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Using Head Tracking Data for Robust Short Term Path Prediction of Human Locomotion

Thomas Nescher & Andreas Kunz
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 7848

Technological Diversification and Innovation Performance

Thomas Bolli & Martin Wörter
This paper analyzes the impact of technological diversity on innovation inputs and success using Swiss firm-level panel data. While we do not find any impact of diversity on R&D intensity, we confirm a positive impact of diversity on patent applications as suggested by the literature. However, since patent applications reflect an intermediate innovation input rather than output, we extend the analysis to the share of sales generated by new products. We find a significant negative...

EDM process analysis using high-speed imaging

Umang Maradia, Reto Knaak, Jens Boos, Marco Boccadoro, Josef Stirnimann & Konrad Wegener
Proceedings of the 13th International Conference of the European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology : May 27th-31st, 2013, Berlin, Germany

Advancing automated security protocol verification

Simon Meier

Algorithms and Interfaces for Real-Time Deformation of 2D and 3D Shapes

Alec Jacobson

Structural studies of amyloid fibrils by solid-state NMR

Anne Kathrin Schütz

Virtual experiment platform: plan and analyze ecological field experiments

Daniel Bloch, Andrew Hector, Pascal Niklaus, Melanie Paschke, Bernhard Schmid & Peter Stoll

Adhesion and tribology on well-defined, nano-scale rough surfaces: A gradient approach

Shivaprakash N. Ramakrishna

Rotation quasimorphisms for surfaces

Thomas Huber

Spatiotemporal Downscaling of Climate Scenarios in Regions of Complex Orography

Roger Bordoy Molina

System-oriented efficiency optimization of variable speed drives

Mario Schweizer

Causal inference from interventional data

Alain Hauser

How to Cancel a Task

Alexey Kolesnichenko, Sebastian Nanz & Bertrand Meyer

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