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The Medium of Visualization for Software Comprehension

Leonel Merino
Although abundant studies have shown how visualization can help software developers to understand software systems, visualization is still not a common practice since developers (i) have little support to find a proper visualization for their needs, and once they find a suitable visualization tool, they (ii) are unsure of its effectiveness. We aim to offer support for identifying proper visualizations, and to increase the effectiveness of visualization techniques. In this dissertation, we characterize proposed software...

Contributions to Intuitionistic Epistemic Logic

Michel Marti

Antler artifacts from the Neolithic lakeside settlement Anarghiri IXb, Western Macedonia, Greece

Christoforos Arampatzis
The thesis addresses antler working and antler artifacts from the Neolithic lakeside settlement of Anarghiri IXb which is located in the Four Lakes region in Western Macedonia, Greece. This research contributes to our current understanding of the antler working in the Neolithic lakeside settlements of Western Macedonia in Greece by examining the biggest so far unearthed assemblage in Greece. The goal of this research is to establish a typology of the collected worked antler assemblage,...

Advanced Techniques in Gradient-Domain Rendering

Marco Manzi
Rendering realistic images requires solving the notoriously hard physically-based light transport problem. Almost all of the state-of-the-art physically-based rendering methods use Monte-Carlo sampling of the light paths contributing to the image. These methods suffer from variance until convergence. Depending on the scene, an impracticable amount of time might be required to get a clean image. A recently developed method called gradient-domain Metropolis light transport mitigates this problem. It first samples the image-space finite differences of...

On the occurrence and modeling of surface water floods

Daniel Benjamin Bernet

Die funktionelle Nah-Infrarot-Spektroskopie (fNIRS) und das visuell-räumliche Arbeitsgedächtnis: Experimentelle Befunde zur Sensitivität und Spezifität der Methode und zu intelligenzbedingten, interindividuellen Unterschieden der funktionellen Hirnaktivität

Joëlle Witmer
Mit den beiden vorliegenden Studien (Witmer et al., 2018a, 2018b) konnte gezeigt werden, dass fNIRS ausreichend sensitiv ist, um spezifische visuell-räumliche Arbeitsgedächtnisprozesse in einem für die ebendiese Arbeitsgedächtnisprozesse wichtigen frontalen Hirnareal (Brodmann Areal 8) nachzuweisen. Des Weiteren war es mittels fNIRS möglich, intelligenzbedingte Unterschiede der funktionellen Hirnaktivität zu messen. Bei Kindern im Alter zwischen 11 und 13 Jahren und jungen Erwachsenen im Alter zwischen 18 und 24 Jahren konnte gezeigt werden, dass Personen niedrigerer Intelligenz...

Disparate Wages in a Globalized World

Veronica Iris Weisser
This study uses wage data from the UBS Prices and Earnings survey to highlight Disparate Wages in a Globalized World from di↵erent perspectives. This wage data is characterised by remarkable consistency over the last 40 years, as well as unusual global comparability. In the first chapter we analyse the convergence hypothesis for purchasing power adjusted wages across the world for 1970 to 2009. The results provide solid evidence for the hypotheses of absolute and conditional...

Aluminum toxicity in a tropical montane forest ecosystem in southern Ecuador

Agnes Rehmus
Aluminum phytotoxicity frequently occurs in acid soils (pH < 5.5) and was therefore discussed to affect ecosystem functioning of tropical montane forests. The susceptibility to Al toxicity depends on the sensitivity of the plant species and the Al speciation in soil solution, which can vary highly depending e.g., on pH, ionic strength, and dissolved organic matter. An acidification of the ecosystem and periodic base metal deposition from Saharan dust may control plant available Al concentrations...

Pension plans: risk and governance

Oliver Dichter
Pension Risk and Corporate Investment: This paper studies the relation of systematic pension risk (pension beta) and corporate investment in a large sample of U.S. firms. We present evidence of a negative impact of pension risk on investment, which is consistent with the view that firms forego valuable investment opportunities because they fail to notice that systematic pension risk causes an upward bias in the discount rates they use in capital budgeting decisions. The pension...

