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Marketing și dezvoltarea produsului

Tiiu Ohvril & Birgit Maasing
Dragi cititori, Această lucrare este publicată ca urmare a unui proiect implementat în Republica Moldova de către Universitatea Estoniană de Științe ale Vieții. Rezultatul primului proiect a fost o carte care a oferit o imagine de ansamblu asupra diversificării economiei rurale estoniene. Ulterior, partenerii proiectului au dorit să afle mai multe despre experiențele specifice de dezvoltare a produselor și despre problemele micilor producători estonieni. De fapt, două tipuri de agricultură se pot încadra într-o țară...

Analysis and evaluation of effectiveness of interventions for prevention of occupational accidents

Vladimir Shkrabak, Sergei Levashov, Roman Shkrabak, Vasily Kaljuga, Eda Merisalu & Toivo Kabanen
Transition to the concept of professional risk management assumes the transfer of focus from measures of response to accidents after they have happened to activities for preventive measures, i.e. risk management of workers' health. The strategy of "reactive" response within the framework of the traditional system of managing occupational safety of workers focused primarily on compensating for the negative consequences of accidents. However, it does not focus on eliminating the systemic causes of their occurrence...

Juhtumianalüüs: Energiakulu analüüs põllumajandustoodangu väärindamisel talus autoklaavi abil

Veli Palge & Andres Grigor
The purpose of this article is to analyze the causes and distribution of autoclave energy consumption between the various stages of the technological process and identify ways to reduce energy costs. It was found that the recovery of waste heat is the most effective way to reduce energy consumption.

Impact of Gastrointestinal Protozoan Infections on the Acute Phase Response in Neonatal Ruminants

Tarmo Niine
After birth, neonatal ruminants go through crucial and sensitive period of rapid development and growth. During this period, they may interact with variety of microorganisms found in the surrounding environment. It would be beneficial for both the farmer and the veterinarian to have general biomarkers, useful in managing of this adaptation process. Such a tool could help in improving the prediction of the animals’ performance in the herd. The interactions between the ruminant and infectious...

Short-term effect of sawdust biochar and bovine manure on the physiological behavior of turnip (Brassica rapa L.) grown in open fields in the Algiers region

S. Nouar, M. Baha, M. Latati, R. Djebbar & L. Reguieg
This study was designed to determine the effect of different doses of biochar (B) 5.10, 20tha-1alone and mixed with manure (F) 10tha-1on turnips. The results showed that the OM (organic matter) rate had a maximum of 93.7% for (B20*F) and a minimum of 14.5% for (F); the CEC (cation exchange capacity) showed a maximum of 32.2% for (B10*F) and a minimum of 0.2% with (B5*F) compared to the control (T) and finally the pH to...

Experimental study of the distribution of the heights of sugar beet root crowns above the soil surface

V. Bulgakov, Margus Arak, A. Boris, M. Boris, V. Bandura & Jüri Olt
The results of experimental studies and operational tests of the sugar beet harvesting process carried out recently reveal that the latest models of beet harvesters produced in Europe and America cause considerable loss of the sugar-bearing mass. The source of this loss is mainly the poor topping of the crowns of standing sugar beet roots, more specifically the excessively low point at which the tops are cut off, which results in the straight out loss...

Determination of activation energy of the pellets and sawdust using thermal analysis

D. Kunecová & P. Hlaváč
The aim of this study is to describe the thermophysical properties of pellets and sawdust. Samples were chosen with regard to sustainability and environmental friendliness of materials. The main object of this paper was the investigation of thermal degradation of selected samples. Industrial pellets from Slovakia and sawdust from household source were compared. Materials suitable for pyrolysis are organic materials that degrade at increased temperature. Cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin are main components of biomass (wood)...

Use of olive pomace as an amendment to improve physico-chemical parameters of soil fertility

H. Ameziane, A. Nounah, M. Khamar & A. Zouahri
Given their richness in nutritive elements, the majority of agricultural waste is used as soil amendments, including olive oil waste. The purpose of this study is to determine the effects of the use of olive pomace from three extraction systems on the physico-chemical fertility of the soil, after their use as an amendment for faba bean cultivation. The experiment is carried out at the Civil Engineering and Environment Laboratory in the EST of Salé, in...

