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Data repository: Scattering between minivalleys in twisted double bilayer graphene

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Supplementary Data for Nematode Abundance at Global Scale


Dataset for Article \"Polaritonic nonlocality in light-matter interaction\"

Sub-wavelength electromagnetic field localization has been central in photonic research in the last decade, allowing to enhance sensing capabilities as well as increasing the coupling between photons and material excitations. The strong and ultrastrong light-matter coupling regime in the THz range with split-ring resonators coupled to magnetoplasmons has been widely investigated, achieving successive world records for the largest light-matter coupling ever achieved. Ever shrinking resonators have allowed to approach the regime of few electrons strong...

A Fluid Flow Data Set for Machine Learning

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We provide a large fluid flow data set ready to be applied to deep learning problems. Parameterized by the Reynolds number, the data set contains a wide spectrum of laminar and turbulent fluid flow regimes. The full data set was simulated on a high-performance compute cluster and contains 8000 time-dependent 2D vector fields, accumulating to more than 16 TB in size.

Event Landslide Inventories for training CNN


The Ice thickness of Chueboden glacier

In November 2020, a large frontal piece of the lake-terminating Chueboden glacier calved off. This event raised questions on the glacier stability, and on the potential hazard constituted by the glacier-lake ensemble. On 31 March 2021, we conducted a ground penetrating radar(GPR) campaign to measure the glacier’s ice thickness. The acquired ice thickness observations were then interpolated to a spatial resolution of 5 m over 92% of the glacier area using a physically-based algorithm. The...

Spatial distribution of dissolved gases in the Danube Delta: Measurements of dissolved He, Ar, O2 and N2 from May and October 2017

In 2017, we measured dissolved He, Ar, N2 and O2 with a membrane-inlet mass spectrometer (miniRuedi, Gasometrix) in the different waterscapes of the Danube Delta. This dataset includes the time of measurement, gps locations, dissolved gas concentrations, dissolved gas saturations and parameters derived therefrom.

Alanine dipeptide data

Peatlands of eastern Colombia

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