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Product-oriented production of industrial hemp according to climatic conditions

Ē. Teirumnieka, Da. Blumberga, E. Teirumnieks & V. Stramkale
Cultivation area of industrial hemp in Europe has increased since 2012. It is expected that in future its production will increase, because European Union (EU) policy focuses more on the ‘green deal’ goals. Research into the effects of climate conditions (temperature and rainfall) on growth is important to select the best industrial hemp varieties for hemp products. The objective of the research is identifying industrial hemp varieties suitable for seed, fiber and shives production in...

Relative efficiency of replicated and non-replicated statistical designs in quantifying the variations in maize grain yield

O.E. Zakaria, M.M. El-Rouby, A.I. Nawar, H.E.M. Ibrahim & A.A. Abd El-Salam
Two-year field experiment was conducted at the Agricultural Research Station, Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University, Egypt, during the two successive summer seasons of 2018 and 2019. The main aim was to evaluate the relative efficiency of two groups of experimental designs in quantifying the variations in maize grain yield as influenced by sowing date (SD), plant density (PD) and phosphorous (P) fertilization, and their interactions. The single hybrid Giza 168 maize (Zea mays, L.) cultivar...

Micromorphological features of the leaf epidermis of the evening primrose cultivars of the VILAR biocollection

O.M. Savchenko, S.A. Totskaya & M.Yu. Gryaznov
Novelty of the work. For the first time, a comparative study of the epidermis of the leaf plates of four cultivars of Oenothera biennis L. was carried out. The aim of the work. Study and comparison of morpho-anatomical signs of the epidermis of the leaf plate of the cultivars of evening primrose to reveal their potential ecological plasticity. Materials and methods. There were used leaves of plants of the second year of life in the...

Theoretical research into operation of rotary potato harvester

Jüri Olt, V. Bulgakov, V. Bonchik, Z. Ruzhylo, V. Volskiy, V. Melnik, Ye. Ihnatiev & H. Kaletnik
The topic of the paper is the determination and justification of the rational design and kinematic parameters of clod breaking tools in rotary potato harvesters with the aim of improving their separating efficiency. A new mathematical model has been developed for the motion of a soil particle on the working surfaces of the cone-shaped and cylindrical vanes in the rotary tool of the new design developed by the authors. Differential equations have been generated for...

Lake Peipsi 2016 (Littoral samples)

Reet Laugaste & Helle Mäemets
Phytoplankton samples were picked with bottle from among reed stands or from above thick beds of submerged plants from the depth 20-30 cm, were preserved in Lugol’s (acidified iodine) solution and counted under an inverted microscope (Utermöhl, 1958). 3 ml of preserved sample was settled overnight and counted in random fields or transects. Biovolumes of algal cells, colonies and/or filaments were calculated using assigned geometric shapes dimensions, and converted to biomass assuming the specific density...

Lake Peipsi 2017 (Littoral samples)

Reet Laugaste & Helle Mäemets
Phytoplankton samples were picked with bottle from among reed stands or from above thick beds of submerged plants from the depth 20-30 cm, were preserved in Lugol’s (acidified iodine) solution and counted under an inverted microscope (Utermöhl, 1958). 3 ml of preserved sample was settled overnight and counted in random fields or transects. Biovolumes of algal cells, colonies and/or filaments were calculated using assigned geometric shapes dimensions, and converted to biomass assuming the specific density...

Biomass ash as a potential raw material for the production of mineral fertilisers

S. Stankowski, E. Chajduk, B. Osińska & M. Gibczyńska
Ash obtained from biomass combustion could be a valuable product for fertilisation of soil or/and plant. It is connected with high reaction and potassium, calcium, magnesium content as well as low content of heavy metals. The analysed phyto-ash was obtained from Szczecin Power Plant Poland (12.2018–12.2019). The samples of phyto-ash, in the number of 24, were collected on subsequent dates at two-week intervals to determine the total content of the analysed elements (P, K, Mg,...

Winter wheat leaf blotches development depending on fungicide treatment and nitrogen level in two contrasting years

A. Švarta, G. Bimšteine, Z. Gaile, J. Kaņeps & I. Plūduma-Pauniņa
Tan spot (caused by Pyrenophora tritici-repentis) and Septoria tritici blotch (caused by Zymoseptoria tritici) are the most widespread winter wheat leaf diseases in Latvia. The aim of the present research was to clarify the development of leaf blotches on winter wheat depending on fungicide treatment schemes under four nitrogen rates. A two-factorial trial was conducted at the Research and Study farm “Pēterlauki” (Latvia) of Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies. For this study, data...

