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Max Frisch-Archiv Jahresbericht

Max Frisch-Archiv Jahresbericht

Computing seismic fragility curves using polynomial chaos expansions

Bruno Sudret & C.V. Mai

Multi-Domain-Simulation in der Leistungselektronik

Andreas Markus Müsing

Constraint-based metabolic modeling of Arabidopsis thaliana

Pascal Schläpfer

Towards Improving Robotic Software Reusability Without Losing Real-Time Capabilities

Frederic Pont & Roland Siegwart
Proceedings of the First International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics : Setúbal, Portugal, August 25 - 28, 2004

Inertial and 3D-odometry fusion in rough terrain: Towards real 3D navigation

Pierre Lamon & Roland Siegwart

SLAM with Corner Features Based on a Relative Map

Manuel Altermatt, Agostino Martinelli, Nicola Tomatis & Roland Siegwart

Interreligious Tension in South and Southeast Asia

Sabina Stein
CSS Analyses in Security Policy, 148

Bi-pedal Robot for Rescue Operations

Noemy Scheidegger, Francesco Mondada, Michael Bonani & Roland Siegwart

Utilization-alternatives barometer for medical devices after basic research in university of research institutes

Pietro Imelli, Carmen Kobe & Malay Deshpande

Autonomous driving in structured and unstructured environments

Sascha Kolski, Dave Ferguson, Mario Bellino & Roland Siegwart
2006 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium

Antimony leaching from contaminated soil under changing redox conditions

Kerstin Hockmann

The first semiconductor-based camera for imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes

Thomas Krähenbühl

Robust and distributed approaches to power system optimization

Joseph Warrington

Dielectrics for variable stiffness elements

Luigi Di Lillo

Integration platform for tunable carbon nanotube electromechanical resonators

Shih-Wei Lee
Scientific Reports on Micro and Nanosystems, 18

Chemical vapor deposition of graphene on copper

Kemal Celebi

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