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Gas-Phase Oxidation of Glycerol to Dihydroxyacetone over Tailored Iron Zeolites

Giacomo M. Lari, Cecilia Mondelli & Javier Pérez-Ramírez
ACS Catalysis, 5 (3)

Impact of Air Mass Conditions and Aerosol Properties on Ice Nucleating Particle Concentrations at the High Altitude Research Station Jungfraujoch

Larissa Lacher, Martin Steinbacher, Nicolas Bukowiecki, Erik Herrmann, Assaf Zipori & Zamin A Kanji

Massive multiuser MIMO downlink with low-resolution converters

Sven Jacobsson, Giuseppe Durisi, Mikael Coldrey & Christoph Studer
International Zurich Seminar on Information and Communication (IZS 2018). Proceedings

2-Deoxy-D-glucose Restore Glucocorticoid Sensitivity in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia via Modification of N-Linked Glycosylation in an Oxygen Tension-Independent Manner

Zaira Leni, Paulina Ćwiek, Valeriya Dimitrova, Andrea S. Dulcey, Nicola Zamboni, Cedric Simillion, Geetha Rossi, Kurt Leibundgut & Alexandre Arcaro
In childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia, treatment failure is associated with resistance to glucocorticoid agents. Resistance to this class of drugs represents one of the strongest indicators of poor clinical outcome. We show that leukemic cells, which are resistant to the glucocorticoid drug methylprednisolone, display a higher demand of glucose associated with a deregulation of metabolic pathways, in comparison to sensitive cells. Interestingly, a combinatorial treatment of glucocorticoid and the glucose analog 2-deoxy-D-glucose displayed a synergistic...

BRST quantization of Yang-Mills theory: A purely Hamiltonian approach on Fock space

Hans Christian Öttinger
We develop the basic ideas and equations for the BRST quantization of Yang-Mills theories in an explicit Hamiltonian approach, without any reference to the Lagrangian approach at any stage of the development. We present a new representation of ghost fields that combines desirable self-adjointness properties with canonical anticommutation relations for ghost creation and annihilation operators, thus enabling us to characterize the physical states on a well-defined Fock space. The Hamiltonian is constructed by piecing together...

Combined scanning probe electronic and thermal characterization of an indium arsenide nanowire

Tino Wagner, Fabian Menges, Heike Riel, Bernd Gotsmann & Andreas Stemmer
As electronic devices are downsized, physical processes at the interface to electrodes may dominate and limit device performance. A crucial step towards device optimization is being able to separate such contact effects from intrinsic device properties. Likewise, an increased local temperature due to Joule heating at contacts and the formation of hot spots may put limits on device integration. Therefore, being able to observe profiles of both electronic and thermal device properties at the nanoscale...

Making the most of fleets: A profit-maximizing multi-vehicle pickup and delivery selection problem

Xiaoqiu Qiu, Stefan Feuerriegel & Dirk Neumann
European Journal of Operational Research, 259 (1)

Spatial assessment of maize physical drought vulnerability in sub-Saharan Africa: Linking drought exposure with crop failure

Bahareh Kamali, Karim C. Abbaspour, Anthony Lehmann, Bernhard Wehrli & Hong Yang
Crop yields exhibit known responses to droughts. However, quantifying crop drought vulnerability is often not straightforward, because components of vulnerability are not defined in a standardized and spatially comparable quantity in most cases and it must be defined on a fine spatial resolution. This study aims to develop a physical crop drought vulnerability index through linking the drought exposure index (DEI) with the crop sensitivity index (CSI) in sub-Saharan Africa. Two different DEIs were compared....

Comparative study of a long-established large weighing lysimeter and a state-of-the-art mini-lysimeter

Conall E. Ruth, Dominik Michel, Martin Hirschi & Sonia I. Seneviratne
Weighing lysimeters are a well-established means of accurately obtaining local-scale estimates of actual evapotranspiration (ET), precipitation, and seepage within soils. At the Rietholzbach research catchment in northeastern Switzerland, two weighing lysimeters are in operation. One is a recently installed state-of-the-art monolithic mini-lysimeter with a tension-controlled lower boundary; the other is a large backfilled free-drainage lysimeter in operation since 1976. For this study, the mini-lysimeter measurements were processed using the Adaptive-Window and Adaptive-Threshold (AWAT) filter. The...

