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Magnetic resonance imaging of single bubbles injected into incipiently fluidized beds: Dataset for paper

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This data collection contains all data and Matlab scripts to generate the plots published in the paper. These data can be used to benchmark numerical simulations. If you use this dataset, please cite the original publication: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ces.2019.01.047. Thank you.

Instrumental evidence of normal mode rock slope vibration: seismic data

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seismic data acquired on the Walkerschmatt (Switzerland) rock slope instability

Dataset on Farmer Risk Preferences in Europe

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The here presented dataset presents data obtained in a systematic review of the research on farmer risk preference measurement across Europe published in the following article: Iyer, P. Bozzola, M.*, Hirsch, S., Meraner, M. and Finger, R. (2020). Measuring Farmer Risk Preferences in Europe: A Systematic Review. Journal of Agricultural Economics 71(1): 3-26 doi: 10.1111/1477-9552.12325 Our comprehensive review of the literature produces a unique compilation of 51 articles focusing on the measurement of farmer risk...



Data-Enabled Predictive Control for Quadcopters – Data

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Raw Data: Stochastic properties of static friction - part 3

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Raw Data: Stochastic properties of static friction - part 7

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Infrastructure for generating Tamarin files for modeling dataplane protocols

This archive contains infrastructure for generating Tamarin theory files modeling various dataplane protocols. It was created for the master's thesis "Modeling and Analysis of the SCION Dataplane in Tamarin" by Zuzana Frankovska.

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