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Energy consumption measurement with a multichannel measurement system on a machine tool

Lukas Weiss, Konrad Wegener & Adam Gontarz

Decomposing variations and co-variations in discrete travel choice behavior with multilevel cross-classified logit model

Makoto Chikaraishi, Akimasa Fujiwara, Kay W. Axhausen & Junyi Zhang

FAST: an efficient decision procedure for deduction and static equivalence

Bruno Conchinha, David A. Basin & Carlos Caleiro
7th International Workshop on Formal Aspects of Security and Trust - FAST 2010

Untersuchungen zum Fliess- und Erosionsverhalten granularer Murgänge

Daniel Weber
Zugl. Diss., Technische Wissenschaften, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule ETH Zürich, Nr. 15321, 2004

Sauerstoff- und Kohlenstoff-Isotopensystematik schwach metamorpher Sedimentgesteine des Oberhalbsteins (Graubünden, Schweiz)

Herbert Eppel
Diss. Naturwiss. ETH Zürich, Nr. 12369, 1997. Ref.: A. B. Thompson ; Korref.: G. L. Bernasconi Green ; Korref.: M. Burkhard

Performance Evaluation of a Vertical Line Descriptor for Omnidirectional Images

Cédric Pradalier, Davide Scaramuzza & Roland Yves Siegwart

<> New Method and Toolbox for Easily Calibrating Omnidirectional Cameras

Roland Yves Siegwart & Davide Scaramuzza

Introducing stress random fields of polycrystalline aggregates into the local approach to fracture

Bruno Sudret, X.H. Dang, A. Zeghadi, T. Yalamas & M. Berveiller

Automatic Detection of Checkerboards on Blurred and Distorted Images

Davide Scaramuzza, Roland Yves Siegwart & Martin Rufli

On the use of mode shape curvatures for damage localization under varying environmental conditions

Yaser Shokrani, Vasilis K. Dertimanis, Eleni N. Chatzi & Marco N. Savoia
A novel damage localization method is introduced in this study, which exploits mode shape curvatures as damage features, while accounting for operational variability. The developed framework operates in an output‐only regime,that is, it does not assume availability of records from the influencing environmental/operational quantities but rather from response quantities alone. The introduced tool comprises 3 stages pertaining to training, validation, and diagnostics. During the training stage, a representation of the healthy, or baseline, structural state...

Strategic Trends 2017: Key Developments in Global Affairs

Oliver Thränert & Martin Zapfe

Die Urbanisierung der Katastrophenvorsorge

Florian Roth & Linda Maduz

Research data supporting \"High-Mass MALDI-MS Analysis for the Investigation of Protein Encapsulation within an Engineered Capsid Forming Protein\"

Katharina Root, Donald Hilvert, Renato Zenobi & Raphael Frey

A dual isotopic approach using radioactive phosphorus and the isotopic composition of oxygen associated to phosphorus to understand plant reaction to a change in P nutrition

Federica Tamburini, Stefano M. Bernasconi, Emmanuel Frossard & Verena Pfahler
Background Changing the phosphorus (P) nutrition leads to changes in plant metabolism. The aim of this study was to investigate how these changes are reflected in the distribution of 33P and the isotopic composition of oxygen associated to P (δ18OP) in different plant parts of soybean (Glycine max cv. Toliman). Two P pools were extracted sequentially with 0.3 M trichloroacetic acid (TCA P) and 10 M nitric acid (HNO3; residual P). Results The δ18OP of...

Structure – Reactivity Relationships in Novel Ruthenium and Rhenium Olefin Metathesis Catalysts

Marija Jović
Diss., Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule ETH Zürich, Nr. 21870

AHRABi, Arts and Humanities Research Assessment Bibliography

Hans-Dieter Daniel

tullioFoam - A numerical model of the Tullio phenomenon

Bernhard Grieser, Leonhard Kleiser & Dominik Obrist

Prognosen für den Schweizer Tourismus

Banu Simmons-Süer, Yngve Abrahamsen, Jan-Egbert Sturm & Florian Hälg
KOF Studies, 84

Hosting Multinationals: Economic and Fiscal Implications

Peter Egger & Marko Köthenbürger

Social Policy

Janet Elise Johnson & Meri Kulmala

Superconducting quantum simulator for topological order and the toric code

Dan E. Browne, Andreas Wallraff, Michael J. Hartmann, Anton Potočnik & Mahdi Sameti
Physical Review A, 95 (4)

High genetic diversity and presence of genetic structure characterise the endemics Ruta corsica and Ruta lamarmorae (Rutaceae)

Marilena Meloni, Caterina A. Dettori, Andrea Reid, Gianluigi Bacchetta, Laetitia Hugot & Elena Conti
Corsica and Sardinia form one of the areas with highest biodiversity in the Mediterranean and are considered one of the priority regions for conservation in Europe. In order to preserve the high levels of endemism and biological diversity at different hierarchical levels, knowledge of the evolutionary history and current genetic structure of Corso-Sardinian endemics is instrumental. Microsatellite markers were newly developed and used to study the genetic structure and taxonomic status of Ruta corsica and...

Reversed surface-mass-balance gradients on himalayan debris-covered glaciers inferred from remote sensing

Rosie R. Bisset, Amaury Dehecq, Daniel N. Goldberg, Matthias Huss, Robert G. Bingham & Noel Gourmelen
Meltwater from the glaciers in High Mountain Asia plays a critical role in water availability and food security in central and southern Asia. However, observations of glacier ablation and accumulation rates are limited in spatial and temporal scale due to the challenges that are associated with fieldwork at the remote, high-altitude settings of these glaciers. Here, using a remote-sensing-based mass-continuity approach, we compute regional-scale surface mass balance of glaciers in five key regions across High...

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