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Reality-Mining with Smartphones: Detecting and Predicting Life Events based on App Installation Behavior: Research-in-Progress

Remo Manuel Frey, Runhua Xu & Alexander Ilic
ICIS 2015 Proceedings

HADES: Hierarchical Approximate Decoding for Structured Prediction

Tribhuvanesh Orekondy

Energetics and Structural Characterization of the large-scale Functional Motion of Adenylate Kinase

Elena Formoso, Vittorio Limongelli & Michele Parrinello
Adenylate Kinase (AK) is a signal transducing protein that regulates cellular energy homeostasis balancing between different conformations. An alteration of its activity can lead to severe pathologies such as heart failure, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. A comprehensive elucidation of the large-scale conformational motions that rule the functional mechanism of this enzyme is of great value to guide rationally the development of new medications. Here using a metadynamics-based computational protocol we elucidate the thermodynamics and structural...

Preliminary inconclusive results of a randomised double blinded cross-over pilot trial in long-term-care dwelling elderly assessing the feasibility of stochastic resonance whole-body vibration

Slavko Rogan, Lorenz Radlinger, Dietmar Schmidtbleicher, Rob A. De Bie & Eling D. De Bruin
Background This randomised double-blinded controlled cross-over pilot study examined feasibility and preliminary effects of stochastic resonance whole-body vibration training applied in long term care elderly. Findings Nine long term care elderly were recruited and randomized to group A (6 Hz, Noise 4 SR-WBV/ Sham) or B (Sham / 1 Hz, Noise 1 SR-WBV). Feasibility outcomes included recruitment rate, attrition, adherence and safety. Physical performance outcomes focused on the Expanded Timed Get Up-and-Go (ETGUG) test, the...

Effects of whole-body vibration on proxies of muscle strength in old adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis on the role of physical capacity level

Slavko Rogan, Eling D. De Bruin, Lorenz Radlinger, Christine Joehr, Christa Wyss, Neil-Jerome Stuck, Yvonne Bruelhart, Rob A. De Bie & Roger Hilfiker
Background Dynapenia (age-associated loss of muscle strength not caused by neurologic or muscular diseases) and functional limitations (e.g. climbing stairs, chair rising) are important problems in elderly persons. Whole body vibration, used as an adjunct to classical resistance training or even as a stand-alone alternative, might help to reduce these problems. Its value might be highest in elderly persons with very low function, where whole body vibration can be used as a skilling up training...

Greedy MaxCut algorithms and their information content

Yatao Bian, Alexey Gronskiy & Joachim M. Buhmann
Proceedings of the IEEE Information Theory Workshop (ITW 2015)

A business case for flexible housing: the feasibility of implementing flexibility measures in the housing market

Rob Geraedts & Joos Ruiterkamp
Proceedings of the Future of Open Building Conference

Trockenheitseffekte auf Wachstum und Mortalität der Waldföhren im Pfynwald

Brigitte Rohner

Vegetation dynamics after forest fire in comparison to the pre-fire state

Christian Temperli

Infill public spaces: Prompt, low-cost and participatory interventions on residual urban areas

Salvatore Carbone & Sara Omassi
Proceedings of the Future of Open Building Conference

The climate challenge for agriculture and the value of climate services: application to coffee-farming in Peru

Filippo Lechthaler & Alexandra Vinogradova
The use of climate information in economic activities, typically provided by climate services, may serve as a possible adaptation strategy to changing climate conditions. The present paper analyzes the value of climate services aimed at improving agricultural productivity through a reduction in weather-associated risks. In the first part, we provide a theoretical foundation for estimating the value of climate services by proposing a stochastic life-cycle model of a rural household which faces uncertainty with respect...

COST Action TU1406: eBook of the 1st Workshop Meeting: eBook of the 1st Workshop Meeting, Geneva, September 21st-22nd 2015

Jose C. Matos, Joan R. Casas, Eleni Chatzi, Niels P. Høj, Alfred Strauss, Irina Stipanovic & Rade Hajdin

Dialogue-Based Design Process Of Housing For Senior Citizens

Susanne Clase & Lisa Wistrand
Proceedings of the Future of Open Building Conference

The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Open and Transformable Building related to its financial feasibility

Waldo Galle, Frank De Troyer & Niels De Temmerman
Proceedings of The Future of Open Building Conference

Rates of change - design evaluation of rapid clinical and technological advances in a children's surgical unit

P.D. Astley, A.W. Symons & G.R.W. Mills
Proceedings of the Future of Open Building Conference

The Open System of the Public Realm in the Over-sized Structure

Sorana Radulescu
Proceedings of the Future of Open Building Conference

Evolutive Dwelling: A Systemic, Open and Sustainable Approach to the Rehabilitation of the Italian Mass Housing Stock: the Case Study of the Open Building: the Case Study of the Open Building

Sonia Pettinari & Massimo Perriccioli
Proceedings of the Future of Open Building Conference

Transformations of Silver Nanoparticles in Urban Wastewater and Water Systems

Basilius Adam Daniel Thalmann

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