Die höhere Berufsbildung in der Schweiz. Strukturelle Determinanten des Übertritts und langfristige Erträge

Fabian Sander
Die höhere Berufsbildung stellt etwa ein Drittel aller Absolventen auf tertiärem Bildungsniveau in der Schweiz. Als Zulassungsvoraussetzung gilt meist eine abgeschlossene berufliche Grundbildung mit eidgenössischem Fähigkeitszeugnis und Berufspraxis. Das Dissertationsprojekt untersucht, wie individuelle und strukturelle Aspekte den Übergang in die höhere Berufsbildung bestimmen. Zudem ist die Schätzung langfristiger Lohnrenditen und die Erklärung von Renditeunterschieden nach einer HBB zwischen Berufsgruppen von Interesse. Abschliessend werden Bestimmungsgründe beruflicher (Lohn)Mobilität von HBB Absolvierenden und AkademikerInnen über den Erwerbsverlauf untersucht.

Refined isotopic compositions of K, Ca and a complementary comparison of the 40K-40Ca, 40K-40Ar and 87Rb-87Sr chronometers

Mariia Dèzes
The K-Ar geochronometer and its more sophisticated Ar-Ar version are among the most used methods in geochronology. Recently the EarthTime initiative started the attempt to calibrate the Geochronological Time Scale with a precision of 0.1% by intercalibrating orbital tuning, absolute dating and relative dating. This requires the absolute dating to be of a precision of 0.1%. Such a precision is achievable on modern mass-spectrometers for the measurements of isotope ratios; however the accuracy of the...

Performance Enhancement of Content Delivery in Mobile Networks

André Sérgio Nobre Gomes

Video-based identification of surrogate endpoints in experimental bacterial infections of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Caroline Marie Keeling
To identify visually perceptible clinical signs that would enable timely distinction between survivors and nonsurvivors in infection experiments requiring death as experimental endpoint, rainbow trout were recorded on video after being subjected to bacterial challenge with Aeromonas salmonicida and Yersinia ruckeri. Deviations from normal morphology, behaviour and movement patterns were analysed for their potential to predict death in infected animals kept in groups of 10 fish inside small volume holding tanks (15 l). It was...

Collisions during planetary systems formation

Alexandre Emsenhuber

Lung Pattern Analysis using Artificial Intelligence for the Diagnosis Support of Interstitial Lung Diseases

Stergios Christodoulidis
Interstitial lung diseases (ILDs) is a group of more than 200 chronic lung disorders characterized by inflammation and scarring of the lung tissue that leads to respiratory failure. Although ILD is a heterogeneous group of histologically distinct diseases, most of them exhibit similar clinical presentations and their diagnosis often presents a diagnostic dilemma. Early diagnosis is crucial for making treatment decisions, while misdiagnosis may lead to life-threatening complications. If a final diagnosis cannot be reached...

Essays on bank income diversification

Lukas Wyss
This thesis investigates the effects of bank income diversification on bank performance and systemic stability in three independent but complementary empirical studies: The first study reviews the Glass–Steagall Act and similar specialized banking systems from a historic and macroeconomic perspective. The goal is to assess whether past specialized banking systems were introduced for financial stability concerns and whether such regimes entailed positive effects on financial stability. The historic analysis of ten countries that formerly had...

Einfluss von Politursystemen auf Oberflächenrauigkeit und mechanische Eigenschaften von CAD/CAM-Materialien

Elisabeth Diebold
Zielsetzung: Das Ziel dieser Studie war, den Einfluss von drei Politursystemen auf die Oberflächenrauigkeit von verschiedenen Materialien für computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) Restaurationen mittels Profilometrie sowie die mikromechanischen Eigenschaften der Materialien mittels Mikrohärtemessgerät zu analysieren. Materialien und Methoden: Von dem CAD/CAM-Kompositmaterial Paradigm MZ100 (3M ESPE), der CAD/CAM-Feldspatkeramik VITABLOCS Mark II (VITA Zahnfabrik) und den CAD/CAM-Hybridmaterialien Lava Ultimate (3M ESPE), VITA ENAMIC (VITA Zahnfabrik) und AMBARINO High-Class (Creamed) wurden je 60 Prüfkörper zugeschnitten, gekennzeichnet und standardisiert...

