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Tools for digital circuit design using FPGAs

Hans Eberle
ETH, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, Departement Informatik, Institut für Computersysteme, 215

Führung von Informatikprojekten durch Studentengruppen

Daniel Aebi & Carl August Zehnder
ETH, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, Departement Informatik, Institut für Informationssysteme, 223

Peace Mediation Essentials: Business Actors in Mediation Processes

Damiano Sguaitamatti, Andrea Iff, Rina M. Alluri & Simon Jonas Augusto Mason

Private forest ownership in Europe

Franziska Hirsch & Franz Josef Schmithüsen
Geneva timber and forest study papers, 26

The multiscale aspect of cirrus cloud dynamics

Fabian Fusina

Versuche zum Ermüdungsverhalten von Stahlbetonbrücken

Patrick Fehlmann, Thomas Wolf & Thomas Vogel
IBK Bericht, 332

An IDE-based solution for schema evolution of object-oriented software

Marco Piccioni, Manuel Oriol, Bertrand Meyer & Teseo Schneider
Most large software systems rely on extensive amounts of persistent data — objects. Most large software systems last a long time, over which they need to change program elements — classes. Inevitably, these two characteristics clash: how do we retrieve previously “persisted” objects when the classes that describe them have changed? Naive solutions, such as initializing new fields to default values, are dangerous, since they risk invalidating the consistency of objects. For example it would...

Compression methods for visualization

Markus H. Gross, Lars Lippert & Oliver G. Staadt
Technical report, 293

Dependable computing in virtual laboratories

Gustavo Alonso, Win Bausch, Cesare Pautasso, M.T. Hallett & A. Kahn
Technical report, 349

On bivariate Hensel lifting and its parallelization

Laurent Bernardin
Technical report / Federal Institute of Technology, Computer Science Department, 267

Robot locomotion and localization on 3D complex-shaped structures

Fabien Tâche

Unique Sink Orientations of Grids

Bernd Gärtner, Walter D. Morris & Leo Rüst
We introduce unique sink orientations of grids as digraph models for many well-studied problems, including linear programming over products of simplices and generalized linear complementarity problems over P-matrices (PGLCP). We investigate the combinatorial structure of such orientations and develop randomized algorithms for nding the sink. We show that the orientations arising from PGLCP satisfy the Holt-Klee condition known to hold for polytope digraphs, and we give the rst expected linear-time algorithms for solving PGLCP with...

Investigating the influence of the environmentalism and variety seeking on mode choice

Nadine Schüssler & Kay W. Axhausen
In the transport modelling community, there is a growing understanding that socio-economic attributes are not sufficient to characterise travellers and make forecasts about their travel behaviour. Therefore, an increasing number of studies has recently been published that integrates latent variables representing attitudes, perceptions and preferences into choice models. Since it is impossible to measure these latent variables directly, psychometric scales are used as indicators for the latent variables. For the study presented in this paper,...

Fast counting with the optimum combining tree

Roger Wattenhofer & Peter Widmayer
Technical report, 288

Asymptotically Optimal Geometric Mobile Ad-Hoc Routing

Fabian Kuhn, Roger Wattenhofer & Aaron Zollinger
Technical Report / ETH Zurich, Department of Computer Science, 369

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