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Wechselspiel von Erwebslosigkeit und Armut

Lukas Christian Hobi

What Students Do While You Are Teaching – Computer and Smartphone Use in Class and Its Implication on Learning

Carli Ochs & Andreas Sonderegger
The presence of mobile devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets and computers) in the classroom gives students the possibility of doing off-task activities during lectures. The purpose of this mixed-method field study was to learn more about students' behaviors, reasons, and opinions regarding such activities and their consequences on learning. This study is one of few to take a holistic view on this topic by taking the use of all technical devices in class into account and...

Interprofessionelle Lehre in den Masterstudiengängen

Eva Cignacco Müller, Christian Eissler, Undine Lehmann, Settimio Monteverde & Amir Tal
Im Jahr 2019 startete im Departement Gesundheit eine enge Kollaboration der Masterstudiengänge aller vier Gesundheitsberufe. Diese bildete auch den Startschuss für die Entwicklung interprofessioneller Module, die von Student*innen der Pflege, der Physiotherapie, der Ernährung & Diätetik sowie der Geburtshilfe gemeinsam besucht werden. Eine Bilanz.

Nonconsecutive- Versus Consecutive-Day High-Intensity Interval Training in Cyclists

Micah Gross & Deborah King
Purpose: We compared the effects of a high-intensity interval training (HIT) program completed on three consecutive or nonconsecutive days per week for 3 wk on V˙O2peak, peak aerobic power output (PPOa), and 5-km time trial (TT5k) performance in trained cyclists. Methods: Fifteen trained cyclists completed a TT5k and an incremental test to exhaustion for V˙O2peak and PPOa determination before and after training. Pretraining TT5k times were used to form groups, one of which (N =...

Big dairy data to unravel effects of environmental, physiological and morphological factors on milk production of mountain-pastured Braunvieh cows

Solange Duruz, Elia Vajana, Alexander Burren & Christine Flury
The transhumance system, which consists in moving animals to high mountain pastures during summer, plays a considerable role in preserving both local biodiversity and traditions, as well as protecting against natural hazard. In cows, particularly, milk production is observed to decline as a response to food shortage and climatic stress, leading to atypical lactation curves that are barely described by current lactation models. Here, we relied on 5 million monthly milk records from over 200...

Effective HR implementation. The impact of supervisor support for policy use on employee perceptions and attitudes

Caroline Straub, Claartje Vinkenburg, Marco Van Kleef & Joeri Hofmans
Effective implementation of human resource (HR) policies appears to depend on supervisors’ active involvement in the intervention process. Following recommendations of a recent intervention evaluation framework, we examine how perceived supervisor support during the implementation of a work-life intervention helps to change participants’ perceptions of organizational family supportiveness, and how this ultimately changes participants’ engagement and turnover intentions. A three-wave longitudinal study in a professional services firm (N = 434) that has formally involved supervisors...

Correction: Branca, G., et al. Forest Protection Unifies, Silviculture Divides: A Sociological Analysis of Local Stakeholders’ Voices after Coppicing in the Marganai Forest (Sardinia, Italy). Forests 2020, 11, 708

Giampiero Branca, Irene Piredda, Roberto Scotti, Laura Chessa, Ilenia Murgia, Antonio Ganga, Sergio Francesco Campus, Raffaella Lovreglio, Enrico Guastini & Massimiliano Schwarz

The acquisition and utilization of market information in new venture development and the contingent nature of new venture organizing activities

Using data from the Second Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics, this study analyzes the role of information acquisition and utilization in new venture development. We employ competing risk analysis to make use of the longitudinal data structure in PSED II. Our results highlight the contingent nature of information acquisition in assisting the nascent entrepreneur in carrying out organizing activities. Our results show that marketing and business planning activities only create value when entrepreneurs also engage...