Morphological and morphometric characteristics of Cornelian Сherry (Cornus mas L.) in natural conditions of the Crimean Peninsula

N.A. Kashirina, N.A,. Bagrikova, S.N. Zhaldak, V.S. Pashtetsky & E.N. Drobotova
Cornelian cherry (Cornus mas L.) is a valuable fruit and ornamental plant in the Cornaceae family. This is a promising frost- and drought-resistant crop, undemanding to growing conditions. Fruits and leaves of plants are rich with biologically active substances which allows them to be used in pharmaceutical, food, liquor, and other industries. In the natural non-cultivated communities on the Crimean Peninsula the species is represented by a wide variety of forms that are promising for...

Anatomical traits and structural components of peduncle associated with lodging in Avena sativa L.

D.C. Silveira, M. Pelissoni, C.R. Buzatto, S.M. Scheffer-Basso, L.A. Ebone, J.M. Machado & N.C. Lângaro
Lodging dramatically reduces the yield of cereals and increases the difficulty of mechanical harvesting. Because it is a complex phenomenon, new cultivars with genetic resistance to lodging is a sustainable alternative in agricultural production systems. This resistance is associated with a combination of factors, such as stem thickness and stiffness, being closely linked to anatomical traits and structural carbohydrates present in the stem. In the present study we compared, under field conditions, eight contrasting oat...

Identification of mathematical description of the dynamics of extraction of oil materials in the electric field of high frequency

Valentyna Bandura, Boris Kotov, Sergey Gyrych, Volodymyr Gricshenko, Roman Kalinichenko & Oksana Lysenko
One of the most important stages of the technological process of extraction of target components from oilseeds is extraction. This stage lasts the longest, and therefore, it generally determines the speed and cost-effectiveness of the whole process. A promising direction for effective organization of the extraction process is involving microwave technologies, the use of ultra-high frequency electromagnetic field (EHF) microwave energy directly in the technological process. The complex nature of the interaction of the factors...

Species lists of 14 Estonian coastal meadow sites with different management history

Marika Kose, Karin Kaljund & Kaili Kattai
The data were collected during July-August 2015 in locations with coordinates in dataset. The sites have unique names and their management has been evaluated as permanently managed, restored before 2005 and restored after 2005. Their condition is estimated on expert level as good or poor, regarding vegetation composition and height. The data were collected from 20 plots of the size 0,5 x 0,5 m. In the dataset the number marks in how many plots out...

Effects of retained fetal membranes treatments and dry period length on the subsequent lactation in cows - milk yield and somatic cell count

S. Skuja, V. Antāne & I. Lūsis
Different treatment strategies in cows with retained fetal membranes (RFM) may affect subsequent lactation in various ways. Also, excessively short or long dry periods (DP) can decrease milk yield (MY), increase the risk of poor udder health, and increase the risk of RFM. This study aimed to evaluate how different treatment strategies of RFM affect subsequent lactation in cows, i.e., MY and udder health determined on the somatic cell count (SCC) bases in milk, expressed...

Biochemical contents of highbush blueberry fruits grown in the Western Forest-Steppe of Ukraine

L.M. Shevchuk, I.V. Grynyk, L.M. Levchuk, O.M. Yareshcenko, Ya.Yu. Tereshcenko & S.M. Babenko
The study of the physical and consumption qualitative indices of the highbush blueberries (the cultivars ‘Reca’, ‘Elizabeth’ and ‘Bluegold’) in the Western Lisosteppe of Ukraine has shown that the biggest fruit mass was accumulated by the berries of two last mentioned vs (1.54–1.50 g respectively). ‘Bluegold’ has this indicator as the least variable (V = 10.6%). The accumulation of fruit mass of all studied cultivars was facilitated by a moderately humid period of their development...

Experimental research into uniformity in spreading mineral fertilizers with fertilizer spreader disc with tilted axis

V. Bulgakov, O. Adamchuk, S. Pascuzzi, F. Santoro & Jüri Olt
Improving the efficiency in the work process of mineral fertilizer dressing is a topical problem in today’s agricultural industry. The authors have developed a design of the fertilizer spreading tool with a tilted axis and carried out field experiment investigations on it. It has been established by the results of the investigations that the non-uniformity in the spreading of mineral fertilizers along the line of their departure from the fertilizer spreading tool with a tilted...

Perspectives for biogas generation from manure on the farms in the Leningrad Region of the Russian Federation

E. Timofeev & A. Erk
The interest in biogas in the Leningrad Region is consistently growing. Biogas can replace fossil fuels in different applications and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The study aimed to demonstrate the perspectives for its generation from livestock waste and further farm application. The farm energy audits identified the pattern of fuel and energy consumption. Computational and statistical methods were applied to estimate the biogas generation. First, the study considered a cattle farm with 1,800 head and...

Operation of the photovoltaic system in Prague and data evaluation

J. Šafránková, T. Petrík, M. Libra, V. Beránek, V. Poulek, R. Belza & J. Sedláček
The on-grid photovoltaic system was installed at the Faculty of Engineering in 2015. The monitoring system developed in our laboratory monitors data and can also detect failure and type of failure. The evaluation of the data shows that the amount of electricity produced slightly exceeds the expected values predicted by the internationally used internet application PVGIS. The effect of the aging of PV panels has so far had a minimal effect on the electricity produced....

