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ANYmal with arm Collision Dataset

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Magnetoelectric transfer of a domain pattern

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Geometrical frustration of phase-separated domains in Coscinodiscus diatom frustules

Confocal microscopy

Energy policy discourses after the 1973 oil price shock in the UK and Germany

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This data set contains coded statements made by policy actors mentioned in newspaper articles about historical energy policy discourses between 1970 and 1985 in Germany and the United Kingdom. For more details on the data gathering process, please find attached the files “Data gathering procedure_Germany.pdf” and “Data gathering procedure_UK”. More information on the coding process is provided within the document “Coding Scheme.pdf”. A list with the translations of the German actors into English is attached.

Multi-batch untargeted metabolomics data for benchmarking of batch correction methods

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To generate benchmark data for assessing and correcting inter-batch biases in untargeted metabolomics, we created a set of 136 samples with diverse combinations of matrix (water or serum), spike-ins, and dilutions. Samples were aliquoted, frozen, and analyzed repeatedly in seven independent batches over a period of two months. Each batch encompassed >700 sample injections including technical triplicates and intercalated blanks. Each sample was analyzed by flow injection analysis - time-of-flight mass spectrometry on the same...

Molecular scale chemical imaging of the orientation of an on-surface coordination complex by tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

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Metal-organic coordination structures at interfaces play an essential role in many biological and chemical systems. Understanding the molecular specificity, orientation and spatial distribution of the coordination complexes at the nanometer scale is of great im-portance for effective molecular engineering of nanostructures and fabrication of functional devices with controllable properties. However, fundamental properties of such coordination systems are still rarely studied directly. In this work, we present a spectro-scopic approach on the basis of tip-enhanced Raman...

Literature-based data on pore solution compositions of cementitious systems

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This database consists of a literature review of pore solutions of cementitious systems produced with Portland cement and supplementary cementitious materials. The systems exhibit diverse mix proportioning, ages from early hours up to 16 years, curing and exposure conditions, and different extraction and analysis methods of the pore solution composition.

Raw Data: Earthquake breakdown energy scaling despite constant fracture energy - part 4

Chun‐Yu Ke, Gregory C. McLaskey & David S. Kammer

Raw Data: Earthquake breakdown energy scaling despite constant fracture energy - part 2

Chun‐Yu Ke, Gregory C. McLaskey & David S. Kammer

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