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CHECNET survey on the influence of nature conservation measures on residential choice in the Swiss Plateau

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Online survey among the population in the Swiss Plateau to understand how important the variety of conservation measures are in residential location and transport related choices. The survey consisted of four parts: socio-demographic questions, attitudinal questions, a revealed-preference part, and a stated-preference part.

Results of a survey on internal (non-public) libraries in German-speaking Switzerland and Liechtenstein

The data is part of a master's thesis on internal libraries in German-speaking Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Internal libraries are understood as systematic collections of physical and/or electronic books, journals and other text-based media created, maintained and used exclusively for the purposes of a parent organization. The data was analyzed in the context of some theoretical considerations and a survey of available literature on the topic. This showed that internal libraries, in general, seem to be...

EUDIFF1 – Differentiatied Integration in EU Treaties

The EUDIFF1 dataset starts from a list of all EU treaty articles in force each year between 1952 and 2020. It identifies whether each member state was legally exempted or excluded from the article.

Genome-wide RNAi screen for human 60S subunit biogenesis factors: Genome-wide RNAi screen identifies novel players in human 60S subunit biogenesis including key enzymes of polyamine metabolism

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Ribosome assembly is an essential process that is linked to human congenital diseases and tumorigenesis. While great progress has been made in deciphering mechanisms governing ribosome biogenesis in eukaryotes, an inventory of factors that support ribosome synthesis in human cells is still missing, in particular regarding the maturation of the large 60S subunit. Here, we performed a genome-wide RNAi screen using an imaging-based, single cell assay to unravel the cellular machinery promoting 60S subunit assembly...

Data and software for dissertation: Vulnerability of mountain destinations towards socio-demographic and climatic changes

This publication item contains all the data that emerged from the corresponding dissertation and scripts written for data processing and data analysis.

Digital image correlation analysis (crack wetting test)

In order to evaluate the effect of moisture on the deformation of an individual macroscopic fracture within an unsaturated granite, we used the digital image correlation (DIC) method to measure strains across an induced tensile fracture in a Herrnholz granite prism (63 × 90 × 33 mm, width: height: thickness) undergoing unidirectional capillary-driven water imbibition in two orientations (from the crack tip, and the crack mouth). The DIC analysis was undertaken using the open-source 2D...

Digital image correlation analysis (intact rock wetting test)

In order to evaluate the effect of moisture on the deformation of an unsaturated granite, we used the digital image correlation (DIC) method to measure the surface deformation of a Herrnholz granite prism (63 × 90 × 33 mm, width: height: thickness) undergoing progressive wetting due to a film of distilled water maintained on its upper surface. The DIC analysis was undertaken using the open-source 2D digital image correlation software Ncorr. It tracks surface deformation...

Data and code for: Universal higher-order bulk-boundary correspondence of triple nodal points

In this data collection we provide code and data used to obtain the results discussed in the main publication.

Dataset pertaining to paper \"New insights on the radiative impacts of ozone-depleting substances\"

Focusing on the period 1955-2005, we here present results from offline radiative forcing (RF) calculations from a global chemistry climate model. Using realistic distributions of ODS and consistent stratospheric ozone, we show that ODS dominate the adjusted stratospheric warming of the lower stratosphere, where CO2 has little radiative impact. We also show that the global mean RF of stratospheric ozone only cancels a fraction of the RF of ODS, leaving an important ODS contribution to...

Electrification models for sub-Saharan Africa – Country input data

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324-fs Pulses From a SESAM Modelocked Backside-Cooled 2-μm VECSEL

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Data accompanying \"Rapid Northern Hemisphere Ice Sheet Melting during the Penultimate Deglaciation\": TI speleothem splice and TII individual records

The rate and consequences of future high latitude ice sheet retreat remain a major concern given ongoing anthropogenic warming. Here, new precisely dated stalagmite data from NW Iberia provide the first direct, high-resolution records of periods of rapid melting of Northern Hemisphere ice sheets during the penultimate deglaciation. These records reveal the penultimate deglaciation initiated with rapid century-scale meltwater pulses which subsequently trigger abrupt coolings of air temperature in NW Iberia consistent with freshwater-induced AMOC...

A Global Perspective on Lunar Granular Flows: Lunar granular flow catalog

This catalog contains all lunar granular flows mapped in LRO NAC images using a Convolutional Neural Network, as presented and discussed in Bickel et al. (2022), Geophysical Research Letters: https://doi.org/10.1029/2022GL098812, capped at 60°N and 60°S (only images with solar incidence angles between 10 and 60° have been used). The catalog has been reviewed by a human expert and contains 28,101 detections. The catalog contains information about (sequentially): NAC_ID (image id), C_LON (detection box center longitude),...

Agricultural ammonia dry deposition and total nitrogen deposition to a Swiss mire

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Mires are among the ecosystems most affected by eutrophication caused by excessive nitrogen (N) inputs via N deposition of ammonium (NH4 +), nitrate (NO3–), nitric acid (HNO3), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and ammonia (NH3). As NH3 emissions are mostly generated by agriculture, a particular conflict of interest exists in areas where agricultural production systems are located nearby sensitive ecosystems, as often is the case in Switzer- land. Therefore, this study aimed at quantifying and evaluating total...

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