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Dataset on Farmer Risk Preferences in Europe

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The here presented dataset presents data obtained in a systematic review of the research on farmer risk preference measurement across Europe published in the following article: Iyer, P. Bozzola, M.*, Hirsch, S., Meraner, M. and Finger, R. (2020). Measuring Farmer Risk Preferences in Europe: A Systematic Review. Journal of Agricultural Economics 71(1): 3-26 doi: 10.1111/1477-9552.12325 Our comprehensive review of the literature produces a unique compilation of 51 articles focusing on the measurement of farmer risk...

Condensation/immersion mode ice nucleating particles in a boreal environment

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Data for 'Transform fault initiation' paper

Flood simulation data of a 100-year designed storm in 656 catchment areas of Switzerland

This dataset contains 656 catchment areas as well as their corresponding flood simulations created by CADDIES model (Guidolin et al., 2016). Among all the catchment areas, 649 were collected from a 90km x 65km region near the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland. These catchment areas are labeled as the "main dataset". The rest 7 catchment areas were from the city of Geneve and Lausanne, Switzerland. These catchment areas are labeled as the "validation dataset". Each catchment...

Photo time series from Bowdoin Glacier, Greenland (2014-2019)

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Automatic triggered Camera, varying temporal resolution from daily to hourly.

GPS measurements of glacier flow on Bowdoin Glacier, Greenland, July 2019

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GPS measurements from 22 stations installed on Bowdoin Glacier, Greenland, July 2019, which measure glacier motion and strain.

Mapping of the calving front of Bowdoin Glacier, Northwest Greenland, by UAV photogrammetry (2019)

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These data contain photogrammetrical data collected by uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) in July 2019 at Bowdoin Glacier, Northwest Greenland. The calving front of the glacier was surveyed by the means of a WingtraOne several times during the four-week long field campaign. The data include processed ortho-images and digital elevation models, together with geo-locations of ground control points. The data is processed with the Structure-fom-Motion photogrammetrical software Agisoft Photoscan. Raw data (aerial images with gps tag...

Modeling eMNS Data

Data: Machine learning for covert channel symbol decoding

ExOT v1.1.0 (www.exot.ethz.ch)

Data: Analysing continuous covert channels - Base Performance

ExOT v1.1.0 (www.exot.ethz.ch)

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