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Microbiological and host-derived biomarker evaluation following non-surgical periodontal therapy with short-term administration of systemic antimicrobials: secondary outcomes of an RCT.

Raluca Cosgarea, Sigrun Eick, S Jepsen, N B Arweiler, R Juncar, R Tristiu, Giovanni E. Salvi, C Heumann & Anton Sculean
Nonsurgical periodontal therapy with adjunctive use of systemic antimicrobials (for 7-14 days) showed improved clinical, microbiological and immunological results over the mechanical protocol alone. Considering the increasing risk for antimicrobial resistance with longer antibiotic regimes, it is important to establish the optimal antibiotic protocol with a maximum antimicrobial benefit and minimum risk for adverse effects. The aim of the study was to evaluate the microbiological and inflammatory outcomes 12-months after a 3-/7-day systemic antibiotic protocol...

Genomic diversity and population structure of the Leonberger dog breed

Anna Letko, Katie M. Minor, Vidya Jagannathan, Franz R. Seefried, James R. Mickelson, Pieter Oliehoek & Cord Drögemüller
Background: Leonberger is a giant dog breed formed in the 1850s in Germany. Its post-World War II popularity has resulted in a current global population of ~ 30,000 dogs. The breed has predispositions to neurodegenerative disorders and cancer, which is likely due in large part to limited genetic diversity. However, to date there is no scientific literature on the overall demography and genomic architecture of this breed. Results: We assessed extensive pedigree records, SNP array...

Impact of scaling up dolutegravir on antiretroviral resistance in South Africa: A modeling study.

Anthony Hauser, Katharina Kusejko, Leigh F Johnson, Huldrych F Günthard, Julien Riou, Gilles Wandeler, Matthias Egger & Roger D Kouyos
BACKGROUND Rising resistance of HIV-1 to non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs) threatens the success of the global scale-up of antiretroviral therapy (ART). The switch to WHO-recommended dolutegravir (DTG)-based regimens could reduce this threat due to DTG's high genetic barrier to resistance. We used mathematical modeling to predict the impact of the scale-up of DTG-based ART on NNRTI pretreatment drug resistance (PDR) in South Africa, 2020 to 2040. METHODS AND FINDINGS We adapted the Modeling Antiretroviral...

Corrigendum to: \"Impaired endothelial autophagy promotes liver fibrosis by aggravating the oxidative stress response during acute liver injury\" [J Hepatol (2019) 458-469].

Maria Ruart, Laia Chavarria, Genís Campreciós, Nuria Suárez-Herrera, Carla Montironi, Sergi Guixé Muntet, Jaime Bosch, Scott L Friedman, Juan Carlos Garcia-Pagán & Virginia Hernández-Gea

Discrete populations of isotype-switched memory B lymphocytes are maintained in murine spleen and bone marrow.

René Riedel, Richard Addo, Marta Ferreira-Gomes, Gitta Anne Heinz, Frederik Heinrich, Jannis Kummer, Victor Greiff, Daniel Schulz, Cora Klaeden, Rebecca Cornelis, Ulrike Menzel, Stefan Kröger, Ulrik Stervbo, Ralf Köhler, Claudia Haftmann, Silvia Kühnel, Katrin Lehmann, Patrick Maschmeyer, Mairi McGrath, Sandra Naundorf, Stefanie Hahne, Özen Sercan-Alp, Francesco Siracusa, Jonathan Stefanowski, Melanie Weber … & Andreas Radbruch
At present, it is not clear how memory B lymphocytes are maintained over time, and whether only as circulating cells or also residing in particular tissues. Here we describe distinct populations of isotype-switched memory B lymphocytes (Bsm) of murine spleen and bone marrow, identified according to individual transcriptional signature and B cell receptor repertoire. A population of marginal zone-like cells is located exclusively in the spleen, while a population of quiescent Bsm is found only...

Targeting class IA PI3K isoforms selectively impairs cell growth, survival, and migration in glioblastoma.

