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Digital image correlation analysis (intact rock wetting test)

In order to evaluate the effect of moisture on the deformation of an unsaturated granite, we used the digital image correlation (DIC) method to measure the surface deformation of a Herrnholz granite prism (63 × 90 × 33 mm, width: height: thickness) undergoing progressive wetting due to a film of distilled water maintained on its upper surface. The DIC analysis was undertaken using the open-source 2D digital image correlation software Ncorr. It tracks surface deformation...

Data and code for: Universal higher-order bulk-boundary correspondence of triple nodal points

In this data collection we provide code and data used to obtain the results discussed in the main publication.

Dataset pertaining to paper \"New insights on the radiative impacts of ozone-depleting substances\"

Focusing on the period 1955-2005, we here present results from offline radiative forcing (RF) calculations from a global chemistry climate model. Using realistic distributions of ODS and consistent stratospheric ozone, we show that ODS dominate the adjusted stratospheric warming of the lower stratosphere, where CO2 has little radiative impact. We also show that the global mean RF of stratospheric ozone only cancels a fraction of the RF of ODS, leaving an important ODS contribution to...

Electrification models for sub-Saharan Africa – Country input data

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324-fs Pulses From a SESAM Modelocked Backside-Cooled 2-μm VECSEL

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Data accompanying \"Rapid Northern Hemisphere Ice Sheet Melting during the Penultimate Deglaciation\": TI speleothem splice and TII individual records

The rate and consequences of future high latitude ice sheet retreat remain a major concern given ongoing anthropogenic warming. Here, new precisely dated stalagmite data from NW Iberia provide the first direct, high-resolution records of periods of rapid melting of Northern Hemisphere ice sheets during the penultimate deglaciation. These records reveal the penultimate deglaciation initiated with rapid century-scale meltwater pulses which subsequently trigger abrupt coolings of air temperature in NW Iberia consistent with freshwater-induced AMOC...

Data Set: Ion Migration in Monolayer MoS2 Memristors

Model results for \"Robust effect of springtime Arctic ozone depletion on surface climate\", part 2: Data for SOCOL-MPIOM

Massive spring ozone loss due to anthropogenic emissions of ozone depleting substances is not limited to the austral hemisphere, but can also occur in the Arctic. Previous studies have suggested a link between springtime Arctic ozone depletion and Northern Hemispheric surface climate, which might add surface predictability. However, so far it has not been possible to isolate the role of stratospheric ozone from dynamical downward impacts. Using observations and targeted chemistry-climate model experiments that allow...

Objective Momentum Barriers in Wall Turbulence - Time Resolved TRA & TSE Fields

Using the recent frame-indifferent theory of diffusive momentum transport, we identify internal barriers in wall-bounded turbulence. Formed by the invariant manifolds of the Laplacian of the velocity field, the barriers block the viscous part of the instantaneous momentum flux in the flow. These manifolds are visualized using single-trajectory Lagrangian diagnostic tools, the trajectory rotation average (TRA) and trajectory stretching exponent (TSE). TRA and TSE fields are generated for a streamwise-wall-normal plane for subsequent time steps...

Electrically Tunable Optical Metasurfaces with Barium Titanate Nanoparticles

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QM Dataset for Intermolecular Potentials of Crystals

Relaxed structures and DFT energies of 32'811 molecular crystals, which fulfil the following criteria: (i) a single molecule in the asymmetric unit, (ii) up to 100 atoms in the unit cell, (iii), no disorder or missing coordinates, (iv) unit-cell volume up to 1600 A^3, and (v) elements in [H, C, N, O, F, Cl, S].

Dataset for the Article \"Dynamic measurement of gravitational coupling between resonating beams in the Hertz regime\"

Dynamic measurements of gravitation in the laboratory have been scarce and fully controlled quantitative experiments have been limited to frequencies in the mHz regime. Here we introduce a fully-characterized experiment at frequencies in the Hz regime, which allows a quantitative determination of the dynamic gravitational interaction between two parallel beams vibrating at 42 Hz in bending motion. A large amplitude vibration of the transmitter beam produces a gravitationally-induced motion with amplitudes up to 10-11 m...

Magnetoelectric transfer of a domain pattern

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