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Stability and isotopic dating of monazite and allanite in partially molten rocks: examples from the Central Alps

Alfons Berger, Claudio Rosenberg & Urs Schaltegger

Scientific ocean drilling behind the assessment of geo-hazards from submarine slides, Barcelona, Spain, 25-27 October 2006

Eulàlia Gràcia, Miquel Canals, Flavio Anselmetti, Gemma Ercilla, Jacques Locat, Anders Solheim, Warner Brückmann, Roger Urgeles, Angelo Camerlenghi & Sebastian Krastel

Do extrusion ages reflect magma generation processes at depth? An example from the Neogene Volcanic Province of SE Spain

Bernardo Cesare, Daniela Rubatto & María Teresa Gómez-Pugnaire

A zero-exposure time experiment on an erratic boulder: evaluating the problem of pre-exposure in Surface Exposure Dating. Eiszeitalter und Gegenwart

S. Strasky, S. Ivy-Ochs, Luca Abbühl, Naki Akçar, Christian Schlüchter & Angela Graf

Identification of elastic properties of human patellae using micro finite element analysis

Adeliya Latypova, Ghislain Bernard Maquer, Dominique P. Pioletti, Dieter Pahr, Alexandre Terrier, Philippe Zysset & Kaliyaperumal Elankumaran
Current homogenized finite element (hFE) models of the patella lack a validated material law and mostly overlook trabecular anisotropy. The objective of this study was to identify the elastic constants of patellar trabecular bone. Using μCT scans of 20 fresh-frozen cadaveric patellae, we virtually extracted 200 trabecular cubes (5.3 mm side length). Bone volume fraction and fabric tensor were measured. The elastic constants were identified from six independent load cases using micro finite element (μFE)...

A Push-based Content Advertisement Approach for Information-Centric Networks

Sayed Ali Marandi, Torsten Braun, Kave Salamatian & Nikolaos Thomos

Mineral-scale Trace Element and U-Th-Pb Age Constraints on Metamorphism and Melting during the Petermann Orogeny (Central Australia)

Jörg Hermann, D. Rubatto, I. S. Buick & C. J. Gregory

Wasser und nachhaltige Landnutzung: Bericht zum Forum Sustainable Land Management vom 13.11.2002

Hanspeter Liniger

L-SCN: layered SCN architecture with Supernodes and Bloom Filters

Mikael Gasparyan, Torsten Braun & Eryk Jerzy Schiller
In this paper, we present L-SCN, a new routing architecture for Service-Centric Networking (SCN), which makes use of a two-layer forwarding scheme composed of inter-domain and intra-domain communication. Unlike existing SCN routing architectures relying on a flat organization, our design splits the network into domains. Nodes within a domain possess significant knowledge about existing services and available resources within the domain. Supernodes provide a significant advantage in comparison to other architectures. They assure the inter-domain...

Jahrringe, Lawinen und eine zerstörte Alphütte

Markus Stoffel, S. Dängeli & M. Bollschweiler

Seelsorge ist kein Präventionsmittel

Isabelle Noth

Triassic collision of western Tianshan orogenic belt, China: Evidence from SHRIMP U–Pb dating of zircon from HP/UHP eclogitic rocks

Samantha Williams, Biao Song, David Ellis, Shuguang Song, J.G. Liou, Yongliang Ai, Xuping Li, Lifei Zhang & Daniela Rubatto

Key Tradeoffs Limiting the Performance of Organic Photovoltaics

Ivan Ramirez, Martina Causa, Yufei Zhong, Natalie Banerji & Moritz Riede
2017 saw the publication of several new material systems that challenge the long-held notion that a driving force is necessary for efficient exciton dissocia-tion in organic photovoltaics (OPVs) and that a loss of ≈0.6 eV between the energy of the charge transfer state Ect and the energy corresponding to open circuit is general. In light of these developments, the authors combine insights from device physics and spectroscopy to review the two key tradeoffs limiting OPV...

