17 Works

Basic models of seismicity

Shiyong Zhou, Maximilian J. Werner, Sebastian Hainzl, David Harte & Jiancang Zhuang

Basic models of seismicity: Multi-regional models

Maximilian J. Werner, David Harte, Sebastian Hainzl, Shiyong Zhou & Jiancang Zhuang

Basic models of seismicity: spatiotemporal models

Jiancang Zhuang, Maximilian J. Werner, Shiyong Zhou, David Harte & Sebastian Hainzl

Estimating the magnitude of completeness for earthquake catalogs

Arnaud Mignan & Jochen Woessner

Earthquake triggering caused by the external oscillation of stress/strain changes

Takaki Iwata

Earthquake location accuracy

Jeanne Hardebeck & Stephan Husen

Exploratory data analysis: magnitude, space and time

Katerina Orfanogiannaki, Mark Naylor & David Harte

Catalog artifacts and quality control

Laura Gulia, Stefan Wiemer & Max Wyss

How to educate yourself as a statistical seismologist

David Vere-Jones

Seismicity models based on Coulomb stress calculations

Sandy Steacy, David Marsan & Sebastian Hainzl

Basic models of seismicity: temporal models

Jiancang Zhuang, Maximilian J. Werner, Shiyong Zhou, Sebastian Hainzl & David Harte

CORSSA: the Community Online Resource for Statistical Seismicity Analysis

Andrew J. Michael & Stefan Wiemer

Evaluating earthquake predictions and earthquake forecasts: a guide for students and new researchers

J. Douglas Zechar

What is an instrumental seismicity catalog?

Egill Haukkson, Jeanne L. Hardebeck & Jochen Woessner

Seismicity rate changes

Max Wyss & David Marsan

Seismicity declustering

Thomas Van Stiphout, David Marsan & Jiancang Zhuang

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