Measurement of the tt¯ production cross section in the dilepton channel in pp collisions at √s=7 TeV

, Serguei Chatrchyan, Lukas Bäni, Pierluigi Bortignon, Marco A. Buchmann, Bruno Casal Laraña, Nicolas Chanon, Amanda Deisher, Günther Dissertori, Michael Dittmar, Mauro Donegà, Marc Dünser, Jürg Eugster, Klaus Freudenreich, Christoph Grab, Dmitry Hits, Pierre Lecomte, Werner Lustermann, Andrea C. Marini, Pablo Martinez Ruiz Del Arbol, Niklas Mohr, Filip Moortgat, Christoph Nägeli, Pascal Nef, Francesca Nessi-Tedaldi … &
The tt¯ production cross section (σtt¯) is measured in proton-proton collisions at s√=7 TeV in data collected by the CMS experiment, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 2.3 fb−1. The measurement is performed in events with two leptons (electrons or muons) in the final state, at least two jets identified as jets originating from b quarks, and the presence of an imbalance in transverse momentum. The measured value of σtt¯ for a top-quark mass of...

Dicer, a new regulator of pluripotency exit and LINE-1 elements in mouse embryonic stem cells

Maxime Bodak, Daniel Cirera-Salinas, Jian Yu, Richard P. Ngondo & Constance Ciaudo
gene regulation network orchestrates processes ensuring the maintenance of cellular identity and genome integrity. Small RNAs generated by the RNAse III DICER have emerged as central players in this network. Moreover, deletion of Dicer in mice leads to early embryonic lethality. To better understand the underlying mechanisms leading to this phenotype, we generated Dicer-deficient mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs). Their detailed characterization revealed an impaired differentiation potential, and incapacity to exit from the pluripotency state....

Multiple peer effects in the diffusion of innovations on social networks: a simulation study

Hang Xiong, Puqing Wang & Georgiy Bobashev
Peer effects in innovation adoption decisions have been extensively studied. However, the underlying mechanisms of peer effects are generally not explicitly accounted for. Gaps in this knowledge could lead to misestimation of peer effects and inefficient interventions. This study examined the role of two mechanisms—sharing experiences (namely, experience effect) and externalities—in the adoption of an agricultural innovation. By referring to the diffusion process of a new crop in Chinese villages, we developed a simulation model...

Changes in Corticomotor Excitability and Intracortical Inhibition of the Primary Motor Cortex Forearm Area Induced by Anodal tDCS

Xue Zhang, Daniel G. Woolley, Stephan P. Swinnen, Hilde Feys, Raf Meesen & Nicole Wenderoth
Objective Previous studies have investigated how tDCS over the primary motor cortex modulates excitability in the intrinsic hand muscles. Here, we tested if tDCS changes corticomotor excitability and/or cortical inhibition when measured in the extensor carpi radialis (ECR) and if these aftereffects can be successfully assessed during controlled muscle contraction. Methods We implemented a double blind cross-over design in which participants (n = 16) completed two sessions where the aftereffects of 20 min of 1...

Enhanced corticomuscular coherence by external stochastic noise

Carlos Trenado, Ignacio Mendez-Balbuena, Elias Manjarrez, Frank Huethe, Jürgen Schulte-Mönting, Bernd Feige, Marie-Claude Hepp-Reymond & Rumyana Kristeva
Noise can have beneficial effects as shown by the stochastic resonance (SR) phenomenon which is characterized by performance improvement when an optimal noise is added. Modern attempts to improve human performance utilize this phenomenon. The purpose of the present study was to investigate whether performance improvement by addition of optimum noise (ON) is related to increased cortical motor spectral power (SP) and increased corticomuscular coherence. Eight subjects performed a visuomotor task requiring to compensate with...