Thermo mechanical vibration of single wall carbon nanotube partially embedded into soil medium

Mainul Hossain & Jaan Lellep
Single wall carbon nanotube is one of the promising forms of carbon nanocomposite. Due to its high strength and stiffness, carbon nanotube is potentially used in various nanoscale structures. In this paper, dynamic behaviour of single wall carbon nanotube partially embedded into elastic soil medium is modelled by the Euler-Bernoulli beam theory and nonlocal theory of elasticity. Analytical solution technique is employed to solve these governing differential equations of nanotube. Analysing the effects of temperature,...

Effect of pre-seed and foliar treatment with nano-particle solutions on seedling development of tiger nut (Cyperus Esculentus L.) plants

L. Honchar, B. Mazurenko, O. Shutyi, V. Pylypenko & D. Rakhmetov
Micronutrients are part of enzymes and play an important role in plant germination. Purpose of our study was to establish the effect of pre-seed treatment of chufa tubers with metal nanoparticles on the growth of the root system and seedlings in the early stages of development. Laboratory tests were performed on seed of tiger nut cultivar Pharaoh. Experiment involved two methods of treatment: pre-sowing treatment of seeds with nano-particles solutions of manganese, zinc, copper and...

Study of influence of heat stress on some physiological and productive traits in Holstein-Friesian dairy cows

T. Penev, D. Dimov, I. Marinov & T. Angelova
The aim of the research was to study the effect of heat stress (HS) on some physiological and productive traits in Holstein-Friesian dairy cows. The study included 22 cows on different parities. In the building where the cows were housed, the temperature-humidity index (THI) was reported at 10:00 and 15:00 h, at the same time the rectal temperature (RT) and respiratory rate (RR) were reported for each of the examined cows. The daily rumen activity...

Kasvuregulaatori ja kevadise täiendava lämmastikväetise mõju põldtimuti (Phleum pratense L.) seemnesaagile ja seemnete kvaliteedile

Ants Bender
The synergistic effect of the plant growth regulator Moddus 250 EC and nitrogen fertilizer on the seed yield and seed quality of timothy was investigated over a period of four years (2017–2020) in a field trial established with the cultivar 'Tika' in 2016 at the Estonian Crop Research Institute. The trial had three variants: variant 1 – without plant growth regulator (control), variant 2 – plant growth regulator sprayed twice at the rate of 0.4...

Effect of fertilization on growth of lingonberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea L.)

A. Karlsons, S. Tomsone, M. Lazdāne & A. Osvalde
Today, most of the global berry crop of Vaccinium vitis-idaea L. is obtained from wild berries. In recent years, however, their cultivation has become slightly more widespread, especially as demand has increased. As the commercial production of lingonberries is a completely new fruit-growing sector in Latvia, research on mineral nutrition, development of the crop production system and proper fertilizer management is critically important. The objective of this study was to elucidate the effect of different...

Analysis of environmental conditions and management in a compost-bedded pack barn with tunnel ventilation

B. Yameogo, R.R. Andrade, C.G.S. Teles Júnior, G.S. Laud, V. Becciolini, L. Leso, G. Rossi & M. Barbari
The housing system based on compost-bedded pack for dairy cows is spreading rapidly in Brazil. Completely open buildings without curtains and simple roofs are usually provided. However, in the last years some new completely closed barns have been realized. This study aims to analyse one of these closed barns, located in the State of Minas Gerais. The two main sides of the facility are provided with polyethylene curtains of blue colour and five deflectors. The...

Zinc content in different muesli samples

I. Lignicka, A. Balgalve & A.M. Zīdere-Laizāne
There is no specialized zinc storage system in the body, therefore there must be a daily intake of zinc to achieve a steady state. Long-term zinc deficiency due to inappropriate nutrition may result in immunological or autoimmune diseases. The aim of this study was to develop muesli with naturally high zinc content. Zinc is found in various plant-based foods as grain flakes and seeds which often are one of the raw materials for muesli. Muesli...

Supplementary table for Henno et al. in the Journal of Dairy Science with the title Effect of monensin on milk fatty acid profile in dairy cows and on the use of fatty acids for early diagnosis of elevated blood plasma concentrations of nonesterified fatty acids and hyperketonemia

Merike Henno, Katri Ling, Tanel Kaart, Tiia Ariko, Priit Karis, Hanno Jaakson, Sirje Kuusik & Meelis Ots
The use of monensin to reduce health disorders associated with negative energy balance in transition cows is widely used. Precalving continuous-release monensin capsule administration affected postcalving milk FA profile indicating alterations in the rumen microbiota of these cows.

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