Katrin Höland, Danielle Boller, Christian Hagel, Silvia Dolski, András Treszl, Olivier E. Pardo, Paulina Cwiek, Fabiana Salm, Zaira Leni, Peter R Shepherd, Beata Styp-Rekowska, Valentin Djonov, André O. Von Bueren, Karl Frei & Alexandre Arcaro
The phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K)/Akt/mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) pathway is frequently activated in human cancer and plays a crucial role in glioblastoma biology. We were interested in gaining further insight into the potential of targeting PI3K isoforms as a novel anti-tumor approach in glioblastoma. Consistent expression of the PI3K catalytic isoform PI3K p110α was detected in a panel of glioblastoma patient samples. In contrast, PI3K p110β expression was only rarely detected in glioblastoma patient samples....

Positive Correlation between Pesticide Consumption and Longevity in Solitary Bees: Are We Overlooking Fitness Trade-Offs?

Verena Strobl, Domenic Camenzind, Angela Minnameyer, Stephanie Walker, Michael Eyer, Peter Neumann & Lars Straub
The ubiquitous use of pesticides is one major driver for the current loss of biodiversity, and the common practice of simultaneously applying multiple agrochemicals may further contribute. Insect toxicology currently has a strong focus on survival to determine the potential hazards of a chemical routinely used in risk evaluations. However, studies revealing no effect on survival or even indicating enhanced survival are likely to be misleading, if potential trade-offs between survival and other physiological factors...

Chaperone-Mediated Autophagy Markers LAMP2A and HSC70 Are Independent Adverse Prognostic Markers in Primary Resected Squamous Cell Carcinomas of the Lung

Tereza Losmanová, Félice A. Janser, Magali Humbert, Igor Tokarchuk, Anna M. Schläfli, Christina Neppl, Ralph Schmid, Mario P. Tschan, Rupert Langer & Sabina Berezowska

Anxiety among front-line health-care workers supporting patients with COVID-19: A global survey

Yasemin Cag, Hakan Erdem, Aynur Gormez, Handan Ankarali, Sally Hargreaves, João Ferreira-Coimbra, Francesca Rubulotta, Mirko Belliato, Joana Berger-Estilita, Paolo Pelosi, Stijn Blot, Jean Yves Lefrant, Masoud Mardani, Ilad Alavi Darazam, Yakup Cag & Jordi Rello

Exogenous Stimulation of Human Intervertebral Disc Cells in 3-Dimensional Alginate Bead Culture With BMP2 and L51P: Cytocompatibility and Effects on Cell Phenotype

Rahel D. May, Daniela A. Frauchiger, Christoph E. Albers, Wilhelm Hofstetter & Benjamin Gantenbein
Objective: Spinal fusion surgery is a common treatment modality for various pathologic conditions of the spine. The bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP2) analogue L51P acts as a general inhibitor of BMP antagonists, whereas it shows a weak affinity for BMP type I receptor. It is suggested that L51P applied in bone disorders might prevent side effects of highly concentrated BMP dosage applications in the order of milligrams. The objective of this study was to investigate...

Effects of Freezing and Thawing Procedures on Selected Clinical Chemistry Parameters in Plasma.

Katrin Freiburghaus, Alexander Benedikt Leichtle, Christos T. Nakas, Georg M. Fiedler & Carlo R. Largiadèr
Introduction: Measurements from frozen sample collections are important key indicators in clinical studies. It is a prime concern of biobanks and laboratories to minimize preanalytical bias and variance through standardization. In this study, we aimed at assessing the effects of different freezing and thawing conditions on the reproducibility of medical routine parameters from frozen samples. Materials and Methods: In total, 12 pooled samples were generated from leftover lithium heparinized plasma samples from clinical routine testing....

Age over 25 years, but not plasma adrenocorticotropic hormone con-cen-tration above the seasonally adjusted reference range is predictive for radio-graphically assessed changes of chronic laminitis in elderly horses.

