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Numerical weather simulation using COSMOiso over the eastern subtropical North Atlantic in July and August 2013

This dataset consists of a two-month simulation with the isotope-enabled regional numerical weather prediction model COSMOiso over the eastern subtropical North Atlantic. The simulation was performed with explicit convection at a horizontal grid spacing of 0.125° (in rotated coordinates, corresponding to approximately 14 km) and with 60 hybrid levels in the vertical. Initial and lateral boundary conditions were provided every 6 hours by the isotope-enabled global climate model ECHAM5-wiso. The 1-hourly outputs of the COSMOiso...

Physical and biological controls on leaf gas exchange (supporting data): Supporting data for MSc thesis entitled \"Physical and biological controls on leaf gas exchange\"

This data collection contains leaf gas exchange measurements and confocal laser scanning microscope images of leaf surface imprints taken at the end of each measurement, along with the entire data analysis workflows and notes related to the following MSc thesis: Singer, T.: Physical and biological controls on leaf gas exchange, MSc thesis, ETH Zurich, https://doi.org/10.3929/ethz-b-000461817, 2017. Data analysis was performed mainly using open source software (e.g. SageMath, knime). If you would like to re-use any...

Data-Enabled Predictive Control for Quadcopters – Data

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Raw Data: Stochastic properties of static friction - part 3

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Raw Data: Stochastic properties of static friction - part 7

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Infrastructure for generating Tamarin files for modeling dataplane protocols

This archive contains infrastructure for generating Tamarin theory files modeling various dataplane protocols. It was created for the master's thesis "Modeling and Analysis of the SCION Dataplane in Tamarin" by Zuzana Frankovska.

Data Repository: Shell Filling and Trigonal Warping in Graphene Quantum Dots

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Transport measurements through a few-electron circular quantum dot in bilayer graphene display bunching of the conductance resonances in groups of four, eight, and twelve. This is in accordance with the spin and valley degeneracies in bilayer graphene and an additional threefold “minivalley degeneracy” caused by trigonal warping. For small electron numbers, implying a small dot size and a small displacement field, a two-dimensional s shell and then a p shell are successively filled with four...

Polaritonic nonlocality in light-matter interaction

Silicate bonding of sapphire to SESAMs: adjustable thermal lensing for high-power lasers

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