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UAV photogrammetry for volume calculations

Kaupo Kokamägi, Kristina Türk & Natalja Liba
This research assesses the suitability of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) photogrammetry for calculating stockpile volumes and analyses the compliance of the accuracy of results to current laws. In addition two different UAV’s and two different objects are compared and the necessity of using GCP’s (Ground Control Points) is investigated. The time spent on each work stage is also evaluated. Data used in this study was collected in two sites, where the objects differed in shape,...

Biological properties and fruit quality of sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) cultivars from Romanian assortment

M. Corneanu, E. Iurea & S. Sîrbu
The paper presents a 4-year study of the valuable characteristics in 15 autochthonous and cosmopolitan sweet cherry cultivars grown in northeastern Romania, named Moldavia area. Tree’s vigour, resistance to frost and anthracnosis, the fructification phenophases, epidermis colour, organoleptic and quality traits of fruits and also fruit’s and stone’s size were evaluated. Weak tree vigour was find at ‘Tereza’, ‘Ştefan’ and ‘Golia’ cultivars. From end of flowering to harvesting time were determined 39–40 days for the...

Morphological variability of phenotypic traits in of oregano samples

E.F. Myagkikh, S.S. Babanina, V.S. Pashtetsky & M.Yu. Karpukhin
The purpose of the research was to study the morphological variability of collection samples of oregano of the Crimean Peninsula. The experiments were carried out in 2016–2018 in the Foothill Zone of Crimea. The plant material consisted of 41 samples of origanum collected on the Crimean Peninsula territory. The degree of identification reliability of oregano collection samples by morphological traits was checked. The construction of relationship dendrograms was carried out by the Ward’s method based...

Eesti erosioonist häiritud muldade orgaanilise süsiniku- ja lämmastikusisaldus

Raimo Kõlli, Karin Kauer & Tõnu Tõnutare
The work is dedicated to the characterization of erosion-affected soils' (EAS) humus status (HS) in pedo-ecological conditions of South-Eastern Estonia. For understanding HS of EAS their organic carbon (OC) and total nitrogen (NT) sequestration capacities and the ratio C:N was studied by separate soil layers. The average data about soil OC and NT contents (g kg–1) and superficial densities (Mg ha–1) are given by arable soil species. The analysis of reflecting EAS HS on four...

Short communication : Immunohistochemical study of sodium-dependent glucose co-transporters in ostriches kidneys

Piret Hussar, Ilmārs Dūrītis, Florina Popovska-Percinic & Tõnu Järveots
Out of the two families of glucose transporters identified, the sodium-dependent glucose co-transporters contribute to renal glucose reabsorption. Due to the lack of knowledges of the localization of SGLTs in bird's kidneys, the present study aimed to immunolocalize Na+-glucose co-transporters SGLT1 and SGLT2 in ostrich's kidneys. In the study kidney material derived from five 14 days old female ostriches. Material 0.5–1.0 cm in diameter was fixed in 10% formalin, dehydrated, embedded into paraffin; thereafter slices...

Theoretical study on forced transverse oscillations of root in soil with provision for soil’s elastic and damping properties

V. Bulgakov, I. Holovach, Z. Ruzhylo, V. Melnik, Ye. Ihnatiev & Jüri Olt
The topic of the paper is the theory of the forced transverse oscillations performed by the root fixed in the soil under the action of the harmonic perturbing force vectored at right angle to the root’s centreline and along the line of the translational motion performed by the lifter. On the basis of applying the Ostrogradsky-Hamilton variational principle and using the equivalent schematic model developed by the authors, the expressions have been obtained that allow...

Theoretical study on motion of potato tuber on surface of separator

V. Bulgakov, S. Nikolaenko, Z. Ruzhylo, I. Fedosiy, J. Nowak & Jüri Olt
The aim of the study was to determine the optimal design and kinematic parameters of the separator that cleans potatoes from impurities and has a design of the spiral type. The authors have devised a highly efficient design of the spiral type potato heap separator, in which the motion of the potato tubers takes place in the channel formed by two spiral members made in the form of cylindrical spiral springs. In order to substantiate...

Physico-mechanical properties of modified antifriction coatings based on babbitt B83

A.G. Ipatov, A.B. Spiridonov, R.R. Shakirov, A.V. Kostin, S.N. Shmykov & V.S. Kukhar
The introduction presents the primary reasons for the decrease in the working efficiency of plain bearing assemblies and suggests key areas for the formation of a stable working capacity of these assemblies. In addition, the introduction discusses preexisting methods for improving the working efficiency of plain bearings. These methods are based on the use of antifriction coatings and have the drawbacks which are considered in the text. The authors proposed a technology for producing an...

