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Individual-level variation in the mating system of a self-compatible hermaphrodite

Anja Bürkli
Reproduction is one of the most basic characteristics of life itself. The specific mode of reproduction profoundly impacts almost all aspects of biology, ranging from the genetic makeup of organisms to their physiology, morphology, behavior, life history and eventually evolution. Understanding variation among individuals in their ability to reproduce has therefore been a central theme in evolutionary biology for a long time. Of particular interest are organisms that are not restricted to a single mode...

Business Solutions as Signals

Marcus Zimmer, Anna Salonen & Florian Von Wangenheim
Many manufacturing firms today claim to be solution providers. By means of highly customized and integrated, product-service offerings, these firms address complex business problems of customers in a holistic way. However, the extent to which manufacturers derive financial returns from these investments remains debatable. But despite the dubious profitability, we are not witnessing any large-scale transition away from the solution business. We assume that irrespective of the direct revenues generated by the solution business, manufacturers...

Microseismicity observed during small-scale hydraulic fracturing experiments at the Grimsel Test Site

Valentin Gischig, Joseph Doetsch, Hansruedi Maurer, Hannes Krietsch, Florian Amann, Keith Frederick Evans, Reza Jalali & Anne Obermann
This is the dataset which is associated with publication " Gischig, V. S., Doetsch, J., Maurer, H., Krietsch, H., Amann, F., Evans, K. F., Nejati, M., Jalali, M., Valley, B., Obermann, A., Wiemer, S., and Giardini, D., 2018: On the link between stress field and small-scale hydraulic fracture growth in anisotropic rock derived from microseismicity, Solid Earth, https://doi.org/10.5194/se-9-39-2018." The measurements were acquired as part of the Grimsel ISC project in the framework of the Swiss...

Impact of the ISC Experiment at the Grimsel Test Site - Assessment of Potential Seismic Hazard and Disturbances to Nearby Experiments and KWO Infrastructure

Valentin Gischig, Reza Jalali, Florian Amann, Hannes Krietsch, Maria Klepikova, Simona Esposito, Marco Broccardo, Anne Obermann, Arnaud Mignan, Joseph Doetsch & Claudio Madonna

Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Folate Tracers for Tumor Imaging Using PET

Silvan D. Boss

Theragnostic Application of Novel Folate Radioconjugates

Klaudia Siwowska

Optimale Netznutzung und Wirksamkeit der Instrumente zu deren Lenkung

Ulrich Weidmann, Patrick Frank, Tobias Fumasoli & Stephan Moll
IVT Schriftenreihe, 158

Community climate simulations to assess avoided impacts in 1.5 and 2°C futures

Benjamin M. Sanderson, Yangyang Xu, Claudia Tebaldi, Michael Wehner, Brian C. O'Neill, Alexandra Jahn, Angeline G. Pendergrass, Flavio Lehner, Warren G. Strand, Lei Lin, Reto Knutti & Jean Francois Lamarque
The Paris Agreement of December 2015 stated a goal to pursue efforts to keep global temperatures below 1.5 °C above preindustrial levels and well below 2 °C. The IPCC was charged with assessing climate impacts at these temperature levels, but fully coupled equilibrium climate simulations do not currently exist to inform such assessments. In this study, we produce a set of scenarios using a simple model designed to achieve long-term 1.5 and 2 °C temperatures...

Meta-Analyse des Einflusses der Arbeitsschutzgesetzgebung auf das Niveau der Arbeitslosigkeit und Beschäftigung

Johanna Mirka Kemper
KOF Analysen, 2016 (3)

Biochemical and metabolic effects on hydrogen isotope composition of organic compounds in plants

Marc-André Cormier
Despite a large unexplained variability in the values, the analysis of the hydrogen (H) isotope composition (δ2H) of plant organic compounds is confidently applied to assess ecohydrological processes in the environment. This is possible because most studies that use the stable H isotopes from plant-derived biomarkers consider the H isotope fractionation that occurs during the biosynthesis of any given compound (2H-εbio) to be constant within a species. Consequently, 2H values in plant organic compounds are...

Grain size associations of branched tetraether lipids in soils and riverbank sediments: Influence of hydrodynamic sorting processes

Francien Peterse & Timothy I. Eglinton
We analyzed the abundance and distribution of branched glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraethers (brGDGTs) in grain size fractions of 7 globally distributed river flank sediments and catchment soils in order to determine if and how the initial soil-brGDGT signature is influenced by hydrodynamic sorting upon entering a river and during subsequent transport from land to sea. BrGDGTs are hypothesized to form associations with high-surface-area fine-grained minerals in soils. Such associations, if maintained during transport, may impart...

