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Usability, user experience and accessibility: towards an integrative model

Andreas Sonderegger & Sven Schmutz
Within the field of ergonomics, the concepts of usability, user experience and accessibility have played an increasingly important role. The present paper examined the meaning of these concepts and their relationship to each other, which included an analysis of the definitions, methods, and typical outcome measures employed. Despite some concerns in the literature about the utility of usability, user experience and accessibility as umbrella terms, we provide arguments for their continued use. The article proposes...

What Crisis? Management Researchers’ Experiences with and Views of Scholarly Misconduct

Gary A. Hoover
This research presents the results of a survey regarding scientific misconduct and questionable research practices elicited from a sample of 1215 management researchers. We find that misconduct (research that was either fabricated or falsified) is not encountered often by reviewers nor editors. Yet, there is a strong prevalence of misrepresentations (method inadequacy, omission or withholding of contradic‑tory results, dropping of unsupported hypotheses). When it comes to potential meth‑odological improvements, those that are skeptical about the...

European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) glued laminated timber: lamination strength grading, production and mechanical properties

René Steiger, Martin Lehmann & Andrea Frangi
This paper presents the results of extensive investigations on the lamination strength grading, the production and the mechanical properties of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) glued laminated timber (GLT). Based on the analysis of potential influencing parameters on strength and stiffness as well as subsequent tension tests parallel to the grain on single boards, a combined visual/machine approach for grading the raw material into tensile strength classes T50, T42, T33 and T22 was developed. Boards...

High Intensity Training and Energy Production During 90-Second High-Box Jump in Junior Alpine Skiers

Kevin Hemund & Michael Vogt
Alpine ski races can last up to 2.5 minutes and have very high metabolic demands. One limiting factor for performance is insufficient aerobic energy supply. We studied the effects of an 8-day interval training block on aerobic capacity (V[Combining Dot Above]O2max) and performance and physiology during the 90-second box jump test (BJ90), a maximal performance test employed to simulate the metabolic demands of alpine ski racing, in elite junior skiers. After 10 high-intensity interval training...

Mapping the Digital Landscape: An Analysis of Party Differences between Conventional and Digital Policy Positions

Jan Fivaz & Alessia Neuroni
Although digitization is a buzzword in almost every election campaign, the political parties leave voters largely in the dark about their specific positions on digital issues. In the run-up to the 2019 elections in Switzerland, the ‘Digitization Monitor’ project (DMP) was launched in order to change this situation. Within the framework of the DMP, all 4,736 candidates were surveyed about their digital policy positions and values. The DMP is designed as a digital policy supplement...


Motivationstraining bezweckt die systematische Optimierung menschlichen Verhaltens via einer Erhöhung der Handlungsfrequenz, Verbesserung der Handlungspersistenz, Steigerung der Handlungsintensität sowie der Verbesserung der Handlungsqualität. Unter Berücksichtigung der Phasen des Rubikon-Modells geschieht dies durch den Einbezug motivationaler Schemata zur Befriedigung psychologischer Grundbedürfnisse, weiterhin durch Werteklärungen, mentalem Kontrastieren, affektivem Vorerleben, systematischer Zielsetzungsarbeit, Implementierungsintentionen, Veränderung des motivationalen Klimas, attributionalem Feedback/ Retraining. Dieser Beitrag ist Teil der Sektion Sportpsychologie, herausgegeben vom Teilherausgeber Dieter Hackfort, innerhalb des Handbuchs Sport und Sportwissenschaft,...

Des données, des données, des données

Regina Weber
Selon le Smart Service World Report 2018, la compétitivité d’un pays et de ses entreprises dépend de plus en plus de la capacité à créer des Smart Services (services intelligents) à partir du volume de données qui augmente massivement. Non seulement les grandes, mais aussi, de plus en plus, les petites et moyennes entreprises se demandent comment créer de nouvelles solutions spécifiques aux clients au moyen des données.

Surface modification of wood using friction

Milena Properzi, Frédéric Pichelin & Mark Hughes
The potential of linear vibration friction as an innovative means of producing increases in both surface density and surface hardness was explored. The influence of processing pressure and time on the degree of surface densification, surface hardness and surface elasticity was investigated. It was found that surface hardness (measured as Brinell hardness) was positively correlated with densification ratio. Furthermore, surface elasticity, that is the ability of the surface to recover elastically after indentation during the...

Über die frühen Jahre der organisierten Sportmedizin in der Schweiz

Boris Gojanovic
Die erste in der Schweizerischen Zeitschrift fur Sportmedizin veroffentlichte Abhandlung zur Geschichte der Sportmedizin wurde 1959 vom Sporthistoriker Mathys verfasst. Fur Mathys war damals Sportmedizin die "Wissenschaft der Gesunderhaltung", und Training sollte der Lebensverlangerung dienen. Seine historische Betrachtung befasste sich in erster Linie mit der Zeit vor dem Aufkommen des modernen Sports und hatte kaum einen Bezug zur Sportmedizin, wie wir sie heute kennen. Entsprechend wurden auch keine Aspekte zur Geschichte der organisierten Sportmedizin in...

