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Compute and storage for sensitive data for research.

NIRD Archive

The Research Data Archive is a repository of valuable research data. The Research Data Archive provides users opportunities to archive, publish and share their data openly.

NIRD Toolkit

The NIRD Toolkit offers a self-service portal in which our scientists may choose various tools and computational capacity needed for their research.

Accessing biodiversity data through web services

The workshop 'Accessing biodiversity data through web services' focuses on automated ways of retrieving and processing biodiversity data from public databases.

Carpentry workshop

2-day workshops in the Nordics and Estonia


Secure and cost-effective cloud computing for processing sensitive data.

CodeRefinery workshop

3-day advanced workshops


High performance computing service of national importance.


Aurora is a computational resource with an emphasis on usability and visual processing offering, for example, a graphical desktop environment for login.


This web tool allows users to upload their own data and easily create Principal Component Analysis (PCA) plots and heatmaps. Data can be uploaded as a file or by copy-pasteing it to the text box. Data format is shown under "Help" tab.


"Open Access HPC facilities. 


funcExplorer is a public web tool for clustering and interpreting gene expression data. The tool is designed to extract the most significant biological features of a dataset that a user can choose from our publicly available data selection or upload him/herself.

FAIR data stewards course

Training course to provide the basic skills for data stewards to the requirements to enable FAIR data for reuse of research outputs.

Abacus 2.0

The SDU eScience Center is a single point of reference for eScience and research e-infrastructure at SDU.


The cPouta Community Cloud service is an IaaS cloud computing service.

Garpur HPC cluster

General purpose HPC cluster run by University of Iceland

RTU CloudStack

CloudStack based IaaS.


The easyDMP is a web-service that allows the creation of the data managment plan by guiding the researcher through a set of questions tailored according to the reccomentations of different funding agencies and research autorities.


Notebooks - easy-to-use environments for working with data and programming.


The TSD – Service for Sensitive Data, is a platform for collecting, storing, analyzing and sharing sensitive data in compliance with the Norwegian privacy regulation.

Computerome 2.0 - HPC

Access to Computerome is available to everyone interested in Life Sciences

DeiC National Cultural Heritage Cluster

A High Performance Computer with direct access to digitized cultural heritage data.

NIRD storage

The service offers Data Storage facilities to researchers who require a platform to store, share and manage large, active scientific datasets.


dCACHE and iRODS-based storage systems distributed across the SNIC data centers.

MEM - Multi Experiment Matrix

Large-scale gene expression data queries and mining

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