals with the reduction of agriculture energy demands. For maintenance and treatment of permanent grassland areas, areas left fallow and put to rest the mulching in combination with other workflows (mowing, grazing) is advantageous procedure. As conventional impact grass cutting and chopping is energy demanding procedure, it is proper to reduce the energy demands of such device. In the paper the effect of shape of cutting tool, particularly the rake angle, on energy...

Performance analysis of biodegradable municipal solid waste collection in the Czech Republic

O. Chotovinský & V. Altmann
The article deals with the issues of biodegradable municipal solid waste management system, focusing on its separate collection. The two basic locations are compared – rural area and urban area. The emphasis is put on evaluation of individual biodegradable municipal solid waste collections development from 2012 to 2015. Individual technological performances of collection are also observed and evaluated (e.g. biodegradable municipal solid waste production, development of container quantity and collection frequency). The observed data also...

Listeria monocytogenes'e levimus valmistoidus

Mati Roasto, Kadrin Meremäe, Toomas Kramarenko, Mihkel Mäesaar & Maiu Kuningas
RTE meat and fish products with a long shelf-life are associated with the high risk of transmission of L. monocytogenes to human. Also, soft and semi-soft cheeses are in focus according to potential contamination with L. monocytogenes bacteria. The aim of the study was to give an overview about the prevalence of L. monocytogenes in readyto-eat food products obtained at food business operator’s self-control and at official control level. It was found that the highest...

Implementation of the Land Reform in Estonia: Institutional Arrangement, Speed of Implementation and Land Plot Fragmentation

Evelin Jürgenson
The implementation of land reform has been an important task in Estonia since the regaining of independence in 1991. Land reform is implemented according to the aim stated in the Land Reform Act and is carried out by the Government of the Republic through the Land Board, county governors and local governments. The implementation of that aim has created conflicts among different persons, for example, between entitled subjects of restitution and privatisation. A major obstacle...

Chemical composition of seeds and green beans of common bean varieties, breeded in Omsk State Agrarian University under conditions of southern forest-steppe zone of Western Siberia

N. Kazydub, A. Pinkal, T. Marakayeva, S. Kuzmina, M. Korobeinikova & O. Kotsyubinskaya
The article considers the biochemical composition of green beans and seeds of common beans varieties, breeded in Omsk State Agrarian University named after P.A. Stolypin (OmSAU). The research was conducted in 2014–2016. Varieties of locally breeded beans, in comparison with the standards, have advantages in the content of protein, zinc, iodine, calcium, iron, sugar; green bean technological properties and tenderizing of seeds during cooking, which becomes an indispensable component of the diet.

Dimethyl ether as a renewable fuel for diesel engines

P. Zeman, V. Hönig, P. Procházka & J. Mařík
The area of automotive fuel, or fuel components, which can be produced from biomass also includes dimethyl ether, otherwise known as DME. The issue of the use of DME as a fuel is one which has been monitored until recently. Biomass can also be used as the raw material for the production of DME. DME has therefore replaced the previously-used CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons), which are now banned for their role in dangerous levels of ozone depletion....

Impact of slurry fertilization on nutrient leaching and on the abundance of antibiotic resistance genes in agricultural soil

Mailiis Tampere
Present thesis studies the impacts of slurry fertilization on nutrient leaching and on the efficiency of using activated carbon (AC) as a measure in its reduction. In addition research assesses the cattle slurry as a source of antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) entering grassland soil. It was hypothesised that N and K leaching depends on fertilizer type, N rate used and sward type. Also it was assumed that the use of AC reduces N and K...

The perceivable landscape a theoretical-methodological approach to landscape

Nele Nutt
The goal of the case studies was to identify a semiosphere in landscape, the properties characteristic of memory and reminiscences, in order to identify the universal functioning mechanisms of the object and to comprehend the inner logics of the functioning of landscape. Several traits characteristic of semiospheres are present in landscapes, such as delimitation, unevenness, homogeneity, individuality, wholeness. The semiospheric border of landscape determines the structural and functional nature of landscape as semiosphere, which enables...