Wood bonding by melting of non-toxic fillers using linear friction welding

Christelle Ganne-Chédeville, Gianluca Tondi, Frédéric Pichelin & Antonio Pizzi
Wood to-wood welding was shown to yield high quality joints with challenging perspectives for producing new environmentally-friendly wooden products. The same welding technique was recently applied to solder wood by melting of non-toxic organic fillers to generate coalescence though softening and recrystallization of the material across the interface. Researchers have been undertaken to clarify the effect of the fillers on the final proprieties of the joints. To this purpose, three types of fillers were tested...

Information material for migrant populations in Switzerland: the example of physical activity promotion

Matthias Grabherr, Katja Navarra, Osman Besic, Brigit Zuppinger, Anton Lehmann & Brian W Martin
In order to develop information material on physical activity and sports for migrant populations, the specific needs of these target groups with regard to motivation, barriers and accessibility were analysed. Based on the results, an information brochure was developed and its use was evaluated both by monitoring of incoming orders and by semistructured interviews with professionals. The main motives and obstacles for physical activity of different migrant groups as well as other important topics to...

Mood moderates the effect of aesthetic appeal on performance

Siné McDougall, Andreas Sonderegger & William C. Schmidt
Aesthetically appealing stimuli can improve performance in demanding target localisation tasks compared to unappealing stimuli. Two search-and-localisation experiments were carried out to examine the possible underlying mechanism mediating the effects of appeal on performance. Participants (N = 95) were put in a positive or negative mood prior to carrying out a visual target localisation task with appealing and unappealing targets. In both experiments, positive mood initially led to faster localisation of appealing compared to unappealing...

Digitalisierungsmonitor 2019 – Wie sich die Politik zur Digitalisierung positioniert

Jan Fivaz
Die Politik wird durch die Digitalisierung stark gefordert: Die Bürgerinnen und Bürger, aber auch die Wirtschaft und die Wissenschaft erwarten diesbezüglich zukunftsweisende Entscheide. Vor diesem Hintergrund lancierte das Institut Public Sector Transformation (IPST) der Berner Fachhochschule zusammen mit den Universitäten Zürich und Genf, der Online-Wahlhilfe „smartvote“ sowie dem ICT- und Online-Branchenverband Swico im Vorfeld der Eidgenössischen Wahlen vom Oktober 2019 den „Digitalisierungsmonitor 2019“. Im Rahmen des Projektes wurden die Kandidierenden der National- und Ständeratswahlen anhand...

Testing of multi-MPPT PV inverters: approach and test results

Daniel Gfeller, Urs Muntwyler & Luciano Borgna

Anwendung von Robotic Process Automation. Implementierung von Software-Robotern am Beispiel des Finanzbereichs der BKW AG

Markus A. Meier & Kim Oliver Tokarski
Die Forschungsarbeit beleuchtet die Technologie Robotic Process Automation (RPA) im Umfeld der Finanzfunktionen und umfasst sowohl die Aufarbeitung des aktuellen Forschungsstands als auch eine primäre Datenerhebung, die sich in zwei Teile gliedert: Einerseits wurden Best Practices in Unternehmen erhoben, welche bereits Erfahrung mit RPA haben. Andererseits erfolgte in Kooperation mit der BKW AG die Erarbeitung einer Fallstudie. Im Vordergrund standen das Nutzenpotenzial und die Anwendungsfälle in Finanzfunktionen sowie generelle Lessons Learned. Die Ergebnisse zeigen auf,...

Steam Explosion Pretreatment of Beechwood. Part 1: Comparison of the Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Washed Solids and Whole Pretreatment Slurry at Different Solid Loadings

Robert Balan, Andrzej Antczak, Simone Brethauer Studer & Tomasz Zielenkiewicz
Steam explosion is a well-known process to pretreat lignocellulosic biomass in order to enhance sugar yields in enzymatic hydrolysis, but pretreatment conditions have to be optimized individually for each material. In this study, we investigated how the results of a pretreatment optimization procedure are influenced by the chosen reaction conditions in the enzymatic hydrolysis. Beechwood was pretreated by steam explosion and the resulting biomass was subjected to enzymatic hydrolysis at glucan loadings of 1% and...

