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Low Latency Event-Based Filtering and Feature Extraction for Dynamic Vision Sensors in Real-Time FPGA Applications

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Dynamic Vision Sensor (DVS) pixels produce an asynchronous variable-rate address-event output that represents brightness changes at the pixel. Since these sensors produce frame-free output, they are ideal for real-time dynamic vision applications with real-time latency and power system constraints. Event-based filtering algorithms have been proposed to post-process the asynchronous event output to reduce sensor noise, extract low level features, and track objects, among others. These postprocessing algorithms help to increase the performance and accuracy of...

Agenda and Challenges for Putin's New Term

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Russian Analytical Digest (RAD), 218

Diapause in the European roe deer: Identification of key factors involved in the regulation of embryonic developmental pace and resumption of embryo development.

The European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) displays a prolonged period of embryonic diapause. This phenomenon decouples fertilisation from subsequent embryo implantation by a period of four months. After diapause, the embryo rapidly elongates and implants in the endometrium. In mammals, the pre-implantation uterine microenvironment supports embryo development, and contains species-specific factors that regulate embryonic diapause. To date, the key factors required for maintenance of diapause and resumption of embryo development in the roe deer are...

Mitarbeitermotivation im öffentlichen Dienst am Beispiel der wissenschaftlichen Bibliotheken in Deutschland

Der öffentliche Dienst in Deutschland ist gekennzeichnet durch einen im Vergleich mit der Privatwirtschaft hohen Anteil von Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern mit geringer Leistungsmotivation. Die Erhöhung der Teamleistung durch Motivierung von Personal, das eine freizeitorientierte Schonhaltung" (Weinert) an den Tag legt, stellt für Führungskräfte im öffentlichen Dienst eine besondere Herausforderung dar, da ihre Handlungsspielräume sowohl für Anreize („Zuckerbrot") als auch Sanktionen („Peitsche") durch strukturelle Rahmenbedingungen eng beschränkt sind. Die vorliegende Arbeit wendet sich exemplarisch den wissenschaftlichen...

Direct observation of coherent magnons with suboptical wavelengths in a single-crystalline ferrimagnetic insulator

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Spin-wave dynamics were studied in an extended thin film of single-crystalline yttrium iron garnet using time-resolved scanning transmission x-ray microscopy. A combination of mechanical grinding and focused ion beam milling has been utilized to achieve a soft x-ray transparent thickness of the underlying bulk gadolinium gallium garnet substrate. Damon-Eshbach type spin waves down to about 100 nm wavelength have been directly imaged in real space for varying frequencies and external magnetic fields. The dispersion relation...

Live cell imaging of meiosis in Arabidopsis thaliana

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To follow the dynamics of meiosis in the model plant Arabidopsis, we have established a live cell imaging setup to observe male meiocytes. Our method is based on the concomitant visualization of microtubules (MTs) and a meiotic cohesin subunit that allows following five cellular parameters: cell shape, MT array, nucleus position, nucleolus position, and chromatin condensation. We find that the states of these parameters are not randomly associated and identify 11 cellular states, referred to...

Advances in durability monitoring of concrete structures

Proceedings of the International Conference on Sustainable Materials, Systems and Structures (SMSS2019) Durability, Monitoring and Repair of Structures

Below-canopy contributions to ecosystem CO2 fluxes in a temperate mixed forest in Switzerland

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Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 247

Farmers' adoption of extensive wheat production - Determinants and implications

Land Use Policy, 30 (1)

Label-free impedance flow cytometry for nanotoxicity screening

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The development of reliable and cost-efficient methods to assess the toxicity of nanomaterials (NMs) is critical for the proper identification of their impact on human health and for ensuring a safe progress of nanotechnology. In this study, we investigated the reliability and applicability of label-free impedance flow cytometry (IFC) for in vitro nanotoxicity screening, which avoids time-consuming labelling steps and minimizes possible NM-induced interferences. U937 human lymphoma cells were exposed for 24 h to eight different...

Molecular interferometers: effects of Pauli principle on entangled-enhanced precision measurements

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Feshbach molecules forming a Bose–Einstein condensate (BEC) behave as non-ideal bosonic particles due to their underlying fermionic structure. We study the observable consequences of the fermion exchange interactions in the interference of molecular BECs for entangled-enhanced precision measurements. Our many-body treatment of the molecular condensate is based on an ansatz of composite two-fermion bosons which accounts for all possible fermion exchange correlations present in the system. The Pauli principle acts prohibitively on the particle fluctuations...

Non-Integer Valued Winding Numbers and a Generalized Residue Theorem

We define a generalization of the winding number of a piecewise C1 cycle in the complex plane which has a geometric meaning also for points which lie on the cycle. The computation of this winding number relies on the Cauchy principal value but is also possible in a real version via an integral with bounded integrand. The new winding number allows to establish a generalized residue theorem which covers also the situation where singularities lie...

Direct WIMPs Search with the ArDM Experiment and Preliminary Results from 1.43 Days of Physics Data

Studying the Universe, many cosmological observations indicate a lot of dark mass in the Universe. It is widely accepted that more than 25% of the matter consists of the so-called cold dark matter. The weakly interacting massive particle (WIMP) is one of the promising candidates for dark matter particles. However, a direct proof of the existence of dark matter particle, i. e. a direct observation of dark matter interaction in laboratory has not been delivered...

Evidence of slowing yield growth: The example of Swiss cereal yields

Food Policy, 35 (2)

Drug utilization in the Maastricht Study: A comparison with nationwide data

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Within the southern region of the Netherlands, the Maastricht Study is an on-going observational prospective population-based cohort study that focuses on the etiology of Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Representativeness of the participating population is a crucial but often an unknown factor in population-based cohort studies such as the Maastricht Study. We therefore aimed to assess the representativeness of the study population by comparing drug utilization of the participants of the Maastricht Study with the...

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