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Attention-Driven Cropping for Very High Resolution Facial Landmark Detection

Prashanth Chandran, Derek Bradley, Markus Gross & Thabo Beeler
Facial landmark detection is a fundamental task for many consumer and high-end applications and is almost entirely solved by machine learning methods today. Existing datasets used to train such algorithms are primarily made up of only low resolution images, and current algorithms are limited to inputs of comparable quality and resolution as the training dataset. On the other hand, high resolution imagery is becoming increasingly more common as consumer cameras improve in quality every year....

The effect of pressure and Mg-content on ilmenite rheology: Implications for lunar cumulate mantle overturn

Leif Tokle, Greg Hirth, Yan Liang, Paul Raterron & Nick Dygert

Applications and Limitations of Elastic Thermobarometry: Insights From Elastic Modeling of Inclusion-Host Pairs and Example Case Studies

Miguel Cisneros & Kenny S. Befus
Elastic thermobarometry can be used to constrain the pressure and temperature conditions of mineral crystallization by exploiting the difference in the elastic evolution of a mineral inclusion and its host during cooling and decompression. In this work we examine the pressure-temperature sensitivity of >5,000 untested inclusion-host pairs. Hosts such as diamond and zircon are ideal host minerals because their low compressibility makes them rigid containment vessels. Highly compressible inclusions such as albite, graphite, and quartz...

Satisfaction of scientists during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown

Isabel J. Raabe, Alexander Ehlert & David Johann
The discussion of the social, political and economic consequences of the lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic mainly revolves around negative effects. This study exploits a unique opportunity and analyses data from a survey (N = 13,316) that happened to be in the field in the months of the development and eventual manifestation of the COVID-19 pandemic. It documents slightly higher levels of average general life satisfaction as well as of satisfaction with various specific aspects...

How to Meter Agricultural Pumping at Numerous Small-Scale Wells?-An Indirect Monitoring Method Using Electric Energy as Proxy

Lu Wang, Wolfgang Kinzelbach, Huaixian Yao, Jakob Steiner & Haijing Wang
The large number of users and the small scale of wells greatly complicate monitoring of groundwater abstraction in areas of intensive pumping by numerous smallholders such as in the North China Plain. This paper presents a study in a typical county in the North China Plain. It discusses the application and challenges of an indirect, energy-based approach to groundwater abstraction monitoring. Intensive field experiments at individual wells were carried out to provide a basis for...

Fluxing of mantle carbon as a physical agent for metallogenic fertilization of the crust

Daryl E. Blanks, David A. Holwell, Marco L. Fiorentini, Marilena Moroni, Andrea Giuliani, Santiago Tassara, José M. González-Jiménez, Adrian J. Boyce & Elena Ferrari
Magmatic systems play a crucial role in enriching the crust with volatiles and elements that reside primarily within the Earth’s mantle, including economically important metals like nickel, copper and platinum-group elements. However, transport of these metals within silicate magmas primarily occurs within dense sulfide liquids, which tend to coalesce, settle and not be efficiently transported in ascending magmas. Here we show textural observations, backed up with carbon and oxygen isotope data, which indicate an intimate...

Systematic review on the application of wearable inertial sensors to quantify everyday life motor activity in people with mobility impairments

Fabian M. Rast & Rob Labruyère
Background Recent advances in wearable sensor technologies enable objective and long-term monitoring of motor activities in a patient’s habitual environment. People with mobility impairments require appropriate data processing algorithms that deal with their altered movement patterns and determine clinically meaningful outcome measures. Over the years, a large variety of algorithms have been published and this review provides an overview of their outcome measures, the concepts of the algorithms, the type and placement of required sensors...

A telemonitoring and hybrid virtual coaching solution “CAir” for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Christoph Gross, Dario Kohlbrenner, Christian F. Clarenbach, Adam Ivankay, Thomas Brunschwiler, Yves Nordmann & Florian Von Wangenheim
Background: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is one of the most common disorders in the world. COPD is characterized by airflow obstruction, which is not fully reversible. Patients usually experience breathing-related symptoms with periods of acute worsening and a substantial decrease in the health-related quality-of-life. Active and comprehensive disease management can slow down the progressive course of the disease and improve patients’ disabilities. Technological progress and digitalization of medicine have the potential to make elaborate...

Bright Blue and Green Luminescence of Sb(III) in Double Perovskite Cs2MInCl6 (M = Na, K) Matrices

Agnieszka Noculak, Viktoriia Morad, Kyle M. McCall, Sergii Yakunin, Yevhen Shynkarenko, Michael Wörle & Maksym V. Kovalenko
The vast structural and compositional space of metal halides has recently become a major research focus for designing inexpensive and versatile light sources; in particular, for applications in displays, solid-state lighting, lasing, etc. Compounds with isolated ns2-metal halide centers often exhibit bright broadband emission that stems from self-trapped excitons (STEs). The Sb(III) halides are attractive STE emitters due to their low toxicity and oxidative stability; however, coupling these features with an appropriately robust, fully inorganic...

Prediction and prevention of disproportionally dominant agents in complex networks

Sandro C. Lera, Alex Pentland & Didier Sornette
We develop an early warning system and subsequent optimal intervention policy to avoid the formation of disproportional dominance ("winner takes all," WTA) in growing complex networks. This is modeled as a system of interacting agents, whereby the rate at which an agent establishes connections to others is proportional to its already existing number of connections and its intrinsic fitness. We derive an exact four-dimensional phase diagram that separates the growing system into two regimes: one...

