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Dataset belonging to: Local interactions lead to spatially correlated gene expression levels in bacterial groups - Data Sets

Simon Van Vliet


Vincent Humphrey

Full collection of raw data, statistical results, and corresponding analysis codes

Florian Vogl
Full collection of raw data, statistical results, and corresponding analysis codes


Lukas Sigrist

Urban Oman GIS maps 1 - Building Footprints

Aurel Von Richthofen

Organic aerosol source apportionment by offline-AMS over a full year in Marseille

Carlo Bozzetti


Oliver Hilsenbeck


Alex Müller


Michael Afanasiev

Linear Time MSER

Oliver Hilsenbeck

Chamau (CH-CHA)

Florian Suter
Site: Chamau (CH-CHA, canton Zug, Switzerland) is located in a lowland broad river valley of the Reuss River. It is part of the ETH research station.; Longitude (WGS 84): 8°24'37.6" E; Latitude (WGS 84): 47°12'36.8" N; Altitude (m.a.s.l.): 393; Land cover (IGBP land classification): Grassland; Soil type: Cambisol (Roth K (2006), Diploma Thesis, University of Zurich, Switzerland).; Geology: The area is located on tertiary molasse. The Reuss-valley is filled with postglacial retreating rubble of the...

THD (Thermohydraulisches Dimensionierungsprogramm für Solaranlagen)

Ralph Eismann


Arnd Koenig & Kay W. Axhausen
Current transport models focus mainly on the variables travel time and travel costs to explain choices made by travellers. In contrast to this, research results substantiate the influence of a range of additional explanatory variables. The reliability of the transportation system is one important example. The inclusion of those variables into the forecasting of the traveller decision requires more knowledge about their valuations. In this context this study pursues various aims: First, to compare the...


Bastian Ballmann

XiT (Xdimensional image analysis Toolbox)

Leo Kunz


Francesco Beneventi

Urban Oman GIS maps 2 - Development of Buildings 1984 - 2014

Aurel Von Richthofen

Urban Oman GIS maps 3 - Settlement Area

Aurel Von Richthofen
Urbanisation, Oman, Muscat, Settlement Area, GIS shape files

Rietholzbach catchment data (Hirschi et al. 2017, HESS) - old version

Please note that a corrected version of the data package is available under https://doi.org/10.3929/ethz-b-000282395

Root respiration

Miriam Ostermaier

DFT Transport

Sascha Brück


Bastian Ballmann


Nadia H. Panchaud


Ellis Whitehead

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