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Drosophila suzukii in Swiss plum production – Data from a survey on risk management strategies in 2018

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The here presented dataset is based on a survey that was conducted with Swiss plum growers with the specific aim to identify risk management strategies taken in response to Drosophila suzukii as well as to survey perceived infestation levels and harvest losses. The survey was conducted in November 2018 with in total 91 responses. Farm and farmers’ characteristics were collected and risk preferences elicited.

LitPop: Global Exposure Data for Disaster Risk Assessment: Asset exposure data for global physical risk assessment

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The modeling of economic disaster risk on a global scale requires high-resolution maps of exposed asset values. We have developed a generic and scalable method to downscale national asset value estimates proportional to a combination of nightlight intensity and population data. Here, we make gridded asset exposure data for 224 countries at a resolution of 30 arcsec available for download. For more information, please refer to the accompanying publication. Please cite this publication, if you...

Data Repository for Peral et al. in G cubed


The Impact of Cloud Processing on the Ice Nucleation Abilities of Soot Particles at Cirrus Temperatures

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Soot particles are generally considered to be poor ice nucleating particles. Involvement of soot in clouds and their release back into the atmosphere can form residual particles with altered cloud forming potential. The impact and extent of such different cloud processing scenarios on ice nucleation is however not well understood. In this work, we present the impact of cloud processing of soot aerosols on subsequent ice nucleation cycles at T ≤ 233 K. Coupling of...

Trait Spotting Dataset 1: Early growth of wheat

Ambient vibration characterization and monitoring of a rock slope close to collapse: seismic data

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seismic data acquired on the Preonzo (Switzerland) rock slope instability

Dataset on a meta-regression analysis on willingness to pay for local food

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Dataset belonging to the paper Printezis, Grebitus, Hirsch (2019). The price is right!? A meta-regression analysis on willingness to pay for local food. PlosOne https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0215847. We study the literature on willingness to pay (WTP) for local food by applying meta-regression analysis to a set of 35 eligible research papers that provide 86 estimates on consumers’ WTP for the attribute “local.”

Band and Correlated Insulators of Cold Fermions in a Mesoscopic Lattice

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Dataset for \"Synchrotron-based pore-network modeling of two-phase flow in Nubian Sandstone and implications for capillary trapping of carbon dioxide\": Dataset for paper

This is the dataset, which is associated with the Publication of M. Hefny, C.-Z. Qin, M.O. Saar, and A. Ebigbo: Synchrotron-based pore-network modeling of two-phase flow in Nubian Sandstone and implications for capillary trapping of carbon dioxide. The measurements were acquired as part of a NubiaStore research project in the framework of the doctoral thesis for M. Hefny. This dataset includes all the individual raw data, experimental measurements, SRXTM grey images, and quasi-static pore-network simulation...

Differentiation between mechanically loose and fixed press-fit implants using quantitative acoustics and load self-referencing: A phantom study: Dataset

Contains measurement data and analysis scripts for the publication "Differentiation between mechanically loose and fixed press-fit implants using quantitative acoustics and load self-referencing: A phantom study"

Sewer Terrain Inspection Knowledge (STINK): Dataset

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Matlab, libSVM library

Central European (DE/AT/CH/NL) Extreme Precipitation and Temperature Anomaly Data (1899-2016)

The dataset is comprised of annual, half-year and seasonal single-day and consecutive multi-day (1-day, 3-day, 5-day, 7-day, 31-day) precipitation maxima retrieved from 940 stations in Germany (496 stations), Austria (222), Switzerland (186), and the Netherlands (36) between 1899 and 2016. Furthermore, annual, half-year and seasonal Northern Hemispheric and regional averaged HadCRUT 4.6 temperature anomalies are provided as covariate data.

A flood risk oriented dynamic protection motivation framework to explain risk reduction behaviours

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Simulation Data and Source Code for Data-driven Flood Emulation of Urban Flood

computer simulation of urban flood by 18 types of 1 hour period rainfall events

Process patents

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The dataset contains the outcome of a large classification exercise. It contains patent filings at the European Patent Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office and its corresponding "process shares" which is calculated with different methods. The process share indicates to which degree a patent is a process patent rather than a product patent. The shares have been calculated based on the classification of patent claims as being product vs. process claims. Patent...

Programmable pulse shaping for time-gated amplifiers

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