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Case study: Dynamics of sunflower seed movement in the vibrating tray of the infrared dryer and its influence on the drying process

Valentyna Bandura, Leonid Yaroshenko, Larisa Fialkovska, Dmytro Kondratyuk, Vladyslav Palamarchuk & Yurij Paladiichuk
Analysis of researches on the study of the material particle movement on the vibrating surface of the container machine intended for seed drying in the infrared field is carried out. Comparison of traditional devices for dehydration of raw materials with energy supply of infrared irradiation is performed. It is shown that current tendencies of the development of heat and mass transfer equipment are connected with the use of electromagnetic generators of infrared energy. The purpose...

Justification of the mechatronic system for pigsty microclimate maintenance

Vitalii Yaropud, Iryna Hunko, Elchyn Aliiev & Ihor Kupchuk
The main parameters of the microclimate of pig farms are regulated by the norms of technological design. Naturally, such micro-climate parameters at real energy prices require high costs, but these are the most favourable conditions for the life of suckling piglets. According to the presented analysis, the problem of research is the need to provide a micro-climate in the room for comfortable keeping of pigs, which is currently achieved through high energy. The purpose of...

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  • 2021

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