Selection and training of super-users for ERP implementation projects

Peter Danielsen, Kenneth Sandfeld Hansen, Mads Aa. Helt & Lasse Holm Nielsen
The concept of super-users as a means to facilitate Enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation projects has recently taken a foothold in practice but remains largely unexplored from an academic perspective. In particular, little is known about the selection and training processes required to successfully develop skilled super-users in practice. To address this research gap, we analyze the case of an ERP implementation program at Vestas, the world’s largest manufacturer of wind turbines. We combine Katz’s...

Accuracy of the Multisensory Wristwatch Polar Vantage's Estimation of Energy Expenditure in Various Activities: Instrument Validation Study.

Theresa Schweizer & Thomas Wyss
Sport watches and fitness trackers provide a feasible way of obtaining energy expenditure (EE) estimations in daily life as well as during exercise. However, today's popular wrist-worn technologies show only poor-to-moderate EE accuracy. Recently, the invention of optical heart rate measurement and the further development of accelerometers in wrist units have opened up the possibility of measuring EE. This study aimed to validate the new multisensory wristwatch Polar Vantage and its EE estimation in healthy...

Sustainability and country-of-origin: How much do they matter to consumers in Switzerland?

Thomas Brunner
Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to gain a deeper understanding of the market for sustainably produced domestic products by categorising consumers into homogeneous groups. Thereby, the role of sustainability in the purchase of domestic products should also be identified. Design/methodology/approach: Paper-and-pencil questionnaires were sent to a random sample of Swiss households and completed by 1,174 individuals from the German- and French-speaking parts of Switzerland. A principal component analysis resulted in 12 components, which...

Revisiting the influence of institutional forces on the written business plan: a replication study

Francis J. Greene, Benson Honig, Tomas Karlsson & Mikael Samuelsson
The present paper re-analyzes and extends a study on institutional forces and the written business plan (Honig and Karlsson in J Manag 30(1):29–48, 2004). We attempt to examine to what extent critical decision making is evident in model and variable choice, and whether the implications provided by systematic replication efforts may serve to provide additional and perhaps unrecognized theoretical and/or empirical observations. We find that the key result—formal business planning does not affect performance, does...

Employability 4.0. Arbeitsmarktfähigkeit in einer sich wandelnden Arbeitswelt

Bruno Wymann
Megatrends führen zu einem fundamentalen Wandel in der Arbeitswelt und stellen Unternehmen vor große Herausforderungen. Die Arbeitsmarktfähigkeit von Mitarbeitenden kann dabei zum wichtigen Erfolgsfaktor für die langfristige Wettbewerbsfähigkeit werden. Gleichzeitig führen die Arbeitsweltveränderungen auch zu neuen Anforderungen an die individuelle Arbeitsmarktfähigkeit der Mitarbeitenden. Anhand eines qualitativen Forschungsdesigns wurde für Schweizer Tochterunternehmen eines Industriekonzerns untersucht, welche Entwicklungen in der Schweizer Arbeitswelt zu erwarten sind, wie sich diese auf die Arbeitsmarktfähigkeit von Mitarbeitenden auswirken und wie das...

Supplemente und Nahrungsmittel im Sport – grundsätzliche Überlegungen

Eine gute Ernährung kann das Training unterstützen und zum Erfolg beitragen. Supplemente sind ein kleiner Baustein in der Sporternährung, wobei einige wenige Supplemente zum richtigen Zeitpunkt richtig eingesetzt das Training oder die Wettkampfleistung unterstützen können. Neben diesen wenigen Substanzen mit einem wissenschaftlich nachgewiesenen guten Nutzen-Risiko-Profil sind jedoch Tausende weiterer Substanzen auf dem Markt, die wenig bringen, unter Umständen negative Effekte haben, aber auf jeden Fall Ressourcen verbrauchen, die besser anders eingesetzt würden. Im Folgenden werden...