Influence of chemical composition on the biochemical methane potential of agro-industrial substrates from Estonia

M.A Luna-del Risco, K. Orupõld, I. Diaz-Forero & M. González-Palacio
Batch trials were carried out to evaluate the Biochemical Methane Potential (BMP) of 61 different substrates collected from agricultural farms and industrial sites in Estonia. Tests were performed in 500 mL plasma bottles at 36°C. The highest methane yield from all tested substrates was obtained from unconsumed dairy products (557 ± 101 L kg-1 VS) while the lowest was obtained from animal slurries (238 L kg-1 VS ± 42). From tested energy crops, foxtail millet...

Cultivar resistance and population studies of late blight pathogen in potato breeding in Estonia

Terje Tähtjärv
Potato (Solanum spp.) is the third most important food crop in the world after rice and wheat by FAO in 2014 in terms of human consumption. In the cold temperate climate zone, potato is one of the essential vitamins source throughout the year. People’s preferences and consumption habits have changed; thereby fluctuating demands of the food industry are setting up additional requirements for new potato cultivars. Potato late blight caused by pathogen Phytophthora infestans is...

The Socio-Economic Determinants of Entrepreneurship in Estonian Rural Municipalities

Anne Põder
The aim of the present thesis was to study the impact of socio-economic determinants on the development of entrepreneurship in Estonian rural municipalities. The socio-economic determinants refer to external economic, social, spatial and institutional factors. The thesis studies the effects of the main developments in Estonian agriculture and the rural economy on entrepreneurship in rural areas following the transition to the market economy, and it analyses the development of entrepreneurship and SMEs in different types...

Tetraploidse punase ristiku seemnepõllu rajamine kattevilja aluse külviga

Ants Bender & Sirje Tamm
In 2013–2014 field trials were organised in Estonian Crop Research Institute to comply with the applied project of the Estonian Ministry of Agriculture. In the establishment of a red clover seed production field 2 cover crops (barley and spring wheat) were investigated on 4 treatments and 4 seed rates (2, 4, 6 and 8 kg ha-1 ). Based on the field trials it can be concluded that both two-row barley (the variety 'Maali') and spring...

Morphological lodge of desi cotton (gossypium arboreum l.) genotypes and stage-manage by planting log under dry tropical prospect

Karim Jan, Muhammad Waseem, Mohammad Dost Baloch, Adbul Hameed Baloch, Mustajab A. Khan, Taimoor Khan, Muhammad Rashid & Qurban Ali
Planting log is the most considerable factor which directly manipulates the plant traits under naturally prevailing environment. The aim of the trial was to ensure the influence of planting hiatus on the morphological cabin of Desi cotton (Gossypium arboreum L.) varieties under dry tropical coast. The research was carried out during 2016 on three desi cotton genotypes C1 (FDH-512), C2 (FDH-502), C3 (FDH-170) under three-fortnightsowing regimes (S1 = 15. March, S2 = 1. April and...

Harvest time and ensilage suitability of giant reed and miscanthus for bio-methane production and characterization of digestate for agronomic use

F. da Borso, C. Di Marzo, F. Zuliani, F. Danuso & M. Baldini
In many countries, biogas plants are mainly fed by livestock slurry and dedicated crops, including maize, which still represents one of the main energy crops utilized. Many concerns are now arising on environmental impact due to the high water consumption, chemical fertilizer and pesticide requirements and on adverse effect of maize as energy crop on the price of food and feed commodities. For these reasons two perennial crops, in particular miscanthus (Miscanthus x giganteus) and...

Fatty acid composition of oilseed rapeseed genotypes as affected by vermicompost application and different thermal regimes

E. Samadzadeh Ghale Joughi, E. Majidi Hervan, A.H. Shirani Rad & Gh. Noormohamadi
Vegetable oils with a high relative amount of unsaturated fatty acids are of great significance for human health. Hence, in a 2-year factorial split plot experiment, the effects of different sowing date (optimum (October 17) and late (October 27)), vermicompost (0 and 20 ton ha-1 ) and genotypes (BAL104, DIE710.08, BAL102, FJL330, FJL290 and Okapi) on the fatty acid composition of rapeseed were evaluated. Rapeseed genotypes and the combination of sowing date and vermicompost application...