Charge transport in monolayer protected Au and Ag clusters in electrolyte environment and transport properties of a redox-active ionic liquid

Nataraju Bodappa
This dissertation compiles interdisciplinary topics broadly in Raman spectroscopy, nanoparticle synthesis, nanoparticle electrochemistry and ionic liquids. Chapter one describes the overview on the two topics Monolayer protected gold and silver cluster synthesis and investigation of their electrochemical and electrical studies and, secondly, physicochemical and charge transport studies of ionic liquids (ILs) ranging from conventional (redox-inactive) to redoxactive ILs. At the end of the chapter the scope of this thesis is described in a problem solving...

Michal: Tochter Schauls, Frau Dawids – Liebende. Leidende. Widerständische. Die Rezeption der Figur Michal als Protagonistin in der deutsch-jüdischen Literatur des 20./21. Jahrhunderts vor dem Hintergrund ihrer antiken Vorlagen

Judith Helene Stadler
The first part of the dissertation presents Michal's biography according to 1-2 Sam. The literary quality of the Hebrew text is discussed as well as the questions which it raises, its lacunae and how these are filled in other ancient Jewish texts (1 Chr, LXX, Josephus, rabbinical literature) and in German translations of the last two centuries. The second part elucidates the attractivity of the Michal-figure as a protagonist in the work of German-Jewish poets...

Appreciation at Work and its Consequences

Isabel Barbara Pfister
In today's difficult global economy, work related stress is high. Stress — along with other health impairing factors — can affect work productivity, satisfaction, safety, absenteeism, turnover, and even workplace violence, which is why organizations are increasingly turning to occupational health psychology to develop, maintain, and promote the health of employees. In occupational health psychology, one of the core assumptions is that conditions at work affect employee well-being. Appreciation is one of the positive aspects...

Erfassung und Validierung der subjektiven Talentkriterien von Fussballtrainern unter Verwendung eines konstruktivistischen Ansatzes

Nina Maria Jokuschies
Talentselektionsentscheidungen sind zentraler Teil des Talentförderprozesses im Fussball und werden vorwiegend von Trainern und Trainerinnen gefällt. Aufgrund des Forschungsdefizits zum Talentverständnis wurden in der vorliegenden kumulativen Dissertation die subjektiven Talentkriterien von Experten-Fussballtrainern untersucht. Hierfür wurde unter der Verwendung eines konstruktivistischen Ansatzes ein halbstrukturierter Interviewleitfaden entwickelt. In einer ersten Studie lag der Fokus auf der differenzierten Erfassung der subjektiven Talentkriterien und einem ersten (inhaltlichen) Vergleich der von den Trainern verwendeten Talentmodelle. Zudem wurde die Verwendung einer...

Three essays on the concept of trust and its foundations

Paul Cornelius Bauer
The present dissertation focuses on trust and comprises three empirical essays on the concept itself and its foundations. All three essays investigate trust as an expectation and rely on selfreport measures of trust. Whereas the first two chapters investigate social trust, the third chapter investigates political trust. Essentially, there are three related important debates to which the following chapters contribute. A first debate discusses problems with current selfreport measures. Scholars recently started to question whether...

La corte celeste di Dante

Diego Sbacchi

Bildtopographien und Raumkontexte

Nathalie-Josephine Von Möllendorff

4D laboratory experiments of oblique extension and scissor tectonics, structural inheritance and sedimentation: implications for rift evolution, rift propagation and rift segment interaction

Frank Zwaan
Extension of the continental lithosphere leads to the formation of continental rift basins. When extension persists, continental break-up and oceanic spreading ensue, creating conjugate passive margins on both sides of a new oceanic basin. Rifts and passive margins have been intensely studied by geologists because of their vast hydrocarbon potential, representing the bulk of the global proven oil and gas resources and are of great importance for human society, housing a considerable share of the...

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