Spatial distribution of soil mechanical strength in a controlled traffic farming system as determined by cone index and geostatistical techniques

C.A. Alesso, P.A. Cipriotti, M.J. Masola, M.E. Carrizo, S.C. Imhoff, Lisandra Rocha-Meneses & D.L. Antille
Controlled traffic farming (CTF) is a mechanisation system in which all load-bearing wheels are confined to the least possible area of permanent traffic lanes and where crops are grown in permanent, non-trafficked beds. In well-designed systems, the area affected by traffic represents less than 15% of the total field cropped area. The extent and distribution of soil compaction at locations laterally outboard of the permanent traffic lanes may explain the performance of the crop on...

The quality of spring rape seeds and its dependence on the doses of mineral fertilizers under the conditions of Southern Urals

M. Khajbullin, G. Kadaeva, B. Akhiyarov, A. Valitov & R. Gajfullin
Spring rape is a high-marginal crop that can be used in different areas of the national economy. Despite this, the area used for sowing this crop in the Russian Federation is still small, and the quality of its seeds does not always meet the standards. The purpose of the research is to identify the most effective doses of mineral fertilizers that allow obtaining the planned harvest of high-quality spring rape seeds in the southern forest-steppe...

Comparison of growth of maiden trees of cultivars and genotypes of Cornelian cherry (Cornus mas L.) in a nursery

I. Szot, T. Lipa & A. Yareshchenko
Cornelian cherry (Cornus mas L.) is still not a very popular fruit plant in Poland. Fruit growers have been recently increasingly interested in the cultivation of plants with fruits that can be widely used in processing. Fruits of Cornelian cherry can be eaten raw, and processed in various ways: for tinctures, juices, jams, silage, candied, etc. Both the fruits and preserves are characterised by high pro-health properties due to the content of vitamins, anthocyanins, and...

The study of new feed additives in the ration in newly-calved high producing cows

N.A. Yurina, D.V. Osepchuk, M.P. Semenenko, E.V. Kuzminova & E.G. Chuprina
The paper highlights the results of a study on the combined use of the CattlePro Effect amido-vitamin-and-mineral complex and PassPro Ballans feed product in the diets of newlycalved high producing cows. The studies were carried out in the conditions of the Bolshevik collective farm of the Kalacheevsky district of the Voronezh region (Russia) according to the method of A.I. Ovsyannikov (1976) for three months after a 21-day equalizing period. During the course of the experiment,...

Effect of partial substitution of bulk urea by nanoparticle urea fertilizer on productivity and nutritive value of teosinte varieties

H.S.A. Salama & H.H. Badry
The integration of nanoparticle urea (NPU) in the fertilization scheme of forage crops with high nutrients’ requirements, like teosinte (Zea mexicana L.), would help avoiding the environmental implications associated with the application of high rates of conventional bulk urea (BU), while not depriving the plant from its benefits. The effects of fertilization treatments composed of different percentages of NPU and/or BU, on yield, agronomic characteristics and quality attributes of three cuts of two teosinte local...

Production of cellulose nanostructures from Chilean bamboo, Chusquea quila

P.E. Oliveira, X. Petit-Breuilh, O.J. Rojas & W. Gacitúa
In Chile, bamboo bushes of Chusquea quila genus (or popularly known as ‘quila’) have brought economic and ecological problems for decades in the south-central part of this country. On the other hand, this plant species was studied as a raw material for the production of nanofibrillated cellulose (CNF) and nanocrystalline cellulose (CNC), presenting an opportunity for sustainable and environmentally friendly management, positioning Chile as a Latin American country at the forefront of studies with nanotechnological...

Simulating the effect of tillage practices on the yield production of wheat and barley under dryland condition

A.N. El-Sadek, F.I. Abd EL-Ghany & A.M. Shaalan
In arid and semiarid regions, soil tillage practices have major effects on soil water dynamics. In this study, we compared the effects of Zero tillage (ZT) and Conventional tillage (CT) on the grain yield of rainfed barley and wheat at three locations i.e. Barrani, El-Neguilla and Matrouh in the north western coast of Egypt. We also tested the performance of the DSSAT (Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer). In the first season of 2017/2018, only...

Mycobiota of the rhizosphere of raspberry plants (Rubus idaeus L.) under the influence of varieties and new fertilizers in conditions of organic production

A. Parfeniuk, V. Mineralova, I. Beznosko, A. Lishchuk, V. Borodai & V. Krut
The results of studies of influence of raspberry plant varieties and new organic fertilizers on the abundance and species composition of the micromycetes in rhizospheric soil in conditions of organic production are presented. The mycobiota of Joan J and Himbo-Top raspberry varieties during plant ontogeny was analyzed and the species composition of phytopathogenic micromycetes, which are presented in the rhizospheric plant soil, was defined. It was revealed that the following fungi species prevail in the...

A linear assignment based conceptual lifecycle assessment method for selecting optimal agri-industrial materials production pathway: A case study on Nigerian yam value chain

I.S. Dunmade
Lifecycle assessment is a robust tool for comprehensive environmental impact assessment of products and processes. It provides users opportunities to identify the hotspots along the lifecycle of a system and thereby enable them to implement improvement opportunities as deemed appropriate. Production of agri-based industrial raw materials could be energy and water intensive. Such endeavour could take a heavy toll on the environment in terms of resource consumption and environmental pollution. The goal of this study...