The effect of application of potassium, magnesium and sulphur on wheat and barley grain yield and protein content

L. Hlisnikovský, P. Čermák, E. Kunzová & P. Barłóg
The objective of our experiment was to study the effect of mineral fertilizers, rich mainly in the K, Mg and S content, and compare their effect on grain yield and protein content of winter wheat and winter barley with fertilizer treatments without these elements. The analyzed fertilizer treatments were 1) Control, 2) mineral nitrogen treatment (N), 3) mineral nitrogen with phosphorus (NP), 4) NP with potassium, magnesium, and sulphur (NP+KMgS), and 5) NP with magnesium,...

Theoretical analysis of force, pressure and energy distributions of bulk oil palm kernels along the screwline of a mechanical screw press FL 200

A. Kabutey, D. Herak, C. Mizera & P. Hrabe
The present study is a follow-up of the previously published study on the mathematical description of loading curves and deformation energy of bulk oil palm kernels under compression loading, aimed at determining theoretically the amounts of force, pressure and energy along the screw lamella positions 𝑆𝐿𝑝 of the screw press FL 200 by applying the tangent curve mathematical model and the screwline geometry parameters (screw shaft diameter, screw inner and outer diameters, screw pitch diameter...

Yeast performance characterisation in different cider fermentation matrices

Julia Rosend, Rain Kuldjärv, Georg Arju & I. Nisamedtinov
Nitrogen content management before fermentation is often used in cider production to avoid sluggish fermentations. In addition to enhanced fermentation rates, the proper nitrogen content in the apple must may have an impact on the flavour characteristics of cider. This research aimed to assess yeast performance in two different commercially available musts with similar non-limiting yeast available nitrogen (YAN) content. In addition to fermentation kinetics, volatile ester production by yeast, and sensory properties of the...

Agri-food comparative advantages in the European Union countries by value chains before and after enlargement towards the East

Štefan Bojnec & Imre Fertő
To identify the European Union (EU) member states strong exports sectors and food chains, the revealed comparative advantage indices from trade data were calculated using the total global trade as the benchmark of comparison. The empirical results show that the level and patterns in the development of the revealed comparative advantage indices for agri-food products for each of the EU countries in the global markets were mixed. The most successful EU member states in agri-food...

Effect of feed restriction on muscle fibre characteristics and meat quality traits in pigs

N. Lebedová, R. Stupka, J. Čítek, M. Okrouhlá & K. Zadinová
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of feed restriction on muscle fibre composition and meat quality traits in pigs. Forty crossbred pigs (Pietrain × Large WhiteSire) × (Landrace × Large WhiteDam) were divided into two feeding groups: ad libitum (AL) and restricted (R1). The effects of feed restriction on muscle fibre characteristics of the musculus longissimus lumborum et thoracis (MLLT) and meat quality traits were evaluated. Muscle fibres were stained and...

Lake Peipsi 2009 (Phytoplankton samples)

Kristel Panksep, Olga Buhvestova, Ave Pent, Kätlin Blank, Kai Ginter & Reet Laugaste
Method: Phytoplankton samples were preserved in Lugol’s (acidified iodine) solution and counted under an inverted microscope (Utermöhl, 1958). 3 ml of preserved sample was settled overnight and counted in random fields or transects. Biovolumes of algal cells, colonies and/or filaments were calculated using assigned geometric shapes dimensions, and converted to biomass assuming the specific density of 1 g cm-3 in accordance with Edler (1979). Approved by CEN on 14 July 2006 “Water quality - Guidance...

Effect of host plants and land use on cabbage seed weevil infestation and associated parasitoids

Gabriella Kovács
The need for more sustainable pest management strategies has been increasing in light of the harmful effects that insecticides have on non-target organisms and recent regulation changes. This study aimed to provide a basis for sustainable plant protection approaches to control an important oilseed rape pest, the cabbage seed weevil (Ceutorhynchus obstrictus). Firstly, to find potential biocontrol plants that could increase the parasitism rates of C. obstrictus, the infestation rate, and parasitoid communities of this...

Digitalization as an essential growth factor contributing in SME development (experience of Latvia and Romania)

B. Rivza, M. Kruzmetra, I. Gudele & D. Foris
In today’s global economy, entrepreneurship is an important economic growth engine for the European Union. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of Europe’s economy, providing 85 % of all new jobs. The European Commission aims to promote entrepreneurship and improve the business environment for SMEs, to allow them to realise their full potential in today’s global economy (EC.2015. COSME). The expansion of SMEs in today's environment is increasingly influenced by the use of...

