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tullioFoam - A numerical model of the Tullio phenomenon

Bernhard Grieser, Leonhard Kleiser & Dominik Obrist

Exploring the Evolvability of Artificial Aldolases

Bayesian assessment of the compressive strength of structural masonry

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Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Applications of Statistics and Probability in Civil Engineering (ICASP12), Vancouver, Canada, July 12-15

The AutoProof Verifier: Usability by Non-Experts and on Standard Code

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Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science, 187

Kartenprojekte 1991-1995: Semester- und Praktikumsarbeiten

IKA, 1995 (2)

Imprecise structural reliability analysis using PC-Kriging

Safety and Reliability of Complex Engineered Systems: ESREL 2015

Lightweight urban computation interchange (LUCI) system

, , &
Proceedings: FOSS4G

Comprehensive investigation of surface characterization for laser sintered parts

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DDMC 2014 : Fraunhofer Direct Digital Manufacturing Conference : proceedings

Taxation and firms’ investment decisions

KOF Dissertation Series, 22

Out-narrating the IS

CSS Policy Perspectives, 3 (2)

Does multicomponent physical exercise with simultaneous cognitive training boost cognitive performance in older adults? A 6-month randomized controlled trial with a 1-year follow-up

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Background: Cognitive impairment is a health problem that concerns almost every second elderly person. Physical and cognitive training have differential positive effects on cognition, but have been rarely applied in combination. This study evaluates synergistic effects of multicomponent physical exercise complemented with novel simultaneous cognitive training on cognition in older adults. We hypothesized that simultaneous cognitive–physical components would add training specific cognitive benefits compared to exclusively physical training. Methods: Seniors, older than 70 years, without...

Pain characteristics of adolescent spinal pain

Background: Although adolescent spinal pain increases the risk for chronic back pain in adulthood, most adolescents can be regarded as healthy. The aim of the present study was to provide data on localization, intensity and frequency of adolescent spinal pain and to investigate which physical and psycho-social parameters predict these pain characteristics. Method: On the occasion of Spine Day, an annual event where children and adolescents are examined by chiropractors on a voluntary basis for...

Imprecise probabilities and sparse polynomial chaos expansions


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