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Introducing stress random fields of polycrystalline aggregates into the local approach to fracture

Bruno Sudret, X.H. Dang, A. Zeghadi, T. Yalamas & M. Berveiller

Structure – Reactivity Relationships in Novel Ruthenium and Rhenium Olefin Metathesis Catalysts

Marija Jović
Diss., Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule ETH Zürich, Nr. 21870

Non-parametric fragility curves for bridges using recorded ground motions

, , , &
Proceedings of the 9th European Conference on Structural Dynamic (EURODYN 2014)

Simplified approach for analysing building structures subjected to sudden column removal scenarios

Proceedings of the 9th European Conference on Structural Dynamic (EURODYN 2014)

Menjadi seorang negosiator: Strategi dan taktik

CSS Mediation Resources

Dynamic simulation of legged robots using a physics engine

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This article presents an application for dynamic simulation of legged robots based on a physics engine. In the presented application an iterative solver is supported by analytical equations of the dynamics and software modules for collision detection, environment modeling and visualization. The presented application of the simulator allows for development and verification of control algorithms before their implementation on the real robot.

Field-induced assembly of colloidal ellipsoids into well-defined microtubules

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Current theoretical attempts to understand the reversible formation of stable microtubules and virus shells are generally based on shape-specific building blocks or monomers, where the local curvature of the resulting structure is explicitly built-in via the monomer geometry. Here we demonstrate that even simple ellipsoidal colloids can reversibly self-assemble into regular tubular structures when subjected to an alternating electric field. Supported by model calculations, we discuss the combined effects of anisotropic shape and field-induced dipolar...


CSS Policy Perspectives, 2 (2)

Multi-level fitting algorithms for population synthesis

Agent-based microsimulation models for land use or transportation simulate the behavior of agents over time, although at different time scales and with different goals. For both kinds of models, the initial step is the definition of agents and their relationships. Synthesizing the population of agents often is the only solution, due to privacy and cost constraints. In this paper, we assume that the model simulates persons grouped into households, and a person/household population needs to...

Autonomous driving in structured and unstructured environments

, , &
2006 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium

Going beyond tradition: Estimating residential electricity demand using an appliance index and energy services

, &
In this paper we estimate the long- and short-run price elasticities of residential electricity consumption in Switzerland from a household survey by constructing an index of the stock of household appliances as well as by using energy services. We create the index by aggregating the information on the major household appliances. The index is used to estimate the impact of appliances on residential electricity demand. Furthermore, we also use energy services to estimate the electricity...

Second opinions in markets for expert services: Experimental evidence

, &
Economics Working Paper Series, 14/192

Coalition-preclusion contracts and moderate policies

, &
Economics Working Paper Series, 14/195

In-process measurement of friction coefficient in orthogonal cutting

, , , &
CIRP Annals, 63 (1)

Mortality decline, impatience and aggregate wealth accumulation with risk-sensitive preferences

The paper discusses the impact of longevity extension on aggregate wealth accumulation, accounting for changes in individual behaviors as well as changes in population age structure. It departs from the stan- dard literature by adopting risk-sensitive preferences. Human impatience is then closely related to mortality rates and aggregate wealth accumula- tion appears to be much more sensitive to demographic factors than usually found. Illustrations are provided using historical mortality data from dif- ferent countries.

Chip root analysis after machining carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) at different fiber orientations

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Machining carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) is currently being heavily investigated. The main drivers come from the aviation and automotive industry. Current drilling and milling tool geometries exhibit immense wear resulting in the damage of the work piece. Detailed understanding of chip formation mechanisms when machining CFRP is paramount and enables the optimization of tool geometries in terms of tool lifetime and work piece quality. Current knowledge about CFRP chip formation mechanisms is insufficient. Chip...

Fully autonomous focused exploration for robotic environmental monitoring

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Robotic sensors are promising instruments for monitoring spatial phenomena. Oftentimes, rather than aiming to achieve low prediction error everywhere, one is interested in determining whether the phenomenon exhibits certain critical behavior. In this paper, we consider the problem of focusing autonomous sampling to determine whether and where the sensed spatial field exceeds a given threshold value. We introduce a receding horizon path planner, LSE-DP, which plans efficient paths for sensing in order to reduce our...

Dividing the Pie: The Determinants of Labor’s Share of Income on the Firm Level: the Determinants of Labor’s Share of Income on the Firm Level

This paper is the first to study the factors determining labor’s share of income on the level of the individual firm, employing an unusually informative panel data set. The empirical examination is concerned with Switzerland which stands out as one of the very few developed countries with a stable labor share. Broadly confirming results from previous cross-country and industry-level studies, we find that the main factor decreasing the labor share in the estimation period is...

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