G. Christen, C. Precht, J. H. Van Der Kolk, N. Fouché & V. Gerber
INTRODUCTION Endocrinopathic laminitis occurs as a consequence of hormonal derangements like pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID). The objective of the present study was to assess the occurrence of radiographic changes associated with chronic laminitis in elderly, clinically sound horses. Fifty-one horses were included in the study. Horses were assigned to different age groups, in groups according to their BCS and CNS as well as to groups with different ACTH concentrations in order to assess their...

COVID-19: facts and failures, a tale of two worlds [commentary].

Sergio Alejandro Gómez-Ochoa & Oscar H. Franco Duran

EpCAM+CD73+ mark epithelial progenitor cells in postnatal human lung and is associated with pathogenesis of pulmonary disease including lung adenocarcinoma.

Limei Wang, Patrick Dorn, Cedric Simillion, Laurène Froment, Sabina Anna Berezowska, Stefan A. Tschanz, Beat Haenni, Fabian Blank, Carlos Wotzkow, Ren-Wang Peng, Thomas Marti, Peter Karl Bode, Ueli Moehrlen, Ralph Schmid & Sean Hall
Lung injury in mice induces mobilization of discrete subsets of epithelial progenitor cells to promote new airway and alveolar structures. However, whether similar cell types exist in human lung remains unresolved. Using flow cytometry, we identified a distinct cluster of cells expressing epithelial cell adhesion molecule (EpCAM), a cell surface marker expressed on epithelial progenitor cells, enriched in the ecto-5'-nucleotidase CD73 in unaffected postnatal human lung resected from pediatric patients with congenital lung lesions. Within...

Surface water floods in Switzerland: what insurance claim records tell us about the damage in space and time

Daniel B. Bernet, Volker Prasuhn & Rolf Weingartner

Clinical and radiographic changes at tissue level implants with either a machined or a modified transmucosal neck surface: A 3-year multicentre randomized controlled proof-of-concept study.

Giovanni E. Salvi, Raphaël Moëne, Beat Wallkamm, Stefan P Hicklin, Mark Bischof, Rabah Nedir, Andrea Mombelli & Anton Sculean
BACKGROUND Surface modification may yield enhanced soft tissue adhesion to transmucosal titanium implant necks. AIM To evaluate and compare changes in soft tissues around implants with a modified hydrophilic sandblasted and acid-etched neck (mSLA; test) to those with a machined neck (M; control). MATERIALS AND METHODS Implants with a diameter of 4.1 mm and a neck height of 1.8 mm were randomly inserted in healed sites with pristine bone of the posterior maxilla or mandible....

Conference report: dementia research and care and its impact in Switzerland

Thomas Leyhe, Mathias Jucker, Tobias Nef, Marc Sollberger, Florian Riese, Jose Haba-Rubio, Henk Verloo, Regula Lüthi, Stefanie Becker & Julius Popp
In October 2019, a Swiss panel of experts met for the Dementia Summit in Brunnen, Switzerland, to discuss the latest scientific findings on basic and clinical research, as well as practical and political approaches to the challenges of dementia disorders in Switzerland. Here, we present the conference summary. To study pathophysiological changes, as well as the underlying mechanism of fluid biomarker changes, excellent experimental approaches, including transgenic mouse models, are available. Current knowledge about presymptomatic...

Management of the Elderly Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patient.

Petr Hruz, Pascal Juillerat, Gerd-Achim Kullak-Ublick, Alain M. Schoepfer, Gerassimos J. Mantzaris & Gerhard Rogler
Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is increasingly diagnosed among elderly persons (older than 60 years). Epidemiological studies show that late-onset IBD is characterized by predominance of colonic disease, milder disease course, and less frequent occurrence of extraintestinal manifestations. However, due to comorbidities, polypharmacy and reduced resistance to severe disease course elderly patients have an increased risk of mortality. Drug treatment generally follows the same algorithms as in the younger IBD patients. This is challenging for the...

