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On the use of mode shape curvatures for damage localization under varying environmental conditions

Yaser Shokrani, Vasilis K. Dertimanis, Eleni N. Chatzi & Marco N. Savoia
A novel damage localization method is introduced in this study, which exploits mode shape curvatures as damage features, while accounting for operational variability. The developed framework operates in an output‐only regime,that is, it does not assume availability of records from the influencing environmental/operational quantities but rather from response quantities alone. The introduced tool comprises 3 stages pertaining to training, validation, and diagnostics. During the training stage, a representation of the healthy, or baseline, structural state...

A dual isotopic approach using radioactive phosphorus and the isotopic composition of oxygen associated to phosphorus to understand plant reaction to a change in P nutrition

Federica Tamburini, Stefano M. Bernasconi, Emmanuel Frossard & Verena Pfahler
Background Changing the phosphorus (P) nutrition leads to changes in plant metabolism. The aim of this study was to investigate how these changes are reflected in the distribution of 33P and the isotopic composition of oxygen associated to P (δ18OP) in different plant parts of soybean (Glycine max cv. Toliman). Two P pools were extracted sequentially with 0.3 M trichloroacetic acid (TCA P) and 10 M nitric acid (HNO3; residual P). Results The δ18OP of...

Modeling carsharing with the agent-based simulation MATSim: State of the art, applications, and future developments

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Extensive literature already exists on carsharing and other shared modes, but understanding their effect on the transportation system requires additional work. One main limit of the existing research is that such modes have been analyzed mostly as isolated systems. As these modes were niche products, it was not easy to include them in comprehensive models of transport, and, in a way, it did not even make sense. But the modes’ current popularity and their expected...

Comparison of estimates of travel time losses on high-capacity roads

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Transportation Research Record, 2461

Carsharing demand estimation: Zurich, Switzerland, area case study

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Transportation Research Record, 2536

Transport policy optimization with autonomous vehicles

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Transportation Research Record, 2672 (8)

Millennial soil retention of terrestrial organic matter deposited in the Bengal Fan

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The abundance of organic carbon (OC) in vegetation and soils (~2,600 PgC) compared to carbon in the atmosphere (~830 PgC) highlights the importance of terrestrial OC in global carbon budgets. The residence time of OC in continental reservoirs, which sets the rates of carbon exchange between land and atmosphere, represents a key uncertainty in global carbon cycle dynamics. Retention of terrestrial OC can also distort bulk OC- and biomarker-based paleorecords, yet continental storage timescales remain...

Utilization of ancient permafrost carbon in headwaters of Arctic fluvial networks

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Northern high-latitude rivers are major conduits of carbon from land to coastal seas and the Arctic Ocean. Arctic warming is promoting terrestrial permafrost thaw and shifting hydrologic flowpaths, leading to fluvial mobilization of ancient carbon stores. Here we describe 14C and 13C characteristics of dissolved organic carbon from fluvial networks across the Kolyma River Basin (Siberia), and isotopic changes during bioincubation experiments. Microbial communities utilized ancient carbon (11,300 to >50,000 14C years) in permafrost thaw...

Tectonically-triggered sediment and carbon export to the Hadal zone

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Sediments in deep ocean trenches may contain crucial information on past earthquake history and constitute important sites of carbon burial. Here we present 14C data on bulk organic carbon (OC) and its thermal decomposition fractions produced by ramped pyrolysis/oxidation for a core retrieved from the >7.5 km-deep Japan Trench. High-resolution 14C measurements, coupled with distinctive thermogram characteristics of OC, reveal hemipelagic sedimentation interrupted by episodic deposition of pre-aged OC in the trench. Low δ13C values and...

Grand challenges in biogeoscience

“The term ‘holistic’ refers to my conviction that what we are concerned with here is the fundamental interconnectedness of all things”…. “I see the solution to each problem as being detectable in the pattern and web of the whole. The connections between causes and effects are often much more subtle and complex than we with our rough and ready understanding of the physical world might naturally suppose…” These quotes are from Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective...

