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Magnetoelectric transfer of a domain pattern

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Dataset for the Article \"Dynamic measurement of gravitational coupling between resonating beams in the Hertz regime\"

Dynamic measurements of gravitation in the laboratory have been scarce and fully controlled quantitative experiments have been limited to frequencies in the mHz regime. Here we introduce a fully-characterized experiment at frequencies in the Hz regime, which allows a quantitative determination of the dynamic gravitational interaction between two parallel beams vibrating at 42 Hz in bending motion. A large amplitude vibration of the transmitter beam produces a gravitationally-induced motion with amplitudes up to 10-11 m...

Laboratory based Spectral Measurement Data of the Swiss Airborne Gamma-ray Spectrometer RLL

The dataset contains spectral radiation measurement data obtained by the Swiss RLL airborne gamma-ray spectrometer. The Swiss RLL airborne gamma-ray spectrometer consists of four individual NaI(Tl) scintillation crystals and a total volume of 16.8 l. Radiation measurements were conducted using Co-57, Co-60, Y-88, Cd-109, Ba-133, Cs-137, Eu-152, K-nat, Th-nat and U-nat sources. For more information, please refer to the accompanying publication. Please cite the following publication, if you are using the data: Breitenmoser, D., Butterweck,...

Data and code for: Triple nodal points characterized by their nodal-line structure in all magnetic space groups

In this data collection we provide code and data used to obtain the results discussed in the main publication. It is split into two parts, one for the classification (sections III and IV in the main publication) and one for the material examples (section V).

EUDIFF2 – Differentiated Integration in EU Legislation

The EUDIFF2 dataset lists all EU legislation in force each year between 1958 and 2018/2020 and codes differentiations for each member state.

Unidirectional orbital magnetoresistance in light metal/ferromagnet bilayers

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High-power low-noise 2-GHz femtosecond laser oscillator at 2.4 µm

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Low-loss high-impedance circuit for quantum transduction between optical and microwave photons

Quantum transducers between microwave and optical photons are essential for long-distance quantum networks based on superconducting qubits. An optically active self-assembled quantum dot molecule (QDM) is an attractive platform for the implementation of a quantum transducer because an exciton in a QDM can be efficiently coupled to both optical and microwave fields at the single-photon level. Recently, the transduction between microwave and optical photons has been demonstrated with a QDM integrated with a superconducting resonator....

Objective Momentum Barriers in Wall Turbulence - Time Resolved TRA & TSE Fields

Using the recent frame-indifferent theory of diffusive momentum transport, we identify internal barriers in wall-bounded turbulence. Formed by the invariant manifolds of the Laplacian of the velocity field, the barriers block the viscous part of the instantaneous momentum flux in the flow. These manifolds are visualized using single-trajectory Lagrangian diagnostic tools, the trajectory rotation average (TRA) and trajectory stretching exponent (TSE). TRA and TSE fields are generated for a streamwise-wall-normal plane for subsequent time steps...

Detection of chlorotic yellow halos

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