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Health Economic Evaluation of an Influenza Vaccination Program to Prevent Sick Leave in Employees: A Prospective Cohort Study.

Nathanael Lutz, Tom Deliens, Peter Clarys, Nick Verhaeghe & Jan Taeymans
Objective: To evaluate the cost-effectiveness of an influenza vaccination program (IVP) among employees. Methods: This health economic evaluation was embedded in a prospective cohort study of a voluntary IVP. Data on incidence, direct, and indirect costs were collected via questionnaires. Bootstrapping and modeling techniques were used to assess uncertainty of the results. Results: In the base-scenario, the IVP was less effective, more expensive and thus, neither cost-effective nor cost-beneficial. When applying a sensitivity analysis using...

Selling Point

Julia Pelta Feldman
Discusses recent deaccessioning scandals in American art museums.

Total Energy Expenditure, Energy Intake, and Body Composition in Endurance Athletes Across the Training Season: a Systematic Review

Bengt Kayser, Yves Schutz & Katarina Melzer
Background: Endurance athletes perform periodized training in order to prepare for main competitions and maximize performance. However, the coupling between alterations of total energy expenditure (TEE), energy intake, and body composition during different seasonal training phases is unclear. So far, no systematic review has assessed fluctuations in TEE, energy intake, and/or body composition in endurance athletes across the training season. The purpose of this study was to (1) systematically analyze TEE, energy intake, and body...

Bildersturm und Gerechtigkeit: Warum unsere Denkmäler uns im Stich lassen

Julia Pelta Feldman
Discusses recent art world events and protests against monuments and public statues, arguing that most monuments neither help us understand history nor remember our past.

Therapeutic alliance, social inclusion and infection control - Towards pandemic-adapted mental health care services in Switzerland

Dirk Richter, Charles Bonsack, Christian Burri, Walter Gekle, Urs Hepp, Wolfram Kawohl, Andres R. Schneeberger, Anastasia Theodoridou, Rafael Traber & Matthias Jäger
The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged the Swiss mental health care system. Many services were downsized or closed and admission to treatment and care institutions was restricted during lockdown. While these measures were necessary according to the general containment and mitigation strategies of federal and cantonal authorities, this situation has had negative consequences for care and treatment of service users. This paper asks to re-think key aspects of the Swiss mental health care system that have...

Brettsperrholz aus Schweizer Produktion

Werner Leibundgut
Mit dem Begriff ‹Massivholzbauweise› wird heute meistens die Brettsperrholzbauweise bzw. das Konstruieren von Gebäuden mit grossformatigen Holzelementen in Verbindung gebracht. Diese Bauweise feiert vor allem im angelsächsischen Raum mit Objekten von beeindruckendem Umfang grosse Erfolge. In der stark auf Rahmenbau ausgerichteten Schweiz ist sie noch wenig verbreitet. Jedoch ist die massive Holzbauweise auch hierzulande keineswegs erst eine Erfindung der Neuzeit, zeugen doch jahrhundertealte Blockbauten auch in der Schweiz von einer langen Massivholzbautradition.

Moins une pour retenir le personnel soignant

René Schaffert & Christoph Golz

Towards Verifying the Bitcoin-S Library

Ramon Boss, Kai Brünnler & Anna Doukmak
We try to verify properties of the Bitcoin-S library, a Scala implementation of parts of the Bitcoin protocol. We use the Stainless verifier which supports programs in a fragment of Scala called Pure Scala. Since Bitcoin-S is not written in this fragment, we extract the relevant code from it and rewrite it until we arrive at code that we successfully verify. In that process we find and fix two bugs in Bitcoin-S.

Die erste Schweizer Trompete mit Ventilen

Adrian Von Steiger
Trompete von 1829 der Gebrüder Hirsbrunner, Sumiswald

Sonnez trombones !

Adrian Von Steiger
Le concerto pour trombone de Ferdinand David

Best Practice

Thomas D. Meier

Das Saxhorn auf der Opernbühne

Adrian Von Steiger
Ein Forschungsprojekt und ein Angebot zur Wiederentdeckung des Saxhorns.