Geographies of somewhere: Review essay for urban studies

The last ten years have seen the publication of a whole range of US books dealing with the loss of place in one way or the other. The books under review were, in general, written for broad audiences an are, in may cases also, campaign documents. Their success and substantial number indicates an unease, which many academic texts cannot formulate. They are in this way evidence, just as The Rise and Fall of the Great...

Observation of topological Uhlmann phases with superconducting qubits

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Topological insulators and superconductors at finite temperature can be characterized by the topological Uhlmann phase. However, a direct experimental measurement of this invariant has remained elusive in condensed matter systems. Here, we report a measurement of the topological Uhlmann phase for a topological insulator simulated by a system of entangled qubits in the IBM Quantum Experience platform. By making use of ancilla states, otherwise unobservable phases carrying topological information about the system become accessible, enabling...

Depupylase Dop requires inorganic phosphate in the active site for catalysis

, , , , &
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 292 (10)

Target of Rapamycin Complex 2 Regulates Actin Polarization and Endocytosis via Multiple Pathways

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Journal of Biological Chemistry, 290 (24)

How modelers construct energy costs: Discursive elements in Energy System and Integrated Assessment Models

Energy system and integrated assessment models (IAMs) are widely used techniques for knowledge production to assess costs of future energy pathways and economic effects of energy/climate policies. With their increased use for policy assessment and increasing dominance in energy policy science, such models attract increasing criticism. In the last years, such models – especially the highly complex IAMs, have been accused of being arbitrary. We challenge this view and argue that the models and their...

ETH Zurich Sensor Based Digital Health Checklist


The Bayesian Poisson Rasch Model, Data

Regarding evaluation of individual researchers, the bibliometric indicators approach has been increasingly discussed recently, but there are some problems involved with it: construct definition, measurement errors, level of scale, dimensionality, normalization. Based on a psychometric model, the Rasch model, we developed a measuring scale for the theoretical construct ‘researcher’s performance capacity,’ defined as the competency of a researcher to write influential papers. The aim was a scale that is one-dimensional and continuous, is applicable to...

Nonlinearities of organic electro-optic materials in nanoscale slots and implications for the optimum modulator design

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Optics Express, 25 (3)

Implementation of a tribology-based process control system for deep drawing processes

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Modern deep drawn parts have complex designs and are driven to the limits of the material formability in order to reduce costs. This leads to small process windows and unstable forming processes with high scrap rates. Especially at the beginning of a batch, when the tools are warming up, high scrap rates can occur due to the changing friction behaviour of the system tool – lubricant – metal sheet. To make processes independent from user...

E-Periodica: die Plattform für digitalisierte Schweizer Zeitschriften

E-Periodica ist eine von der ETH-Bibliothek betriebene Open Access- Plattform für digitalisierte Schweizer Zeitschriften aus verschiedenen wissenschaftlichen Bereichen und zu kulturellen und sozialpolitischen Themen. Die aufgeschalteten Bestände erstrecken sich vom 18. Jahrhundert bis zu den jeweils neuesten Jahrgängen. Im Rahmen von E-Periodica bestehen verschiedene Kooperationen mit Schweizer Bibliotheken und weiteren Partnern, die den Betrieb und Ausbau des Angebotes aktiv unterstützen. Im Verlauf des mehrjährigen Bestehens der Plattform wurden verschiedene Massnahmen getroffen, um deren langfristigen Betrieb...

Biodegradation of synthetic polymers in soils: Tracking carbon into CO2 and microbial biomass

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Plastic materials are widely used in agricultural applications to achieve food security for the growing world population. The use of biodegradable instead of nonbiodegradable polymers in single-use agricultural applications, including plastic mulching, promises to reduce plastic accumulation in the environment. We present a novel approach that allows tracking of carbon from biodegradable polymers into CO2 and microbial biomass. The approach is based on 13C-labeled polymers and on isotope-specific analytical methods, including nanoscale secondary ion mass...

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