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Machine tool optimization strategies for ecologic and economic efficiency

Adam M. Gontarz, Florian Hänni, Lukas Weiss & Konrad Wegener
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Part B, Journal of Engineering Manufacture, 227 (1)

Unter den Strahlen des Nordlichts

Sophus Tromholt & Hans Rudolf Denzler
Schriftenreihe der ETH-Bibliothek, 39

Comprehensive morphological characterisation of arthritis in animal models by micro-CT

Thomas H. Steiner, Ryan J. Choo, A. Quintin, Ana Villarreal, Colin R. Firminger, Ralph Müller, B. Koller, M.A. Zulliger, D. Nesic & Kathryn S. Stok

Zerstörungsfreie Versuche zur Ermittlung des Elastizitätsmodules von Holzbrettern

Gerhard Fink & Jochen Kohler
IBK Bericht, 339

Genetically Modified Crop Production: Social Sciences, Agricultural Economics, and Costs and Benefits of Coexistence

Joachim Scholderer & Wim Verbeke

Assessment and determination of robustness of structures

Harikrishna Narasimhan
IBK Bericht, 337

A Discipline for Program Verification based on Backpointers and its Use in Observational Disjointness

Ioannis T. Kassios & Eleftherios Kritikos
Technical Report / ETH Zurich, Department of Computer Science, 772

Verification condition generation for permission logics with abstract predicates and abstraction functions

Stefan Heule, Ioannis T. Kassios, Peter Müller & Alexander J. Summers
Abstract predicates are the primary abstraction mechanism for program logics based on access permissions, such as separation logic and implicit dynamic frames. In addition to abstract predicates, it is useful to also support classical abstraction functions, for instance, to encode side-effect-free methods of the program and use them in specifications. However, combining abstract predicates and abstraction functions in a verification condition generator leads to subtle interactions, which complicate reasoning about heap modifications. Such complications may...

Bayesian framework for probabilistic modelling of typhoon risks

Mathias Graf

Modeling and tracking social walkers

Stefano Pellegrini

A quantitative analysis of the effect of altered femoral bone structure with the onset of osteoarthritis in a preclinical rat model

K. Atal, T.H. Steiner, M. A. Zulliger, D. Nesic, Ralph Müller & K. S. Stok

Whole joint structure in a rat osteoarthritis model for sample-specific mechanical evaluation

Thomas H. Steiner, R.J. Choo, A. Quintin, Ralph Müller, M.A. Zulliger, D. Nesic & K.S. Stok

Ecology and evolution of virulence in Cryphonectria hypovirus 1

Sarah F. Bryner

Assessment of the mechanical properties of nano-cellulose constructs designed for auricular cartilage engineering

Luc Nimeskern, H. Martinez, P. Gatenholm, Ralph Müller & Kathryn S. Stok

Subcritical crack growth in hardened cement paste

Wei Cai

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