PPAC: A Versatile In-Memory Accelerator for Matrix-Vector-Product-Like Operations

Oscar Castaneda Fernandez, Maria Bobbett, Alexandra Gallyas-Sanhueza & Christoph Studer
Processing in memory (PIM) moves computation into memories with the goal of improving throughput and energy-efficiency compared to traditional von Neumann-based architectures. Most existing PIM architectures are either general-purpose but only support atomistic operations, or are specialized to accelerate a single task. We propose the Parallel Processor in Associative Content-addressable memory (PPAC), a novel in-memory accelerator that supports a range of matrix-vector-product (MVP)-like operations that find use in traditional and emerging applications. PPAC is, for...

Siamese Neural Networks for Wireless Positioning and Channel Charting

Eric Lei, Oscar Castaneda Fernandez, Olav Tirkkonen, Tom Goldstein & Christoph Studer
Neural networks have been proposed recently for positioning and channel charting of user equipments (UEs) in wireless systems. Both of these approaches process channel state information (CSI) that is acquired at a multi-antenna basestation in order to learn a function that maps CSI to location information. CSI-based positioning using deep neural networks requires a dataset that contains both CSI and associated location information. Channel charting (CC) only requires CSI information to extract relative position information....

Mesopore Formation in USY and Beta Zeolites by Base Leaching: Selection Criteria and Optimization of Pore-Directing Agents

Danny Verboekend, Gianvito Vilé & Javier Pérez-Ramírez
Crystal Growth & Design, 12 (6)

Mineral separation protocol for accurate and precise rhenium-osmium (Re-Os) geochronology and sulphur isotope composition of individual sulphide species

Nicolas J. Saintilan, David Selby, J.W. Hughes, Denis Schlatter, Jochen Kolb & Adrian Boyce
A temporal framework for mineral deposits is essential when addressing the history of their formation and conceptualizing genetic models of their origin. This knowledge is critical to understand how crust-forming processes are related to metal accumulations at specific time and conditions of Earth evolution. To this end, high-precision absolute geochronology utilising the rhenium-osmium (Re-Os) radiometric system in specific sulphide minerals is becoming a method of choice. Here, we present a procedure to obtain mineral separates...

Polymerization shrinkage behaviour of resin composites functionalized with unsilanized bioactive glass fillers

Matej Par, Dirk Mohn, Thomas Attin, Zrinka Tarle & Tobias T. Tauböck
Previous work has shown that partial replacement of reinforcing fillers with unsilanized silica particles can diminish polymerization shrinkage stress of dental resin composites. The aim of the present study was to investigate whether such an effect can be attained by using unsilanized bioactive glass (BG). Incorporating BG fillers into resin composites is interesting due to their potential for exerting caries-preventive effects. Experimental light-curable composites with a total filler load of 77 wt% were prepared. Reinforcing...

Application of magnetic metal/polymer composites

Roland Fuhrer

Mechanism of Ethylene Oxychlorination on Ceria

Matthias Scharfe, Marçal Capdevila-Cortada, Vita A. Kondratenko, Evgenii V. Kondratenko, Sara Colussi, Alessandro Trovarelli, Núria López & Javier Pérez-Ramírez
ACS Catalysis, 8 (4)

Modeling of Subsurface Scattering from Ice Sheets for Pol-InSAR Applications

Georg Fischer
Remote sensing is a fundamental tool to measure the dynamics of ice sheets and provides valuable information for ice sheet projections under a changing climate. There is, however, the potential to further reduce the uncertainties in these projections by developing innovative remote sensing methods. One of these remote sensing techniques, the polarimetric synthetic aperture radar interferometry (Pol-InSAR), is known since decades to have the potential to assess the geophysical properties below the surface of ice...

The impact of climate change and glacier mass loss on the hydrology in the Mont-Blanc massif

Léa Laurent, Jean-François Buoncristiani, Benjamin Pohl, Harry Zekollari, Daniel Farinotti, Matthias Huss, Jean-Louis Mugnier & Julien Pergaud
The Mont-Blanc massif, being iconic with its large glaciers and peaks of over 4,000 m, will experience a sharp increase in summer temperatures during the twenty-first century. By 2100, the impact of climate change on the cryosphere and hydrosphere in the Alps is expected to lead to a decrease in annual river discharge. In this work, we modelled the twenty-first century evolution of runoff in the Arve river, downstream of Mont-Blanc’s French side. For the...

Design of New Nanostructured Catalysts for Selective Hydrogenations in Flow

Gianvito Vilé

Full Compositional Flexibility in the Preparation of Mesoporous MFI Zeolites by Desilication

Danny Verboekend, Sharon Mitchell, Maria Milina, Johan C. Groen & Javier Pérez-Ramírez
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 115 (29)

Tailoring the framework composition of carbon nitride to improve the catalytic efficiency of the stabilised palladium atoms

Evgeniya Vorobyeva, Zupeng Chen, Sharon Mitchell, Rowan K. Leary, Paul Midgley, John M. Thomas, Roland Hauert, Edvin Fako, Núria López & Javier Pérez-Ramírez
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 5 (31)

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