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Der Teufel steckt im Detail – Zur Praxisanwendung der Forschungsergebnisse Transport fragiler Gemälde

Nathalie Bäschlin, Matthias Läuchli, Cornelius Palmbach, Anita Hoess, Marcel Ryser, Thomas Fankhauser & Katharina Sautter

Perspectives on Smart Cities Strategies: Sketching a Framework and Testing First Uses

Stephan Haller, Alessia Neuroni, Marianne Fraefel & Ken Sakamura
Many cities today claim to be or to become a "smart city". The approaches and public policy foci taken by cities differ depending on the particular context of each city, e.g., size, technology strategy, political system, current challenges and history. This paper is proposing a Smart City Strategy Framework in the form of a morphological box, describing elements relevant for a smart city strategy and their possible manifestations. The framework is based on a literature...

Comparaison des indicateurs de l’aide sociale de villes suisses : Rapport 2018, 14 villes impliquées

Michelle Beyeler, Renate Salzgeber & Claudia Schuwey

A new Swiss inventory of ammonia emissions from agriculture based on a survey on farm and manure management and farm-specific model calculations

Beat Reidy, Beat Rhim & Harald Menzi
Existing emission inventory approaches mainly rely on expert judgement for information on farm and manure management. To detect the relatively small changes of total annual ammonia (NH3) emissions required under the Gothenburg Protocol, expert judgement is considered insufficient. We present, therefore, here a new Swiss NH3 emission inventory based on a detailed representative stratified survey on farm and manure management conducted on 1950 farms. The survey data was used to calculate NH3 emissions with the...

Die Tür offenhalten: Spiritual Care und interprofessionelle Zusammenarbeit.

Settimio Monteverde & Sabrina Geissbühler
Spirituelle Bedürfnisse von Patienten zu erkennen und anzusprechen spielt im Selbstverständnis der Heilberufe eine wichtige Rolle. Spiritual Care gelingt dann, wenn Pflegende, Ärzte und Seelsorgende ein offenes Ohr haben für die Frage nach Sinn, Identität, geistiger und geistlicher Orientierung.

Treibhausgasemissionen aus der gekoppelten Milch- und Fleischproduktion in der Schweiz

Stefan Probst, Daniela Wasem, D Kobel, M Zehetmeier & Christine Flury

Diffusion of open data and crowdsourcing among heritage institutions: results of a pilot survey in Switzerland.

Beat Estermann
In a pilot survey we examined the diffusion of open data and crowdsourcing practices among heritage institutions in Switzerland. The results suggest that so far, only very few institutions have adopted an open data / open content policy. There are however signs that many institutions may adopt this innovation in a near future: A majority of institutions considers open data as important and believes that the opportunities prevail over the risks. The main obstacles that...

The potential of a weight detection system for forwarders using an artificial neural network

Chris Geiger, Daniel Greff, Marcus Geimer, Michael Starke & Martin Ziesak
To manage forest processes, information about the amount of timber that passed through different processing steps within the timber supply chain is essential. This information can be used both to keep the overview of the amount of timber already produced for initiating further activities and to clearaccrued operation expenses promptly. When felling operations have been supported by or carried outexclusively through manual working steps, information sources like harvester protocols are either not available or lack...

Modeling bio-engineering traits of Jatropha curcas L.

Filippo Giadrossich, Denis Cohen, Massimiliano Schwarz, Giovanna Seddaiu, Nicla Contran, Marcello Lubino, Ofelia Andrea Valdés-Rodríguez & Marcello Niedda
The wide distribution of Jatropha curcas L. in tropical areas provides the opportunity to use this plant for improving slope stability and controlling erosion. To determine the effectiveness of Jatropha curcas L. as a bio-engineering plant we measured stem diameter and height of 1, 3, 5, 6, 18, and 36 month-old plants, and root distribution at 6, 18, and 36 months by full excavation of the root system. We also measured in the laboratory the...

The 2002 Relaunch of the Swiss Design Awards: Key Changes and their Influence on Designers’ Careers and Networks

Jonas Berthod
In 2002, the Swiss Design Awards were relaunched in a new format, in a bid to reinvigorate the competition and to adapt the promotion of design to the evolving needs of the profession. One of the key themes of the new format was the vision of the Swiss Federal Office of Culture that it could be a node in the network of Swiss design. After tracing the evolution of the Office’s approach to sponsorship in...

Burkhard, Paul

Peter Ross & Thomas Gartmann

Development and initial validation of the Parental PELICAN Questionnaire (PaPEQu) - an instrument to assess parental experiences and needs during their child's end-of-life care

Karin Zimmermann, Eva Cignacco Müller, Katri Eskola, Sandra Engberg, Anne-Sylvie Ramelet, Nicolas Von Der Weid & Eva Bergsträsser
AIM: To develop and test the Parental PELICAN Questionnaire, an instrument to retrospectively assess parental experiences and needs during their child's end-of-life care. BACKGROUND: To offer appropriate care for dying children, healthcare professionals need to understand the illness experience from the family perspective. A questionnaire specific to the end-of-life experiences and needs of parents losing a child is needed to evaluate the perceived quality of paediatric end-of-life care. DESIGN: This is an instrument development study...

Pelvic floor muscle activity during jumps in continent and incontinent women : an exploratory study

Helene Moser, Monika Leitner, Patric Eichelberger, Annette Kuhn, Jean-Pierre Baeyens & Lorenz Radlinger

Pflanzenbasierte Getränke

A. Sousa, Elisabeth Eugster & Katrin Annika Kopf
Welche ernährungsbedingten Folgen kann der Konsum von pflanzenbasierten Getränken anstelle von Kuhmilch haben? Dieser Frage ist die Berner Fachhochschule nachgegangen.

