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Antarctica rover design and optimization for limited power consumption

Daisy Lachat, Ambroise Krebs, Thomas Thueer & Roland Siegwart
IFAC Proceedings Volumes, 39 (16)

Cardiovascular rehabilitation soon after stroke using feedback-controlled robotics-assisted treadmill exercise: study protocol of a randomised controlled pilot trial

Oliver Stoller, Eling D. De Bruin, Corina Schuster-Amft, Matthias Schindelholz, Rob A. De Bie & Kenneth J. Hunt
Background After experiencing a stroke, most individuals also suffer from cardiac disease, are immobile and thus have low endurance for exercise. Aerobic capacity is seriously reduced in these individuals and does not reach reasonable levels after conventional rehabilitation programmes. Cardiovascular exercise is beneficial for improvement of aerobic capacity in mild to moderate stroke. However, less is known about its impact on aerobic capacity, motor recovery, and quality-of-life in severely impaired individuals. The aim of this...

Geometry and symmetries in N=4 super-Yang-Mills theory

Burkhard U.W. Schwab

T cell help during secondary antiviral CD8+ T cell responses

Gregor Bedenikovic

Flexible oxide semiconductor electronics on plastic substrates

Niko Münzenrieder

Dynamically enhanced membrane emulsification using micro engineered membranes with controlled surface properties

Sebastian Holzapfel
Food process engineering, 52

The assembly mechanism of the pore-forming toxin ClyA from Escherichia coli

Daniel Josef Alfons Roderer

A Comparative Analysis of Identity Standards for the Internet

Kaspar Etter

An Extensible Content Aggregation Engine for the Web

Tim Church

Auslegung von Systemen zur ultraschallunterstützten Zerspanung

Michael Gull

System integration and fin trajectory design for a robotic sea-turtle

Cédric Siegenthaler, Cédric Pradalier, Fabian Günther, Gregory Hitz & Roland Siegwart
IROS 2013: New Horizon Conference Digest

Computing seismic fragility curves using polynomial chaos expansions

Bruno Sudret & C.V. Mai

Visualizing urban analysis in mixed reality

Lukas Treyer, Anastasia Koltsova & Sofia Georgakopoulou
Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE 2013)

Calcul des courbes de fragilité sismique par approches non-paramétriques

Bruno Sudret & C.V. Mai

Introducing stress random fields of polycrystalline aggregates into the local approach to fracture

Bruno Sudret, X.H. Dang, A. Zeghadi, T. Yalamas & M. Berveiller

Measurement and simulation of acceleration correlated position errors in machine tools

Minh Hop Nguyen, Sascha Weikert & K. Wegener

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