Enrichment of the grains from rye wort after shock-activator-disintegrating processing

A.A. Sabirov, N.V. Barakova, D. Nsengumuremyi & E.A. Samodelkin
In this study, the mode of obtaining grains (pellets) from wort prepared from rye processed by the shock-activator-disintegrator (SAD), has been developed. Additionally, the enrichment of the grains by proteins using the strain of yeast producing proteins was carried out. For cultivation of a pure culture of a strain of yeasts producing proteins, grains with a concentration of 43.00 g 100 g -1 reducing substances and 62.71 mg g -1 of the total amount of...

Lake Peipsi 2005 (Phytoplankton samples)

Reet Laugaste, Külli Kangur & Kadi Palmik
Method: Phytoplankton samples were preserved in Lugol’s (acidified iodine) solution and counted under an inverted microscope (Utermöhl, 1958). 3 ml of preserved sample was settled overnight and counted in random fields or transects. Biovolumes of algal cells, colonies and/or filaments were calculated using assigned geometric shapes dimensions, and converted to biomass assuming the specific density of 1 g cm-3 in accordance with Edler (1979). Approved by CEN on 14 July 2006 “Water quality - Guidance...

Effects of selected process parameters on the compaction of carob powder

O.L. Akangbe, J. Blahovec, R. Adamovský, M. Linda & M. Hromasova
The effects of important process parameters on mechanical response during the densification of an industrial food powder were investigated and important phenomena described using the power rule. The factors studied had highly significant effects on mechanical response. The effects of the models in predicting the behaviour of the system were also highly significant. The findings are of relevance to processing and handling of food powders.

Holding the wheel in passenger cars in countries with driving on the right and left side depending on the driver’s side preference

M. Hruška, P. Vaculík, M. Kůrka, T. Hajlich & P. Benda
This paper deals with the assessment of the differences in how passenger car drivers hold a steering wheel with left and right-side steering in specific driving modes. The findings are compared to the generally-accepted optimal position in terms of active and passive safety, as well as long-term effects on the health of the driver. The research described in this work was conducted on a sample of randomly selected drivers in the Czech Republic, the UK...

Use of ethanol production and stillage processing residues for biogas production

V. Dubrovskis, I. Plume & I. Straume
In Latvia, ethanol is produced mainly from wheat grains. The production process involves the formation of the by-products of wheat bran, grains residues and stillage. By-products from production of alcohol distilling dregs (stillage) contain much organic matter therefore could be useful for the production of the biogas The product with high protein content usable for feed can be produced from the stillage too. A liquid residue is formed during the production process. Purpose of study...

Effect of VAT rate reduction for fruits and vegetables on prices in Latvia: ex-post analysis

Aleksejs Nipers, Ilze Upite, Irina Pilvere, Aldona Stalgiene & Ants-Hannes Viira
Latvia reduced Value Added Tax (VAT) rate for some fresh fruits and vegetables in 2018. The reduced VAT rate is set at 5%, while the standard VAT rate in the country is 21%. The rate was reduced for a 3-year period, during which it is intended to assess the impacts of the policy and to decide whether to keep the reduced VAT rate after the period ends. This research aims to evaluate whether VAT reduction...

Modular sensory hardware and data processing solution for implementation of the precision beekeeping

V. Komasilovs, A. Zacepins, A. Kviesis, S. Fiedler & S. Kirchner
For successful implementation of the Precision Apiculture (Precision Beekeeping) approach, immense amount of bee colony data collection and processing using various hardware and software solutions is needed. This paper presents standalone wireless hardware system for bee colony main parameters monitoring (temperature, weight and sound). Monitoring system is based on Raspberry Pi 3 computer with connected sensors. Power supply is granted by the solar panel for reliable operation in places without constant source for power. For...

Measurements of wireless detectors used to monitor animal movements in livestock farms

J. Hart & V. Hartová
At present, there is a great interest in monitoring and automating farm animals and livestock farming. There are many systems and methods to check the movement of animals in certain areas. One option is to use motion detectors. However, some installations are so specific that they require the use of wireless motion detectors. They not only have to fulfill their functional part but also have a sufficiently strong signal that should not interfere outside the...

Reduction of moisture and thermal conductivity of wet walls by special plaster

M. Topol, P. Kic & P. Neuberger
This paper is focused on the problems of moisture reduction in old buildings. Wet walls are very common problem of old buildings, but it can appears also in new buildings as well. The moisture in the wall influence the insulation quality; bigger heat losses continuously cause problems of worse heat balance, higher consumption of energy for heating and it can result in not sufficient indoor conditions in such a room or building. Old rural residential...

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