[Systematic review to evaluate the efficacy, acceptability and safety of second-generation antipsychotics for the treatment of unipolar and bipolar depression.]

Laura Amato, Simona Vecchi, Corrado Barbui, Fabio Cruciani, Roberto D'Amico, Cinzia Del Giovane, Silvia Minozzi, Zuzana Mitrova, Rosella Saulle & Marina Davoli
BACKGROUND The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that depression affects about 121 million people in the world and in terms of years of illness, by the year 2020 could become the second most prevalent disease in the world population after cardiovascular diseases. Second-generation antipsychotics (SGAs) seems to induce remission in depression when added to an antidepressant. AIM To evaluate the efficacy and safety of SGAs for the treatment of depression. METHODS We searched five bibliographic...

Shifting capabilities in northeast Madagascar: Methodological advances to explore land-use change and human well-being

Jorge Claudio Llopis Sendino, Clara Léonie Diebold, Arthur Turin, Julie Gwendolin Zähringer, Flurina Schneider, Andreas Heinimann & Peter Messerli

Tumour budding in pancreatic cancer revisited: validation of the ITBCC scoring system.

Evanthia Karamitopoulou, Martin Wartenberg, Inti Zlobec, Silvia Cibin, Mathias Worni, Beat Gloor & Alessandro Lugli
AIMS Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is a highly lethal malignancy with rising incidence. Biomarkers that would help the prognostic stratification of patients are needed urgently. Although tumour budding (BD) is a strong and independent prognostic factor in PDAC it is not included in histopathology reports, due partly to the lack of a standardised scoring system. The aim of the present work is to assess the reliability and reproducibility of the BD scoring system proposed recently...

Abnormal postural behavior in patients with functional movement disorders during exposure to stress

Giuseppe Angelo Zito, Kallia Apazoglou, Anisoara Paraschiv-Ionescu, Kamiar Aminian & Selma Aybek

Incidence of second primary cancers after radiotherapy combined with platinum and/or cetuximab in head and neck cancer patients.

Olgun Eliçin, Burim Sermaxhaj, Beat Bojaxhiu, Mohamed Shelan, Roland Giger, Daniel Rauch & Daniel Aebersold
PURPOSE The second primary cancer (SPC) incidence after treatment with platinum-based chemotherapy and cetuximab in combination with radiotherapy has not been previously reported. Our aim was to compare SPC risk following radiotherapy in combination with these agents for the treatment of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC). METHODS The charts of 296 cases treated for loco-regionally advanced HNSCC between 2009 and 2015 were retrospectively reviewed for patient, tumor, and procedural characteristics. All patients were...

ArchBE 2010 Archäologie Bern

Optical Imaging and Spectroscopy of Atomically Precise Armchair Graphene Nanoribbons

Sihan Zhao, Gabriela Borin Barin, Ting Cao, Jan Overbeck, Rimah Darawish, Tairu Lyu, Steve Drapcho, Sheng Wang, Tim Dumslaff, Akimitsu Narita, Michel Calame, Klaus Müllen, Steven G. Louie, Pascal Ruffieux, Roman Fasel & Feng Wang

Exploring Chemical Space with Machine Learning

Josep Arús-Pous, Mahendra Awale, Daniel Probst & Jean-Louis Reymond
Chemical space is a concept to organize molecular diversity by postulating that different molecules occupy different regions of a mathematical space where the position of each molecule is defined by its properties. Our aim is to develop methods to explicitly explore chemical space in the area of drug discovery. Here we review our implementations of machine learning in this project, including our use of deep neural networks to enumerate the GDB13 database from a small...

Archäologie im Kanton Bern. Fundberichte und Aufsätze 4 A+B

Topological Defect-Induced Magnetism in a Nanographene

Shantanu Mishra, Doreen Beyer, Reinhard Berger, Junzhi Liu, Oliver Gröning, José I. Urgel, Klaus Müllen, Pascal Ruffieux, Xinliang Feng & Roman Fasel

Archäologie im Kanton Bern. Fundberichte und Aufsätze 3 A+B

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