Dynamics of Long-Life Assets: From Technology Adaptation to Upgrading the Business Model

Stefan Grösser, Arcadio Reyes-Lecuona & Göran Granholm

Effectiveness and economic evaluation of therapeutic Nordic walking in patients with psychosomatic disorders: A pragmatic randomized controlled trial.

Dörte Watzek, Eugen Mischler, Dorji Sonam, Barbara Gubler-Blum, Claudia Abbatiello, Lorenz Radlinger & Martin Verra
The effects of exercise therapy in patients with psychosomatic disorders are modest. Therapeutic Nordic walking (tNW) might be a clinically meaningful and cost-effective additional treatment modality. This study aimed to investigate the effects of a tNW program on improving coping ability, compared to the usual care in highly disabled patients with diverse psychosomatic disorders in a hospital setting, and the willingness-to-pay for this treatment modality. Primary outcomes were self-efficacy, readiness to change health behavior, physical...

Coordinating Interdependent E-Government Solutions Illustrated on the Electronic Change of Address in Switzerland

Thomas Selzam, Alessia Neuroni & Reinhard Riedl
In this case study we illustrate the high complexity of a rather simple inter-agency e-government service: change of address in Switzerland. This enables us to identify typical sources and dimensions of complexity for inter-agency services in countries with decentralised competencies among government agencies. From the resulting picture we draw conclusions on how to deal with complexity - And how to avoid further dramatic increases of e-government complexity. In particular, we discuss the role of coordination...

Unfolding anchor

Frédéric Pichelin, B. Gfeller, Martin Lehmann, René Graf, F. Rosenkranz & J. Kunz

Swiss Heritage Institutions in the Internet Era. Results of a pilot survey on open data and crowdsourcing

Beat Estermann

Einfluss von Sprunggelenksorthesen auf die Prävalenz von Supinationstraumen im Volleyball in der Schweizer Nationalliga A

J. Jaggi, S. Kneubühler & Slavko Rogan
Hintergrund: Supinationstraumen prägen das Bild im Volleyballsport. Denn das Verletzungsrisiko ist im Spiel 2,1-mal höher als im Training. Aufgrund dieser Tatsache wird in den Schweizer Volleyballligen immer mehr der präventive Einsatz von Sprunggelenksorthesen beobachtet. Studien zeigen, dass ein präventiver Effekt von Sprunggelenksorthesen auf die Prävalenz von Supinationstraumen vorhanden ist. Da in der Schweiz eine entsprechende Erhebung zum präventiven Einsatz von Sprunggelenksorthesen und dessen Auswirkung auf die Prävalenz fehlt, möchte diese Arbeit Daten sammeln um 1....

Die Literatur und das Problem der zweiten Schöpfung

Corina Caduff

Introducing Solar Water Pumps to Female Farmers in India

Eva Schüpbach, Urs Muntwyler, Andrea Vezzini, Alois Müller & Duglas Urena

Hat die Aktivierung der Muskulatur durch Ganzkörpervibration einen Effekt auf die Knochendichte von postmenopausalen Frauen? Eine systematische Literaturübersicht

L. R. Calendo, Jan Taeymans & Slavko Rogan
Hintergrund: Ganzkörpervibrationstraining (GKV) stimuliert durch mechanische Schwingungen die Muskulatur. Dies führt zu einer erhöhten muskulären Aktivität und zu Verformung am Knochen, was zu einer Remodullierung der Knochen und Erhöhung der Dichte führt. Das Ziel dieser systematischen Literaturübersicht war, ob eine Muskelaktivierung bzw. Muskelkräftigung hervorgerufen durch GKV einen Effekt auf die Knochendichte von postmenopausalen Frauen hat. Methoden: Diese systematische Literaturübersichtsarbeit wurde nach den Vorgaben des PRISMA-Statements für Metaanalysen und systematische Übersichtsarbeiten durchgeführt. Die Literatur wurde in...

The effect of liquid hot water pretreatment on the chemical–structural alteration and the reduced recalcitrance in poplar

Mi Li, Shilin Cao, Xianzhi Meng, Michael Hans-Peter Studer, Charles E. Wyman, Arthur J. Ragauskas & Yunqiao Pu
Background: Hydrothermal pretreatment using liquid hot water (LHW) is capable of substantially reducing the cell wall recalcitrance of lignocellulosic biomass. It enhances the saccharification of polysaccharides, particularly cellulose, into glucose with relatively low capital required. Due to the close association with biomass recalcitrance, the structural change of the components of lignocellulosic materials during the pretreatment is crucial to understand pretreatment chemistry and advance the bio-economy. Although the LHW pretreatment has been extensively applied and studied,...

HSQC (heteronuclear single quantum coherence) 13C–1H correlation spectra of whole biomass in perdeuterated pyridinium chloride–DMSO system: An effective tool for evaluating pretreatment

Reichel Samuel, Marcus Foston, Nan Jaing, Shilin Cao, Lenong Allison, Michael Hans-Peter Studer, Charles Wyman & Arthur J. Ragauskas
Perdeuterated pyridinium chloride-DMSO-d 6 is an effective solvent system for whole cell biomass dissolution and NMR characterization. Employing this solvent system, semi-quantitative 13C- 1H heteronuclear single quantum correlation (HSQC) spectroscopy of untreated, steam, dilute acid and lime pretreated poplar biomass samples was readily accomplished. In an effort to demonstrate the efficacy and usefulness of this fairly new characterization technique, relative spectral intensities of the untreated and pretreated biomass samples were evaluated and compared. From the...

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