\"Hope Is the Greatest Whore\": Hope, Critique, and Management Studies in Irena Haiduk's Artwork: Unplugged – Voices

Nada Endrissat & Ana Alacovska
Research in management and organization may only gain by being inspired from arts, culture and humanities in order to rethink practices but also to nourish its own perspectives. Life in organizations is artificially separate from ordinary life: all of mundane objects are thus conducive to astonishment, inspiration, and even problematization. The unplugged subsection “voices” gives the opportunity to academics and non-academics to deliver an interpretation about an object from the cultural or artistic world. Interpreted...

Long-Term Performance of Swiss Photovoltaic (PV) Installations

Eva Schüpbach, Urs Muntwyler, Monika Jost & Thomas Schott

A meso-level empirical validation approach for agent-based computational economic models drawing on micro-data: a use case with a mobility mode-choice model

Valentino Piana & René Schumann
The complex nature of agent-based modeling may reveal more descriptive accuracy than analytical tractability. That leads to an additional layer of methodological issues regarding empirical validation, which is an ongoing challenge. This paper offers a replicable method to empirically validate agent-based models, a specific indicator of “goodness-of-validation” and its statistical distribution, leading to a statistical test in some way comparable to the p value. The method involves an unsupervised machine learning algorithm hinging on cluster...

Live high-train low associated with increased haemoglobin mass as preparation for the 2003 World Championships in two native European world class runners

Bernard Marti
Background: It is unclear whether world class endurance athletes, in contrast with less well trained subjects, increase their haemoglobin mass on a regimen of living high and training low (LHTL). Objective: To assess whether haemoglobin mass increases in world class athletes on LHTL and whether this increase is associated with peak performance at a subsequent important competition. Methods: Two Swiss world class runners (one 5000 m and one marathon) lived for 26 days (18 hours...

Assessment of intensity, prevalence and duration of everyday activities in Swiss school children: a cross-sectional analysis of accelerometer and diary data

Leticia Grize, Urs Mäder, Nicole Ruch, Felix H. Sennhauser & Charlotte Braun-Fahrländer
Background: Appropriately measuring habitual physical activity (PA) in children is a major challenge. Questionnaires and accelerometers are the most widely used instruments but both have well-known limitations. The aims of this study were to determine activity type/mode and to quantify intensity and duration of children's everyday PA by combining information of a time activity diary with accelerometer measurements and to assess differences by gender and age. Methods: School children (n = 189) aged 6/7 years,...

Do differences in institutional and legal environments explain cross-country variations in IPO underpricing?

Axel Dreher
We empirically analyse the determinants of Initial Public Offering (IPO) underpricing using panel data for 24 countries over the period 1988–2005. Our hypotheses stress the importance of institutional and legal factors in explaining cross-country variations. We find evidence that underpricing is higher in countries with stronger protection of outside investors, suggesting that incumbent managers try to use underpricing as a tool to safeguard their private benefits of control when going public. Moreover, the results show...

Der 30-Jahre-Zyklus der Brückeneinstürze und der technologische und demographische Wandel im Bauingenieurwesen

Die von Sibly und Walker veröffentlichte Theorie sagt aus, dass alle 30 Jahre ein den Brückenbau maßgeblich beeinflussender Brückeneinsturz erfolgt. Nach Petroski gibt es dafür verschiedene Gründe. In diesem Beitrag wird geprüft, ob aktuelle statistische Auswertungen von Brückeneinstürzen und aktuelle technologische und demographische Entwicklungen im Bereich des Bauingenieurwesens diese These stützen oder widerlegen. Außerdem werden in diesem Beitrag sich verändernde Rahmenbedingungen diskutiert. Im Ergebnis werden vom Autor Empfehlungen für die Vermeidung des nächsten maßgeblichen Brückeneinsturzes...

Comparison of equations for estimating resting metabolic rate in healthy subjects over 70 years of age

Katarina Melzer, Véronique Laurie Karsegard, Laurence Genton, Michel P Kossovsky & Bengt Kayser
There is a lack of validation studies of formulas for estimating resting metabolic rate (RMR) in healthy subjects over 70 years of age. Indirect calorimetry allows measuring RMR (RMRm), but is time consuming and costly and therefore formula are generally used to estimate RMR (RMRe). We assessed the degree of agreement between RMRm and RMRe predicted by five popular equations: Harris-Benedict (HB), Mifflin-St Jeor (MJ), Owen (OW), World Health Organization (WHO/FAO/UNU) and Lührmann (LM) in...

Launching for success: The effects of psychological distance and mental simulation on funding decisions and crowdfunding performance

Stefan Manfred Rose, Daniel Wentzel & Christian Hopp
This research examines how potential backers form mental representations of products in reward-based crowdfunding campaigns, and how these representations affect funding decisions and campaign performance. To test our framework, we conducted four experiments and also drew on a sample of 961 Kickstarter campaigns. Our results show that two campaign characteristics – the product's development stage and the indicated time to product delivery – determine the psychological distance that supporters experience in response to a campaign,...

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