Erfolgreich kooperieren im Schweizer Wald: Eine Wegleitung mit Praxisbeispielen

Mélanie Thomas, Alexandra Müller & Bernhard Pauli

Forstbetriebe: Strukturen und Finanzen

Mélanie Thomas & Patric Bürgi

Évaluation 2019-2021 «Femmes-Tische et Hommes-Tische». Formation multilingue et informelle pour personnes en toutes situations de vie

Claudia Schuwey, Rahel Müller De Menezes, Emanuela Chiapparini & Sonja Kerr
Femmes-Tische et Hommes-Tische est un programme de formation informelle et multilingue à bas seuil. Les Tables rondes menées par une animatrice ou un animateur permettent d’aborder des questions relatives à la santé, à la famille et à l’intégration. Elles reposent sur l’approche par les pairs et atteignent des personnes issues de la migration que les offres habituelles ne touchent pas ou peu. Les résultats de l’évaluation montrent que les Tables rondes résultent en un élargissement...


Information on texture of steam‐cooked potato is of increased importance for consumers of fresh potatoes. As potato texture not only depends on genetic disposition but also on growth conditions, simple and reliable methods are needed to improve characterization of single potato lots. In the present study 65 potato lots were fractionized to 192 tuber samples according to their specific gravity and used for sensory evaluations. The aim was: (1) to further clarify the role of...

Food pyramids in sports nutrition

Nanna L. Meyer
Food pyramids are pictorial representations of dietary goals that translate scientific reference data into easily understandable nutrition recommendations. ln general, there are two appioaches to designing food pyramids. ln the nutritive approach, food recommendations are calculated to fulfill dietary reference values for energy, macronutrients, and micronutrients. l Consequently, serving sizes for different food groups and corresponding numbers of servings are calculated to meet the energy and nutrient requirements of the target population, Most pictorial food...

Forstbetriebe: Strukturen und Finanzen

Mélanie Thomas & Patric Bürgi

Comment réussir des coopérations forestières en Suisse: Guide pratique et exemples concrets

Mélanie Thomas, Alexandra Müller & Bernhard Pauli

Comparison of morphological traits and molecular markers to analyse diversity and structure of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) cultivars

Sandrine Flajoulot, Philippe Barre, Christian Huyghe, Joëlle Ronfort & Bernadette Julier
Diversity and structure of populations may differ substantially between morphological traits and molecular markers. Explanations of such discrepancies are crucial for further progress in breeding as well as for the maintenance of genetic resources. Our objective was to compare indices of among-cultivars differentiation for morphological traits (QST) and molecular markers (FST) in alfalfa (Medicago sativa), a legume forage species. Ten cultivars representing the Northern and Southern types commonly grown in Europe were investigated. For each...

Was ein Pflegezentrum von einem erfolgreichen Autobauer lernen kann

Oliver Mattmann & Roger Pfiffner
Kann man im Sozial- und Gesundheitswesen Qualität verbessern und gleichzeitig Kosten sparen? So lautet nämlich das Ziel von Lean Management. Eine Fallstudie zur Organisation der Stiftung Alterszentren Zug zeigt: Die ersten Ergebnisse sind durchaus positiv.

Valuing meteorological services in resource-constrained settings: Application to smallholder farmers in the Peruvian Altiplano

Alexandra Brausmann & Moritz Flubacher
Changing climate and weather patterns have resulted in reduced agricultural productivity in some parts of the world and put pressure on global food security. Availability and improved quality of meteorological information is seen as a potentially propitious means of adaptation to changing climate conditions. Forecasts of extreme weather events are especially valuable in resource-poor settings where climate-related vulnerability is high, such as for smallholder farmers in low- income countries. In this paper we provide estimates...

Sustainability through Multi-Professional Cooperation in All-Day Schools from the Perspective of Social Workers

Andrea Scholian & Emanuela Chiapparini
In recent years, Switzerland has strongly promoted the expansion of extra-curricular care. Zurich is the first city to plan a gradual and successive introduction of All-Day Schools (Chiapparini, Schuler Braunschweig & Kappler, 2016). As a result of the introduction, All-Day Schools are shifting from monoprofessional to multi-professional organizations (Idel & Schütz, 2018). Prior to All-Day Schools, most responsibilities were well defined and exclusive. The change in educational policy has softened the boundaries of these responsibilities...

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