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Health Economic Evaluation of an Influenza Vaccination Program to Prevent Sick Leave in Employees: A Prospective Cohort Study.

Nathanael Lutz, Tom Deliens, Peter Clarys, Nick Verhaeghe & Jan Taeymans
Objective: To evaluate the cost-effectiveness of an influenza vaccination program (IVP) among employees. Methods: This health economic evaluation was embedded in a prospective cohort study of a voluntary IVP. Data on incidence, direct, and indirect costs were collected via questionnaires. Bootstrapping and modeling techniques were used to assess uncertainty of the results. Results: In the base-scenario, the IVP was less effective, more expensive and thus, neither cost-effective nor cost-beneficial. When applying a sensitivity analysis using...

Selling Point

Julia Pelta Feldman
Discusses recent deaccessioning scandals in American art museums.

Bildersturm und Gerechtigkeit: Warum unsere Denkmäler uns im Stich lassen

Julia Pelta Feldman
Discusses recent art world events and protests against monuments and public statues, arguing that most monuments neither help us understand history nor remember our past.

Editorial: Die Forschung ist zu einem tragenden Pfeiler der BFH-HAFL geworden

Doris Herrmann

Progress of Map-based Cloning of the Vf-resistance Gene and Functional Verification: Preliminary Results from Expression Studies in Transformed Apple

M. Barbieri, E. Belfanti, S. Tartarini, B.A. Vinatzer, S. Sansavini, E. Silfverberg-Dilworth, L. Gianfranceschi, Doris Herrmann, A. Patocchi & C. Gessler

Smart Products: Conceptual Review, Synthesis, and Research Directions

Stefan Raff, Daniel Wentzel & Nikolaus Obwegeser

Giving voice to all patients – How social, physical, and mental marginality shape patients’ intention and perceived ability to complain

Torsten-Oliver Salge, David Antons, Patrick Cichy, Nils Foege, Julian Hannen & Antje Hütten

The Application of Text Mining Methods in Innovation Research: Current State, Evolution Patterns, and Development Priorities

David Antons, Eduard Grünwald, Patrick Cichy & Torsten-Oliver Salge

Fischzucht auf dem Bauernhof – ein lukrativer Nebenerwerb?

Christine Widmer
Immer mehr Bäuerinnen und Bauern wagen sich auf neues Terrain und züchten Fische. Lohnt sich das? Ja, sagt ein Experte der Berner Fachhochschule. Aber der Schritt müsse gut überlegt sein, denn die Bestimmungen sind streng.

Bridging the rainbow

Christopher Walton
Richard Wagner and JMW Turner were both fascinated by the view of Lake Lucerne from Brunnen. Turner painted it many times, Wagner wanted to build a house there, and also stage his Ring des Nibelungen on a stage to be constructed on the lake. Turner's watercolours can give us an impression of the real-life stage backdrop that Wagner wanted for his tetralogy.

Development of intervention programs for inland waterway networks using genetic algorithms

Clemens Kielhauser, Claudio Martani & Bryan T. Adey
Inland waterways often consist of large numbers of man-made objects to ensure navigability. These objects are of many different types, ages and sizes, and deteriorate in uncountable of different ways. In order to ensure that the deterioration of the objects does not result in a loss of navigability, interventions must be executed. This, however, produces costs, in terms of both labour and material costs and costs of loss of service if the waterway is rendered...

Investigation of a static and a dynamic neighbourhood methodology to develop work programs for multiple close municipal infrastructure networks

Clemens Kielhauser, Bryan T. Adey & Nam Lethanh
Interventions on infrastructure networks in cities cause disruptions to the services provided by those but also to other networks that have to be at least partially shut down for the interventions executed. Due to these effects, there is substantial benefit to be obtained by grouping interventions on networks that are spatially close to one another. This benefit is principally due to reduced costs of intervention and reduced service disruption. In this paper, two intervention grouping...

Repelled at first sight? Expectations and intentions of job-seekers reading about AI selection in job advertisements

Jenny S. Wesche & Andreas Sonderegger
Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly used in personnel selection to automate decision-making. Initial evidence points to negative effects of automating these procedures on applicant experiences. However, the effect of the prospect of automated procedures on job-seekers’ pre-process perceptions (e.g., organizational attractiveness) and intentions (to apply for the advertised job) is still unclear. We conducted three experiments (Study 1 and Study 2 as within-subjects designs, Study 3 as a between-subjects design; N1=36, N2= 44, N3=172) systematically...

