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How peptides dissociate in plasmonic hot spots

Activin-mediated alterations of the fibroblast transcriptome and matrisome control the biomechanical properties of skin wound

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Matrix deposition is essential for wound repair, but when excessive, leads to hypertrophic scars and fibrosis. Here, we determined the interrelationship between the fibroblast transcriptome, the matrisome and the biomechanical properties of healing wounds. Using genetically-modified mice we show how a single diffusible factor, activin A, affects the healing process across scales. Bioinformatics analysis of wound fibroblast transcriptome data combined with biochemical and histopathological analyses of wounds and functional in vitro studies revealed that activin...

Time delays from one-photon transitions in the continuum

Two interacting axis proteins contribute to meiotic stability in autotetraploid Arabidopsis arenosa

Polyploidy, which results from whole genome duplication (WGD), has shaped the evolution of eukaryotic genomes in all kingdoms. In the shorter term, polyploidy is also implicated in adaptation, domestication and speciation. Yet when WGD newly occurs, the resulting neopolyploids face numerous challenges. A particularly pernicious problem is the segregation of multiple chromosome copies in meiosis. Evolution can overcome this challenge, likely through modification of chromosome pairing and recombination to prevent deleterious multivalent chromosome associations, but...

Replication Data for: \"In Search of Politically Feasible Policy-Packages for Sustainable Passenger Transport: Insights from Choice Experiments in China, Germany, and the USA\"

The main obstacle to making the transportation sector ecologically more sustainable is political fea-sibility. Effective policy-interventions usually encounter strong public opposition as they interfere in costly ways with people’s daily lives, unveiling a dilemma between political feasibility and environ-mental policy effectiveness. Evidencing the existence of this dilemma, the literature on attitudes towards different policy instrument types maintains that so-called push measures are less support-ed by citizens than pull measures, and that market-based instruments tend to...

Replication Data for: Can Policy-Packaging Increase Public Support for Costly Policies? Insights from a Choice Experiment on Policies against Vehicle Emissions

Public support is usually a precondition for the adoption and successful implementation of costly policies. We argue that such support is easier to achieve with policy-packages that incorporate primary and ancillary measures. We specifically distinguish command-and-control and market-based measures as primary measures and argue that the former will usually garner more public support than the latter given the low visibility tendency of costs associated with command-and-control measures. Nevertheless, if included in a policy-package, ancillary measures...

Central European (DE/AT/CH/NL) Extreme Precipitation and Temperature Anomaly Data (1899-2016)

The dataset is comprised of annual, half-year and seasonal single-day and consecutive multi-day (1-day, 3-day, 5-day, 7-day, 31-day) precipitation maxima retrieved from 940 stations in Germany (496 stations), Austria (222), Switzerland (186), and the Netherlands (36) between 1899 and 2016. Furthermore, annual, half-year and seasonal Northern Hemispheric and regional averaged HadCRUT 4.6 temperature anomalies are provided as covariate data.

Process patents

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The dataset contains the outcome of a large classification exercise. It contains patent filings at the European Patent Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office and its corresponding "process shares" which is calculated with different methods. The process share indicates to which degree a patent is a process patent rather than a product patent. The shares have been calculated based on the classification of patent claims as being product vs. process claims. Patent...

Simulation Data and Source Code for Data-driven Flood Emulation of Urban Flood

computer simulation of urban flood by 18 types of 1 hour period rainfall events

How cosmetic tightening products modulate the biomechanics and morphology of human skin

The active and passive mechanical behavior of a cosmetic tightening product for skin anti-aging is investigated based on a wide range of in vivo and in vitro measurements. The experimental data are used to inform a numerical model of the attained cosmetic effect, which is then implemented in a commercial finite-element framework and used to analyze the mechanisms that regulate the biomechanical interaction between the native tissue and the tightening film. Such a film reduces...


A flood risk oriented dynamic protection motivation framework to explain risk reduction behaviours

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A polariton electric field sensor

Drainage of an ice-dammed lake through a supraglacial stream: hydraulics and thermodynamics - Data Collection

The glacier-dammed Lac des Faverges, located on Glacier de la Plaine Morte (Swiss Alps), drained annually as a glacier lakeoutburst flood since 2011. In 2018, the lake volume reached more than 2 millions cubic meter and the resulting flood caused damages to the infrastructure downstream. In 2019, a supraglacial channel was dug to artificially initiate a surface lake drainage, thus limiting the lake water volume and the corresponding hazard. The peak in lake discharge was...

Dataset for Article \"Polaritonic nonlocality in light-matter interaction\"

Sub-wavelength electromagnetic field localization has been central in photonic research in the last decade, allowing to enhance sensing capabilities as well as increasing the coupling between photons and material excitations. The strong and ultrastrong light-matter coupling regime in the THz range with split-ring resonators coupled to magnetoplasmons has been widely investigated, achieving successive world records for the largest light-matter coupling ever achieved. Ever shrinking resonators have allowed to approach the regime of few electrons strong...

Raw Data: Earthquake breakdown energy scaling despite constant fracture energy - part 1

Chun‐Yu Ke, Gregory C. McLaskey & David S. Kammer

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