Casting materials and their application in research and teaching

Kati Haenssgen, Andrew Makanya & Valentin Djonov
From a biological point of view, casting refers to filling of anatomical and/or pathological spaces with extraneous material that reproduces a three-dimensional replica of the space. Casting may be accompanied by additional procedures such as corrosion, in which the soft tissue is digested out, leaving a clean cast, or the material may be mixed with radiopaque substances to allow x-ray photography or micro computed topography (µCT) scanning. Alternatively, clearing of the surrounding soft tissue increases...

Absolute Quantification of Transcription Factors Reveals Principles of Gene Regulation in Erythropoiesis.

Mark A Gillespie, Carmen G Palii, Daniel Sanchez-Taltavull, Paul Shannon, William J R Longabaugh, Damien J Downes, Karthi Sivaraman, Herbert M Espinoza, Jim R Hughes, Nathan D Price, Theodore J Perkins, Jeffrey A Ranish & Marjorie Brand
Dynamic cellular processes such as differentiation are driven by changes in the abundances of transcription factors (TFs). However, despite years of studies, our knowledge about the protein copy number of TFs in the nucleus is limited. Here, by determining the absolute abundances of 103 TFs and co-factors during the course of human erythropoiesis, we provide a dynamic and quantitative scale for TFs in the nucleus. Furthermore, we establish the first gene regulatory network of cell...

Treatment of gingival recession: when and how?

Jean-Claude Imber & Adrian Kasaj
Gingival recession is a common finding in daily clinical practice. Several issues may be associated with the apical shift of the gingival margin such as dentine hypersensitivity, root caries, non-carious cervical lesions (NCCLs), and compromised aesthetics. The first step in an effective management and prevention program is to identify susceptibility factors and modifiable conditions associated with gingival recession. Non-surgical treatment options for gingival recession defects include establishment of optimal plaque control, removal of overhanging subgingival...

COVID-19 Outbreak in North Italy: An Overview on Dentistry. A Questionnaire Survey

Maria Grazia Cagetti, Jean Louis Cairoli, Andrea Senna & Guglielmo Campus
Abstract: This survey assessed the symptoms/signs, protective measures, awareness, and perception levels regarding COVID-19 among dentists in Lombardy, Italy. Moreover, an analysis of the answers gathered in areas with different prevalence of the disease was carried out. All Lombardy’s dentists were sent an online ad hoc questionnaire. The questionnaire was divided into four domains: personal data, precautionary measures (before patient arrival; in the waiting room; in the operating room), awareness, and perception. Three thousand five...

Obesity and COVID-19 in Latin America: A tragedy of two pandemics-Official document of the Latin American Federation of Obesity Societies.

Bruno Halpern, Maria Laura Da Costa Louzada, Pablo Aschner, Fernando Gerchman, Imperia Brajkovich, José Rocha Faria-Neto, Felix Escaño Polanco, Julio Montero, Silvia María Marín Juliá, Paulo Andrade Lotufo & Oscar H Franco
In May 2020, Latin America became the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, a region already afflicted by social disparities, poor healthcare access, inadequate nutrition and a large prevalence of noncommunicable chronic diseases. Obesity and its comorbidities are increasingly prevalent in Latin America, with a more rapid growth in individuals with lower income, and currently a disease associated with COVID-19 severity, complications and death. In this document, the Latin American Association of Obesity Societies and collaborators...

Microbial and host-derived biomarker changes during ligature-induced and spontaneous peri-implantitis in the Beagle dog.

Alberto Monje, Sigrun Eick, Daniel Buser & Giovanni E. Salvi
OBJECTIVE To evaluate microbial and host-derived biomarker changes during experimental peri-implantitis in the Beagle dog. BACKGROUND Limited data exist on the microbial and biomarker changes during progressive bone loss as result of experimental peri-implantitis. METHODS In total, 36 implants (ndogs = 6) were assessed over 3 episodes of ligature-induced peri-implantitis followed by a period of spontaneous progression. Implants with hybrid (H) and completely rough (R) surface designs were used. Clinical and radiographic parameters were recorded...

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