New Design Methods for Typography and Information Design in the Field of Intercultural Communication.

Baur Ruedi & Ulrike Felsing
In a globalized world, Asian, Latin, and Arabic characters and visual cultures increasingly appear side by side and are interwoven with one another. The coexistence of different visual cultures is now part of our daily lives, and it is part of many different bases of communication. This design research is confined to the following main questions: How is it possible to present information, structures, and designs from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds with their own...

Influence des intensités d’entraînement cardiopulmonaire sur la concentration des BDNF dans le sérum sanguin

Robert Grossenbacher, Johannes Pohl, Nathanael Lutz & Clare Catherine Maguire
Le « Brain-derived neurotrophic factor » (BDNF) est davantage diffusé au terme d'un entraînement aérobie et semble avoir un effet positif sur les modifications neuroplastiques. Des améliorations de certaines capacités cognitives ont été démontrées chez des participants sains, jeunes et plus âgés. Les intensités d'entraînement et leur relation avec la diffusion des BNDF pour influencer de manière optimale les capacités cognitives restent en revanche peu claires. Méthode Une étude transversale randomisée inclura 20 participants de...

Patientenübergriffe auf Mitarbeiter Eine prospektive Untersuchung der Häufigkeit, Situationen und Folgen

Dirk Richter & Klaus Berger
Patientenübergriffe in psychiatrischen Kliniken verursachen eine große Anzahl von Arbeitsunfällen. Ziel dieser Untersuchung war die Erhebung der Häufigkeit, Situationsumstände und Folgen der Übergriffe als Basis für eine Entwicklung von Präventionsmaßnahmen und Konfliktmanagement.Innerhalb eines 6-monatigen Zeitraums wurden alle offensichtlich aggressiven Körperkontakte in 6 psychiatrischen Einrichtungen untersucht. Mit einem halbstandardisierten Fragebogen wurden Patientenmerkmale, Mitarbeitermerkmale, Situationsvariablen und körperliche und psychische Folgeschäden der Mitarbeiter erfasst. Im Erhebungszeitraum kam es zu 155 Übergriffen mit 170 betroffenen Mitarbeitern, die überwiegend unter...

Pro und Kontra: Gemeindepsychiatrie in der Krise?

Bernd Eikelmann, Dirk Richter & Thomas Reker

Espaces propices à l’activité physique dans les communes

Mathias Held, Markus Wolf, Hans-Peter Rüdisüli & Joachim Schöffel
Cinq stratégies permettant de promouvoir ces espaces en zone urbaine , en particulier lorsqu’ils sont densément peuplés, sont ensuite développées. Une description des processus participatifs vient compléter cette présentation.

Laboratory evaluation of interfacial mechanical properties in grid-reinforced bituminous layers

Ehsan Solatiyan, Nicolas Bueche & Alan Carter

Chohreh Feyzdjou

Julia Pelta Feldman

Adhesive Meshes for Canvas and Paper Bonding

Karolina Soppa & Mona Konietzny

Schritte der Deeskalation

Dirk Richter

Adapted Marching Distances and Physical Training Decrease Recruits‘ Injuries and Attrition

Lilian Roos, Maria Boesch, Sandra Sefidan, Franz Frey, Urs Mäder, Hubert Annen & Thomas Wyss
There is evidence that progressive loading of physical demands at the beginning of basic military service and specific physical training can reduce injury incidences. Therefore, aim of this study was to measure the effects of a progressive increase in marching distances and an adapted physical training program on injury incidence and attrition rate in a Swiss Army infantry training school. One company reduced the distances covered on foot during the first 4 weeks of basic...

Effects of a 7-Week Outdoor Circuit Training Program on Swiss Army Recruits

Marie-Claire Hofstetter & Urs Mäder
The purpose of this study was to implement an outdoor circuit training program as an addition to standard training and to examine its effects on physical fitness and injury incidence rate in Swiss Army recruits. An intervention group (standard and additional training, n = 134, 21.0 ± 1.1 years, 74.1 ± 10.0 kg, and 1.78 ± 0.1 m) and a control group (standard training only, n = 125, 20.4 ± 1.2 years, 73.3 ± 9.1...

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