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Doctoral Thesis Videos – Figure 3.3 and Figure 5.2 (a)

Hanyu Qin

LBM simulation of liquid evaporation in GTMA_2D_Temperature

Feifei Qin

LBM simulation of liquid evaporation in RTMA_3D_Temperature

Feifei Qin

Wohnbiografie Susan Kieser

Heinz Nigg

Porphyry-copper ore shells form at stable pressure-temperature fronts within dynamic fluid plumes

Philipp Weis, Thomas Driesner & Christoph A. Heinrich

Mechanisms and patterns of magmatic fluid transport in cooling hydrous intrusions

Benoit Lamy-Chappuis, Christoph A. Heinrich, Thomas Driesner & Philipp Weis

Winter storm Kyrill in a Continental-Scale Convection-Resolving Climate Simulation

David Leutwyler, Oliver Fuhrer, Xavier Lapillonne, Daniel Lüthi & Christoph Joseph Schär

Wohnbiografie Judith Magos

Heinz Nigg

Filme zum Verbiss an Weisstannen

Andrea Doris Kupferschmid & Ulrich Wasem

LBM simulation of liquid evaporation in RTMA_2D_Temperature

Feifei Qin

3D simulation of drying of colloidal suspension in CTMA

Feifei Qin

Animations of Resorcin[4]arene Simulations: Animations of Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Resorcin[4]arenes showing the Vase to Kite switching and Solvent Molecule Effects.

David F. Hahn
A key feature of resorcin[4]arene cavitands is their ability to switch between a close/contracted (Vase) and an open/expanded (Kite) conformation. In the present movies, the Vase-Kite transitions of a quinoxaline- and a dinitrobenzene-based resorcin[4]arene are visualized from simulations using explicit-solvent molecular dynamics (MD) in three solvent environments (vacuum, chloroform and toluene) and at three temperatures (198.15, 243.15 and 298.15 K). A first set of five movies from unbiased MD simulations show a complete Vase-to-Kite transition....

Videos of Subglacial Till Dynamics

Dominik Gräff & Fabian Walter
During a field campaign at Rhonegletscher in summer 2018 we drilled several holes through 190 m ice to the glacier bed. We deployed a borehole camera approximately 15 cm above the glacier bed in different boreholes for a timespan of 20 days in total. The presented dataset contains two time lapse videos of the borehole camera that shows the basal till dynamics on a time scale of hours. Additionally, one video shows how we actively...

In situ Observations of Phase Separation and its Influence on Solid State Dewetting of CuAg Thin Films (Video Appendix)

Philipp Okle
Various in-situ experiments in electron microscopes were performed to study solid state dewetting in immiscible CuAg thin films. This container contains the video files described in the thesis.

High-Speed Gas Bubble Tracking with Ultrasound

Pascal A. Jud & Pascal A. Hager

Continental-Scale Climate Simulation at Kilometer-Resolution

David Leutwyler, Oliver Fuhrer, Xavier Lapillonne, Daniel Lüthi & Christoph Joseph Schär

MuSES Grand Finale: Multi-Scale Energy Systems for Low Carbon Cities – 10 Video Presentations

Jimeno A. Fonseca, Arno Schlueter, François Maréchal, Gabriel Happle, Shanshan Hsieh, Zhongming Shi, Daren Thomas, Reynold Mok, Emanuel Riegelbauer & Anastasiya Bosova
The Multi-Scale Energy Systems for Low-Carbon Cities (MUSES) project says goodbye after 4 years of cutting-edge research on the topic of energy and low-carbon cities. This is the compilation of the Webinar showcasing our project findings on Thursday the 26th of March of 2020 at 3:30 pm (Singapore local time). More information about the program and speakers is in here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/grand-finale-multi-scale-energy-systems-for-low-carbon-cities-at-fcl-tickets-98970626809

What drives public support for policies to enhance electric vehicle adoption?

Gracia Brückmann, Thomas Bernauer, Marina Voudrisli & Janic Deplazes
The second video of the "ISTP4Public" video series provides fresh insights into the public support and the political feasibility of policy options for promoting EV adoption. Based on a choice experiment, ISTP PhD student Gracia Brückmann and Prof. Thomas Bernauer found that pull measures, such as subsidies for electric cars, attract more public support even when policy funding is revealed. This suggests that more ambitious pull measures in this area are politically feasible.

Improved on-farm storage reduces seasonal food insecurity of smallholder farmer households

Michael Brander, Matthias Huss, Thomas Bernauer, Marina Voudrisli & Janic Deplazes
In this "ISTP4Public" video, we focused on a research project investigating low-cost technology for improved on-farm storage. The multi-disciplinary research team responsible for the project includes researchers in Switzerland (ETH Zurich; University of Zurich), research institutes in Africa, and NGOs/IGOS specialized in rural development (Helvetas; UN World Food Programme’s Global Post Harvest Knowledge & Operations Centre). To analyse the effects of improved on-farm storage, a large-scale Randomized Control Trial (RCT) was implemented and data was...

2D simulation of drying of colloidal suspension in RTMA

Feifei Qin

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