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Learning to Operate a Fleet of Cars

Christian Fluri, Claudio Ruch, Julian Zilly, Jan Hakenberg & Emilio Frazzoli

Deciding Staged Battles of the Past: On the Rhetorics of Olaf Müller’s Historical Philosophy of Science

Michael Hampe
Since Plato’s massive critique of the Sophists rhetoric’s ill repute runs through the history of western philosophy denunciating methods of rhetoric as in large part dishonest persuasion strategies which are at most marginally interested in dealing with truths. This judgement falls way too short insofar as it distorts the historically grown stock labeled “rhetoric” not only in the Aristotelian work. With reference to Olaf Müller’s philosophical book (Mehr Licht: Goethe mit Newton im Streit um...

Higher species richness enhances yield stability in intensively managed grasslands with experimental disturbance

Eamon Haughey, Matthias Suter, Daniel Hofer, Nyncke J. Hoekstra, Jennifer C. McElwain, Andreas Lüscher & John A. Finn
Climate models predict increased frequency and severity of drought events. At an Irish and Swiss site, experimental summer droughts were applied over two successive years to grassland plots sown with one, two or four grassland species with contrasting functional traits. Mean yield and plot-to-plot variance of yield were measured across harvests during drought and after a subsequent post-drought recovery period. At both sites, there was a positive relationship between species richness and yield. Under rainfed...

The Endophytic Mycobiome of European Ash and Sycamore Maple Leaves: Geographic Patterns, Host Specificity and Influence of Ash Dieback

Markus Schlegel, Valentin Queloz & Thomas Niklaus Sieber
The European ash (Fraxinus excelsior) is threatened by the introduced ascomycete Hymenoscyphus fraxineus, the causal agent of ash dieback. Endophytic fungi are known to modulate their host’s resistance against pathogens. To understand possible consequences of ash dieback on the endophytic mycobiome, F. excelsior leaves were collected in naturally regenerated forests and the fungal communities analyzed by classic culture and Illumina amplicon sequencing using a newly developed and validated fungal-specific primer. Collections were done in the...

Amphibole and apatite insights into the evolution and mass balance of Cl and S in magmas associated with porphyry copper deposits

Cyril Chelle-Michou & Massimo Chiaradia
Chlorine and sulfur are of paramount importance for supporting the transport and deposition of ore metals at magmatic–hydrothermal systems such as the Coroccohuayco Fe–Cu–Au porphyry–skarn deposit, Peru. Here, we used recent partitioning models to determine the Cl and S concentration of the melts from the Coroccohuayco magmatic suite using apatite and amphibole chemical analyses. The pre-mineralization gabbrodiorite complex hosts S-poor apatite, while the syn- and post-ore dacitic porphyries host S-rich apatite. Our apatite data on...

Reliability of Wearable-Sensor-Derived Measures of Physical Activity in Wheelchair-Dependent Spinal Cord Injured Patients

Sophie Schneider, Werner Popp, Michael Brogioli, Urs Albisser, László Demkó, Isabelle Debecker, Inge-Marie Velstra, Roger Gassert & Armin Curt
Physical activity (PA) has been shown to have a positive influence on functional recovery in patients after a spinal cord injury (SCI). Hence, it can act as a confounder in clinical intervention studies. Wearable sensors are used to quantify PA in various neurological conditions. However, there is a lack of knowledge about the inter-day reliability of PA measures. The objective of this study was to investigate the single-day reliability of various PA measures in patients...

Physical data for the 54 most voluminous low latitude reservoirs

R. Scott Winton, Elisa Calamita & Bernhard Wehrli

Background Free-Tropospheric Ice Nucleating Particle Concentrations at Mixed-Phase Cloud Conditions

Larissa Lacher, Paul J. DeMott, Ezra J. Levin, Kaitlyn J. Suski, Yvonne Boose, Assaf Zipori, Erik Herrmann, Nicolas Bukowiecki, Martin Steinbacher, Ellen Gute, Jonathan P.D. Abbatt, Ulrike Lohmann & Zamin A Kanji
Clouds containing ice are vital for precipitation formation and are important in determining the Earth's radiative budget. However, primary formation of ice in clouds is not fully understood. In the presence of ice nucleating particles (INPs), the phase change to ice is promoted, but identification and quantification of INPs in a natural environment remains challenging because of their low numbers. In this paper, we quantify INP number concentrations in the free troposphere (FT) as measured...