Winter wheat, winter rape and poppy crop growth evaluation with the help of remote and proximal sensing measurements

Z. Jelínek, K. Starý, J. Kumhálová, J. Lukáš & J. Mašek
Monitoring of agricultural crops with the help of remote and proximal sensors during the growing season plays important role for site-specific management decisions. Winter wheat, winter rape and poppy are representatives of typical agricultural crops from the family Poacea, Brassicaceae and Papaveraceae, growing in relative dry area of Rakovník district in the Czech Republic. Ten Sentinel 2 satellite images acquired during vegetation season of the crops were downloaded and processed. Crops were monitored with the...

A method for obtaining plastid pigments from the biomass of Chlorella microalgae

J. Bazarnova, T. Kuznetsova, E. Aronova, L. Popova & E. Pochkaeva
Microalgae are distinguished from land plants by the high content of plastid pigments and the biodiversity of carotenoids. The aim of this study is to develop a technology for extracting a pigment complex from the biomass of the microalgae of the genus Chlorella and to determine the extracted pigments’ composition. To obtain biomass, a crude cell suspension of microalgae was used, which was obtained under laboratory conditions for pre-culture cultivation of C. sorokiniana (strain 211-8k)....

Assessment of management effect on grasslands characteristics in an area of the Apennines (North Italy)

G. Argenti, F. Del Serra, N. Staglianò & I. Battaglini
In many regions of Europe, semi-natural grasslands not properly utilized face different threats, concerning changes in botanical composition and structural evolution, which can lead to a reduction of the qualitative value of forage biomass or, in the mid-long term, forest recovery. The present paper assesses various semi-natural grasslands within a mountain public property located in Tuscany (North Apennines, Italy) subjected to different types of utilization. Some of them are managed through cattle grazing during summer,...

Acceptance of low-sugar yoghurt among Latvian teenagers

J. Zagorska, I. Ciprovica, E. Straumite & K. Majore
Over a thousand year history, yoghurt has become one of a widely consumed product in the world. Its reputation as a healthy food has been undermined recently by concerns over the high sugar content. The majority of consumers expects and prefers yoghurts to be sweet. However, governments across Europe are calling for significant cuts in the amount of added sugar used in yoghurt production. The aim of the study was to evaluate the acceptance of...

Eesti erosioonist häiritud muldkatted: muldade nomenklatuur ja uurimise ajalugu

Raimo Kõlli & Tõnu Tõnutare
The work, dedicated to the eroded soil i.e. the year 2020 soil of Estonia, consists of two-part. In Part I the general overview (a) the regularities of erosion processes and their forming conditions in the soil cover, and (b) the agro-ecological properties and nomenclature of formed erosion-affected soils (EAS), are treated. Totally in the Estonian soil classification (ESC) 11 eroded and 3 deluvial (colluvial) soil species have been determined. For the main criteria of eroded...

Manufacturing technologies for slide bushings from powder materials for lever brake systems of vehicles

P. Stankevics, V. Mironovs & N. Muracova
Slide bushings made of metal powder materials are used in many parts of vehicles. The current trend is to reduce the unit cost of products, increase the durability of components and assemblies, and reduce the harmful effects on the environment. One of these solutions is the use of powder materials. In this article, we consider some manufacturing techniques for sliding bushings of a lever brake system of a rolling stock using one-sided and two-sided pressing,...

Second-generation bioethanol production: strategies for sidestreams valorisation in a sustainable circular economy

Lisandra Marina Da Rocha Meneses
Due to the increase of the energy production mainly from non–renewable energy sources, there is a need for alternative sources of energy. Second–generation biofuel production, using lignocellulosic biomass as a feedstock, is emerging as an important liquid biofuel for the transportation sector. However, its production is still very costly, and inefficient mainly due to the large quantity of sidestreams that are generated. Sidestreams from bioethanol production process bring environmental, economic and energetic constraints. a. Environment...

Seasonal variation of macro- and micro- nutrients in leaves of fig (Ficus carica L.) under Mediterranean conditions

J.N. Bougiouklis, Z. Karachaliou, J. Tsakos, P. Kalkanis, A. Michalakos & N. Moustakas
Leaves of ‘Smyrna’ fig (Ficus carica L.), variety ‘Smyrneiki’, were collected at four stages of the annual growth cycle, namely (1) at flowering, (2) during fruit development, (3) at fruit maturity and (4) after fruit harvest, during two consecutive years (2018 and 2019) and the leaf macro-(N, P, K, Ca, Mg) and micro-(Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn, B) nutrient concentrations were determined. Mean concentrations of N, P, K, Ca and Mg ranged between 14.4–28.6, 0.5–1.7, 2–31.2,...

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