Broad-band Gaussian noise is most effective in improving motor performance and is most pleasant

Carlos Trenado, Areh Mikulić, Elias Manjarrez, Ignacio Mendez-Balbuena, Jürgen Schulte-Mönting, Frank Huethe, Marie-Claude Hepp-Reymond & Rumyana Kristeva
Modern attempts to improve human performance focus on stochastic resonance (SR). SR is a phenomenon in non-linear systems characterized by a response increase of the system induced by a particular level of input noise. Recently, we reported that an optimum level of 0–15 Hz Gaussian noise applied to the human index finger improved static isometric force compensation. A possible explanation was a better sensorimotor integration caused by increase in sensitivity of peripheral receptors and/or of...

Rational Belief Bubbles

Hyun-U Sohn

On the complexity of two dots for narrow boards and few colors

Davide Bilò, Luciano Gualà, Stefano Leucci & Neeldhara Misra
Two Dots is a popular single-player puzzle video game for iOS and Android. A level of this game consists of a grid of colored dots. The player connects two or more adjacent dots, removing them from the grid and causing the remaining dots to fall, as if influenced by gravity. One special move, which is frequently a game-changer, consists of connecting a cycle of dots: this removes all the dots of the given color from...

Quantitative Remote Sensing at Ultra-High Resolution with UAV Spectroscopy: A Review of Sensor Technology, Measurement Procedures, and Data Correction Workflows

Helge Aasen, Eija Honkavaara, Arko Lucieer & Pablo Zarco-Tejada
In the last 10 years, development in robotics, computer vision, and sensor technology has provided new spectral remote sensing tools to capture unprecedented ultra-high spatial and high spectral resolution with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This development has led to a revolution in geospatial data collection in which not only few specialist data providers collect and deliver remotely sensed data, but a whole diverse community is potentially able to gather geospatial data that fit their needs....

Value and granularity of ICT and smart meter data in demand response systems

Stefan Feuerriegel, Philipp Bodenbenner & Dirk Neumann
Energy Economics, 54

Wind-driven rain on two parallel wide buildings: Field measurements and CFD simulations

Aytaç Kubilay, Dominique Derome, Bert Blocken & Jan Carmeliet
Journal of wind engineering and industrial aerodynamics, 146

Unique Sink Orientations: Complexity, Structure and Algorithms

Antonis Thomas

Complex fluid-fluid interfaces: the interplay between interfacial tension and viscoelasticity

Martina Pepicelli

Frequency Domain Subspace Identification Using Nuclear Norm Minimization and Hankel Matrix Realizations

Roy S. Smith
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 59 (11)

Proglacial erosion rates and processes in a glacierized catchment in the Swiss Alps

Ian Delaney, Andreas Bauder, Matthias Huss & Yvo Weidmann
In the Swiss Alps, climatic changes have not only caused glacier retreat, but also likely increased sedimentation downstream of glaciers. This material either originates from below the glacier or from periglacial environments, which are exposed as glaciers retreat, and often consist of easily erodible sediment. Griesgletscher's catchment in the Swiss Alps was examined to quantify erosion in the proglacial area, possible hydrological drivers and contributions of the sub‐ and periglacial sources. Digital elevation models, created...

Observation of the rare Bs0 →µ+µ− decay from the combined analysis of CMS and LHCb data

, Vardan Khachatryan, Felix Bachmair, Lukas Bäni, Lorenzo Bianchini, Marco A. Buchmann, Bruno Casal, Nicolas Chanon, Günther Dissertori, Michael Dittmar, Mauro Donegà, Marc Dünser, Philipp Eller, Christoph Grab, Dmitry Hits, Jan Hoss, Werner Lustermann, Boris Mangano, Andrea C. Marini, Matthieu Marionneau, Pablo Martinez Ruiz Del Arbol, Mario Masciovecchio, Daniel Meister, Niklas Mohr, Pasquale Musella … &
The standard model of particle physics describes the fundamental particles and their interactions via the strong, electromagnetic and weak forces. It provides precise predictions for measurable quantities that can be tested experimentally. The probabilities, or branching fractions, of the strange B meson ( ) and the B0 meson decaying into two oppositely charged muons (μ+ and μ−) are especially interesting because of their sensitivity to theories that extend the standard model. The standard model predicts...

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