Gazette, Issue 15 (2012): FCL - Future Cities Laboratory

Tilak Doshi, Donald Low, Elaine Teo & Derek Vollmer

Transmission of Hepatitis B and D Viruses in an African Rural Community

Carlos A. Pinho-Nascimento, Martin W. Bratschi, Rene Höfer, Caroline C. Soares, Louisa Warryn, Jūlija Pečerska, Jacques C. Minyem, Izabel C.N.P. Paixão, Marcia T.B. De Moraes, Alphonse U. Boock, Christian Niel, Gerd Pluschke & Katharina Röltgen
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated 257 million people worldwide are chronically infected with hepatitis B virus (HBV), with approximately 15 million of them being coinfected with hepatitis D virus (HDV). To investigate the prevalence and transmission of HBV and HDV within the general population of a rural village in Cameroon, we analyzed serum samples from most (401/448) of the villagers. HBV surface antigen (HBsAg) was detected in 54 (13.5%) of the...

Parliaments in International Politics

Jofre Rocabert
The contestation of international decision-making is one of the most pressing problems affecting both national institutions and international organizations. As the main arenas of communal decision-making, the involvement of parliaments may be a solution to the legitimacy shortages of international decisions and the institutional paralysis that this may ensue. This dissertation examines two distinct processes that reveal the current place of parliaments in international politics. In the first part of my dissertation, I focus on...

Growth of Epithelial Organoids in a Defined Hydrogel

Nicolas Broguiere, Luca Isenmann, Christian Hirt, Till Ringel, Silja Placzek, Emma Cavalli, Femke Ringnalda, Lukas Villiger, Richard Züllig, Roger Lehmann, Gerhard Rogler, Markus H. Heim, Julia Schüler, Marcy Zenobi-Wong & Gerald Schwank
Epithelial organoids are simplified models of organs grown in vitro from embryonic and adult stem cells. They are widely used to study organ development and disease, and enable drug screening in patient‐derived primary tissues. Current protocols, however, rely on animal‐ and tumor‐derived basement membrane extract (BME) as a 3D scaffold, which limits possible applications in regenerative medicine. This prompted us to study how organoids interact with their matrix, and to develop a well‐defined hydrogel that...

Hyperdimensional Computing-based Multimodality Emotion Recognition with Physiological Signals

En-Jui Chang, Abbas Rahimi, Luca Benini & An-Yeu Wu
To interact naturally and achieve mutual sympathy between humans and machines, emotion recognition is one of the most important function to realize advanced human-computer interaction devices. Due to the high correlation between emotion and involuntary physiological changes, physiological signals are a prime candidate for emotion analysis. However, due to the need of a huge amount of training data for a high-quality machine learning model, computational complexity becomes a major bottleneck. To overcome this issue, brain-inspired...

Crack detection through spatio-temporal pattern recognition

Charilaos Mylonas, Imad Abdallah, Vasileios Ntertimanis & Eleni Chatzi

The effect of topography of upper-mantle discontinuities on SS precursors

Maria Koroni & Jeannot Trampert
Using the spectral-element method, we explored the effect of topography of upper-mantle discontinuities on the traveltimes of SS precursors recorded on transverse component seismograms. The latter are routinely used to infer the topography of mantle transition zone discontinuities. The step from precursory traveltimes to topographic changes is mainly done using linearised ray theory, or sometimes using finite-frequency kernels. We simulated exact seismograms in 1-D and 3-D elastic models of the mantle. In a second simulation,...