To Governor Luca Zaia, Veneto Region (Italy). Forest biodiversity, soil functions and human behaviour, a case study: the October 29, 2018 catastrophe in North-East Italian Alps

Jean-François Ponge, Anna Andreetta, Michael Aubert, Bernier Nicolas, Eleonora Bonifacio, Karine Bonneval, Cristian Bolzonella, Oleg Chertov, Edoardo A. C. Costantini, Maria De Nobili, Silvia Fusaro, Raffaello Giannini, Valter Giosele, Herbert Hager, Pascal Junod, Klaus Katzensteiner, Jolantha Kwiatkowska-Malina, Roberto Menardi, Lingzi Mo, Safwan Mohammad, Annik Schnitzler, Adriano Sofo & Dylan Tatti
A strong wind severely damaged the forests of 473 Italian Alpine municipalities at the end of October 2018. The affected forest area covers 42,500 ha. The president of one of the damaged regions asked for help from the TESAF department of the University of Padua. 27 international scientists (listed: 24; anonymous: 3) responded to the appeal and collectively wrote this article. At first, we discussed the value of ramial chipped wood; then of leaving or...


Information on texture of steam‐cooked potato is of increased importance for consumers of fresh potatoes. As potato texture not only depends on genetic disposition but also on growth conditions, simple and reliable methods are needed to improve characterization of single potato lots. In the present study 65 potato lots were fractionized to 192 tuber samples according to their specific gravity and used for sensory evaluations. The aim was: (1) to further clarify the role of...

Gestaltung in der Gesellschaft. Der Forschungsschwerpunkt Kommunikationsdesign

Arne Scheuermann

Enhanced Physics-Based Models for State Estimation of Li-Ion Batteries

Daniel Luder
Battery models and state estimation algorithms are a key components of todays advanced Battery Management Systems (BMS). Thereby, the battery models are used to estimate non-measurable states in the battery to ensure safety and availability while prolonging its life. This paper focuses on pseudo-2D physics-based battery models namely the Doyle-Fuller-Newman (DFN) model and Single Particle Model (SPM) that are capable to represent battery internal electrochemical states, that are vital for high precision simulation of the...

Analysieren, Interpretieren, Erhalten. Der Forschungsschwerpunkt Materialität in Kunst und Kultur

Sebastian Dobrusskin

Laufbahnmodelle in der zweiten Lebenshälfte für Mitarbeitende der Stadt Bern

Jonathan Bennett, Peter Neuenschwander, Michael Meier & Diana Romano

Haben Sie bereits Antworten?

Gabriela Christen, Daniel Höchli, Florian Dombois & Robert Höldrich

Combining deep learning method with optical coherence tomography for ablation lesion assessment

D Liang & A Haeberlin
The immediate effect of radiofrequency catheter ablation (RFA) on the tissue is not directly visualized. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is an imaging technique that uses light to capture histology-like images with a penetration depth of 1-3 mm in the cardiac tissue. There are two specific features of ablation lesions in the OCT images: the disappearance of birefringence artifacts in the lateral and sudden decrease of signal at the bottom (Figure panel A and D). These...

Elevational ground/air thermal gradients in the Swiss inner Alpine Valais

Armin Rist, Lotti Roth & Heinz Veit
The dependence of air temperature on elevation (i.e., its elevational gradient) in the mountains is well known. However, the elevational gradient of near-surface ground temperatures and derived thermal parameters is much less understood. In this study, we investigated how these parameters depend on elevation by one-year temperature measurements along a transect in the Valais Alps (Switzerland) between 700 and 2,600 m a.s.l. In addition, we studied the effect of differences in slope aspect (north/south) and...

Applying configurational theory to build a typology of ethnocentric consumers

Elisa Baumbach & Arch G. Woodside
Individuals showing high consumer ethnocentrism (CE) prefer domestic over foreign-made products and their preferences may contribute to barriers to international market entry. Therefore, how to identify such consumers is an important question. Shankarmahesh’s (2006) review reveals inconsistencies in the literature with regard to CE and its antecedents. To shed theoretical and empirical light on these inconsistencies, the purpose of this paper is to contribute two new perspectives on CE: first, a typology that classifies ethnocentric...

Sonderhelft: Ehescheidung in der Landwirtschaft

Christine Burren
Ehescheidung ist ein schwieriges Thema. Trotzdem sollten Paare bereits vor der Heirat über die möglichen Folgen einer Trennung oder Scheidung sprechen; das raten die beiden Fachfrauen Sandra Contzen und Christine Burren.

Internally Displaced People, Natural Disaster Risk Management, and Livelihood Changes: Case Study in Kawa Township, Bago Region

Thi Thi Soe, Alessandra Giuliani & Zaw Min Aung
The main problem for internally displaced people after natural disasteris livelihoodinsecurity which contributes to other serious life sufficiency and health risks. The study investigates the socioeconomic, disaster risk and livelihood changes, disaster risk management and potential mitigation in the selected villages in Kawa Township, Bago Regionof Myanmar. Snowball sampling technique was adopted in the collection of 68 rural households using a semi-structured questionnaire and focus group discussion. Both descriptive and qualitative analysis wasemployed to verify...

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