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Hans-Dieter Daniel

Hosting Multinationals: Economic and Fiscal Implications

Peter Egger & Marko Köthenbürger

Surface-electrode decelerator and deflector for Rydberg atoms and molecules

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Physical Review A, 90 (4)

The cyclopropene radical cation: Rovibrational level structure at low energies from high-resolution photoelectron spectra

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The Journal of Chemical Physics, 141 (6)

Development and Application of an Eco-design Tool for Machine Tools

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Improving the energy efficiency of machine tools is one of the challenges regarding the European energy saving goals. This work presents a new tool, enabling an effective quantification of a machine tool's (MT) energy consumption during all life phases. Scope of the presented tool is the fast and efficient estimation of a MT's cumulated energy demand and the systematic derivation of improvement measures regarding ecological performance. This work will present a framework, as well as...

Automatische Ausscheidung von Waldreservatsflächen

Die Biodiversität steht in den vom Menschen geprägten Lebensräumen stark unter Druck und viele Arten sind dadurch vom Aussterben bedroht. Da viele Arten auf Wald angewiesen sind, sind Waldreservate ein wertvolles Mittel zur Erhaltung der Biodiversität. Es stellt sich die Frage, an welchem Ort die Ausscheidung eines Waldreservates am sinnvollsten ist. Die geeigneten Gebiete müssen dabei verschiedene Anforderungen erfüllen. So sollen sie etwa viele seltene Arten beherbergen, eine grosse Habitatvielfalt bieten und idealerweise nicht zu...

The Great Recession and the Working Conditions of Youth: A Descriptive Analysis of the European Labour Market

The objective of this report is twofold. First, it represents an accompanying user manual to the third release of the KOF Youth Labour Market Index (hereafter abbreviated KOF YLMI). Second, the report uses index-based tables and graphs to analyse the evolution of the working conditions that young people faced in Europe after the beginning of the Great Recession in 2008. The KOF YLMI — developed by the KOF research division Education Systems in 2014 —...

How did the Youth Labour Market Situation Evolve between 2012 and 2013?: Second Release of the KOF Youth Labour Market Index

The KOF Youth Labour Market Index (KOF YLMI) describes the youth situation on the labour market with a multidimensional approach. Not only labour market status matter, but also working conditions, provided education and the ease of entry into the labour market is considered. Switzerland achieved in 2013 an index score of 5.66. That is a slight increase compared to the last publication of the KOF YLMI. The EU28 average was 4.60. However, while Switzerland still...

Observation of laser-induced electronic structure in oriented polyatomic molecules

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All attosecond time-resolved measurements have so far relied on the use of intense near-infrared laser pulses. In particular, attosecond streaking, laser-induced electron diffraction and high-harmonic generation all make use of non-perturbative light–matter interactions. Remarkably, the effect of the strong laser field on the studied sample has often been neglected in previous studies. Here we use high-harmonic spectroscopy to measure laser-induced modifications of the electronic structure of molecules. We study high-harmonic spectra of spatially oriented CH3F...

A necessary and sufficient condition for the asymptotic tightness of the Shannon lower bound

International Zurich Seminar on Communications - Proceedings

EXIT Chart Analysis of the UMTS Turbo Code in VLF Channels

International Zurich Seminar on Communications - Proceedings

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