Energy consumption of milking pump controlled by frequency convertor during milking cycle

P. Vaculik, M. Prikry, J. Bradna & L. Libich
The article deals with selected parameters affecting the energy consumption of a vacuum pump in a milking system during the whole milking cycle in variants with and without regulation by a frequency convertor. When put into practice, the latest research of creation, control and stabilization of vacuum in milking devices allows dairy farmers to obtain a vacuum system that ensures maximum stability of milking pressure, which is a basic requirement affecting the health of dairy...

Comparison of power consumption of a two-roll mill and a disc mill

A. Smejtkova & P. Vaculik
Grinding or milling is often used process, for example in the production of feed, grinding of malt in beer production, grinding of cereals on flour, etc. In order to optimize the energy intensity of the whole production process, it is necessary to know the energy consumption of individual processes. The grinding of malt influences the mashing process, the drawing-off and the boiling yield. Correct grain grinding makes the endosperm available for enzyme and physicochemical reactions...

Testing of ISM band at remotes for unlocking vehicles

J. Hart & V. Hartová
Every modern car has a remote control for wireless unlocking. Wireless drivers for unlocking the vehicle using frequency in the ISM bands. ISM bands are unlicensed bands. They are usually used for industrial, medical and scientific purposes. The question is whether wireless transmission parameters are sufficient and do not violate defined range of ISM band. Another important aspect is the security of the wireless transmissions and any other signal interference. The problem of interference plays...

Research on the mineral composition of cultivated and wild blueberries and cranberries

A. Karlsons, A. Osvalde, G. Čekstere & J. Pormale
European cranberry ( Vaccinium oxycoccos L.) and European bilberry ( Vaccinium myrtillus L.) are among the most popular wild - harvested fruits in Latvia, traditionally used in folk - medicine and food. The commercial cultivation of American cranberry ( Vaccinium macrocarpon Ait.) and highbush blueber ry ( Vaccinium corymbosum L.) was successfully started during last 20 years. With a berry production increase due to considerable hectarage of plantings and growing consumer interest in health -...

Effect of I2/KI water solution to wheat seeds imbibition assessed by image analysis

J. Lev & J. Blahovec
Water plays key role in a seed germination due to its participation in starting of many metabolic processes that accompany the seed germination. Rate of water uptake into seeds is a usual basis for determination of the three germination phases. The water uptake into seeds during their germination was investigated by many researchers who used various methods (e.g. magnetic resonance mic ro - imaging, near - infrared hyperspectral imaging and visualization with I 2 /KI...

Encapsulation of Gallic acid in solid lipid core surrounded with maltodextrin shell

I. Sepelevs & G.A. Reineccius
Multiple phase capsules had been prepared in a single spray drying process. The main goal of the present study was to investigate whether the conversion of a portion of the modified starch (wall material used in spray drying) to resistant starch (RS) would offer added protection of encapsulated material. To achieve this, dry gallic acid (GA; a model water soluble phenol compound used in the present study) was initially dispersed in palm oil and stabilized...

Effect of impact-activating-disintegration treatment on grain protein fraction of autumn rye

A.A. Sabirov, N.V. Barakova & E.A. Samodelkin
This paper studies the distribution of rye protein fractions according to their mass and amino acid composition while milling by machines with different work tools. The research was conducted on the autumn rye of harvest year 2017 with kernel moisture con tent of 8%. Cereals were milled in the machine of an impact - activating - disintegrating type DEZI - 15 with three - row and five - row rotors which rotate at 120 s...

Intensification of rapeseed drying process through the use of infrared emitters

V. Bulgakov, V. Bandura, Margus Arak & Jüri Olt
The theoretical basis of the agricultural material drying techniques has been formed in the world for two and a half centuries. Nevertheless, despite the multitude of studies well presented in the literature, the i ndustry still lacks universally recognized methods of design calculation for the majority of drying problems. Presumably, this is due to the fact that the dehydration of foodstuffs is one of the most energy - intensive and complicated work processes. In the...

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