Thermoresponsive Membranes from Electrospun Mats with Switchable Wettability for Efficient Oil/Water Separations

Yan Liu, Sinem Tas, Kaihuan Zhang, Wiebe M. De Vos, Jinghong Ma & G.J. Vancso
Macromolecules, 51 (21)

Searches for pair production of charginos and top squarks in final states with two oppositely charged leptons in proton-proton collisions at √s=13 TeV

, Albert M. Sirunyan, Malte Backhaus, Lukas Bäni, Pirmin Berger, Nadezda Chernyavskaya, Günther Dissertori, Michael Dittmar, Mauro Donegà, Christian Dorfer, Christophorus Grab, Constantin Heidegger, Dmitry Hits, Jan Hoss, Thomas Klijnsma, Werner Lustermann, Riccardo A. Manzoni, Matthieu Marionneau, Maren T. Meinhard, Francesco Micheli, Pasquale Musella, Francesca Nessi-Tedaldi, Joosep Pata, Felicitas Pauss, Gaël Perrin … &
A search for pair production of supersymmetric particles in events with two oppositely charged leptons (electrons or muons) and missing transverse momentum is reported. The data sample corresponds to an integrated luminosity of 35.9 fb−1 of proton-proton collisions at s√=13 TeV collected with the CMS detector during the 2016 data taking period at the LHC. No significant deviation is observed from the predicted standard model background. The results are interpreted in terms of several simplified...

Mechanical forces on cellular organelles

Qian Feng & Benoît Kornmann
Journal of Cell Science, 131 (21)

Fast and Accurate Multiclass Inference for MI-BCIs Using Large Multiscale Temporal and Spectral Features

Michael Hersche, Tino Rellstab, Pasquale D. Schiavone, Lukas Cavigelli, Luca Benini & Abbas Rahimi
Accurate, fast, and reliable multiclass classification of electroencephalography (EEG) signals is a challenging task towards the development of motor imagery brain–computer interface (MI-BCI) systems. We propose enhancements to different feature extractors, along with a support vector machine (SVM) classifier, to simultaneously improve classification accuracy and execution time during training and testing. We focus on the well-known common spatial pattern (CSP) and Riemannian covariance methods, and significantly extend these two feature extractors to multiscale temporal and...

Nuclear magnetic resonance structure-based drug design

Felix Torres & Julien Orts
Future Medicinal Chemistry, 10 (20)

Gain dynamics in a heterogeneous terahertz quantum cascade laser

Christian G. Derntl, Giacomo Scalari, Dominic Bachmann, Mattias Beck, Jérome Faist & Karl Unterrainer
The gain recovery time of a heterogeneous active region terahertz quantum cascade laser is studied by terahertz-pump-terahertz-probe spectroscopy. The investigated active region, which is based on a bound-to-continuum optical transition with an optical phonon assisted extraction, exhibits a gain recovery time in the range of 34–50 ps dependent on the operation condition of the laser. The recovery time gets shorter for stronger pumping of the laser while the recovery dynamics slows down with increasing operation...

Temps, manteau neigeux et danger d'avalanche. L'année hydrologique 2009/10

Thomas Stucki
Temps, manteau neigeux et danger d'avalanche

Dissolution DNP using trityl radicals at 7 T field

Fabian Jähnig, Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, Alexander Däpp, Andreas Hunkeler, Beat H. Meier, Sebastian Kozerke & Matthias Ernst
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19 (29)

Self-regulation of the dopaminergic reward circuit in cocaine users with mental imagery and neurofeedback

Matthias Kirschner, Ronald Sladky, Amelie Haugg, Philipp Stämpfli, Elisabeth Jehli, Martina Hodel, Etna Engeli, Sarah Hösli, Markus R. Baumgartner, James Sulzer, Quentin J.M. Huys, Erich Seifritz, Boris B. Quednow, Frank Scharnowski & Marcus Herdener
Background Enhanced drug-related reward sensitivity accompanied by impaired sensitivity to non-drug related rewards in the mesolimbic dopamine system are thought to underlie the broad motivational deficits and dysfunctional decision-making frequently observed in cocaine use disorder (CUD). Effective approaches to modify this imbalance and reinstate non-drug reward responsiveness are urgently needed. Here, we examined whether cocaine users (CU) can use mental imagery of non-drug rewards to self-regulate the ventral tegmental area and substantia nigra (VTA/SN). We...

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