Hetereogenous travel activity patterns in Japan: Accounting for inter-dependencies in mobility tool use

Giancarlos Troncoso Parady, Allister Loder & Kay W. Axhausen
Using data from the Japanese 5 th nationwide person trip survey, a joint model of trip frequencies by mode (car, transit and non-motorized) is estimated using a generalized heterogeneous data model to account for inter-dependencies stemming from unobserved factors. The estimated model successfully captures the effect of common unobserved factors on trip frequencies by mode underscoring the need to account for modal inter-dependencies to avoid bias in parameter estimates. Consistent with findings from the literature,...

Signatures of Many-Body Localization in a Controlled Open Quantum System

Henrik P. Lüschen, Pranjal Bordia, Sean S. Hodgman, Michael Schreiber, Saubhik Sarkar, Andrew J. Daley, Mark H. Fischer, Ehud Altman, Immanuel Bloch & Ulrich Schneider
In the presence of disorder, an interacting closed quantum system can undergo many-body localization(MBL) and fail to thermalize. However, over long times, even weak couplings to any thermal environmentwill necessarily thermalize the system and erase all signatures of MBL. This presents a challenge forexperimental investigations of MBL since no realistic system can ever be fully closed. In this work, weexperimentally explore the thermalization dynamics of a localized system in the presence of controlleddissipation. Specifically, we...

Traffic problems in towns: An empirical analysis with macroscopic fundamental diagrams from cities around the world

Allister Loder, Lukas Ambühl, Monica Menendez & Kay W. Axhausen
Travel behavior in urban areas has been widely analyzed from the demand side, while the extent to which the infrastructure imposes constraints on such travel behavior and leads to delays and congestion has almost never been studied. For car-based transportation, the recently developed theory of the macroscopic fundamental diagram (MFD) describes the relationship between the accumulation of vehicles and their trip ending rate as a function of the infrastructure, opening the door to new and...

Mean speed prediction with endogenous volume and spatial autocorrelation: A Swiss case study

Georgios Sarlas & Kay W. Axhausen
In the present paper a modeling approach to address the issue of mean speed prediction on a large scale network is presented. Methodologically, we exploit the family of spatial regression models to treat both for the spatial dependence and the endogeneity aspect between speed and volume. The estimation of the model takes place by means of a 2-step instrumental variables- generalized method of moments estimator, allowing us to obtain consistent and unbiased parameter estimates. An...

Alternative approach to scoring in MATSim and how it affects activity rescheduling

Milos Balać, Maxim Janzen & Kay W. Axhausen
Improvements of or technological advancements in the transportation systems have always influenced the demand for traveling and activity scheduling of people. Disruptive inventions like the invention of wheel or locomotive have brought substantial changes. Autonomous vehicles are promising to do the same. Consequently, there is a need for suitable tools to model these changes. In this paper we present improvements of a previously developed methodology for activity rescheduling in a multi-agent transport simulation (MATSim). In...

Introducing a re-sampling methodology for the estimation of empirical macroscopic fundamental diagrams

Lukas Ambühl, Allister Loder, Michiel C.J. Bliemer, Monica Menendez & Kay W. Axhausen
The uncertainty in the estimation of the macroscopic fundamental diagram (MFD) under real- world traffic conditions and urban dynamics, might result in an inaccurate estimation of the MFD parameters - especially if congestion is rarely observed network-wide. For example, if the observed data does not exhibit a distinct congested branch, it is hard to determine the network capacity and critical density. Similarly, as the data normally comes from punctual observations out of the whole network,...

KOF Analysen 2010, Nr. 1, Frühjahr

KOF Analysen, 2010 (1)

Identity Politics

Bruno De Cordier & Viatcheslav Morozov
This edition examines questions of identity politics. Firstly, Bruno De Cordier outlines how the driving forces behind the insurgency in Donetsk and Lugansk are more complex than often assumed, highlighting the emergence of a “resistance identity” based on Donbass identity, the legacies of the USSR, the Great Patriotic War and anti-fascism, Orthodox Christianity, the freemen identity of the steppe of Novorossiia, and anti-colonial resistance. Secondly, Viatcheslav Morozov assesses Russian identity politics, arguing that the current...

KOF Analysen 2009, Nr. 2, Sommer

KOF Analysen, 2009 (2)

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