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Lake Peipsi 2015 (Littoral samples)

Reet Laugaste & Ave Pent
Phytoplankton samples were picked with bottle from among reed stands or from above thick beds of submerged plants from the depth 20-30 cm, were preserved in Lugol’s (acidified iodine) solution and counted under an inverted microscope (Utermöhl, 1958). 3 ml of preserved sample was settled overnight and counted in random fields or transects. Biovolumes of algal cells, colonies and/or filaments were calculated using assigned geometric shapes dimensions, and converted to biomass assuming the specific density...

Macrophyte data of Lake Peipsi

Helle Mäemets & Kadi Palmik-Das
Macrophyte data of Lake Peipsi has been collected from ten different stations (locations with coordinates in the dataset) starting from 2005, during the Estonian National Monitoring of Environment. Species composition and abundances were registered on the transects starting from upper boundary of the temporarily flooded zone to the deepest growth zone. The width of the transect was ca 20 meters on the shore and near the water´s edge and ca 10 m in deeper water....

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