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Dual-comb optical parametric oscillator in the mid-infrared based on a single free-running cavity

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We demonstrate a free-running single-cavity dual-comb optical parametric oscillator (OPO) pumped by a single-cavity dual-comb solid-state laser. The OPO ring cavity contains a single periodically-poled MgO-doped LiNbO3 (PPLN) crystal. Each idler beam has more than 245-mW average power at 3550 nm and 3579 nm center wavelengths (bandwidth 130 nm). The signal beams are simultaneously outcoupled with more than 220 mW per beam at 1499 nm and 1496 nm center wavelength. The nominal repetition rate is...

Dataset for the Article \"Residual stresses in adhesively bonded wood determined by a bilayer flexion reporter system\"

The application of adhesives in modern timber engineering often introduces moisture into the wood, leading to permanent residual stresses after hardening. The paper related to this dataset proposes a novel approach to assess these residual stresses by using wooden bilayers as a reporter system. Finite Element Method (FEM) can be used to inversely obtain parameters based on this reporter system that can subsequently be used in simulations of other adhesively bonded wood structures.

Dataset: Evolution of a Needle Domain

Decadal Surface Changes and Displacements in Switzerland: Supplemental Data

Supplemental dataset to "Decadal Surface Changes and Displacements in Switzerland", published in the Journal of Geovisualization and Spatial Analysis. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s41651-022-00119-9

Microstructures of a Semcorp ND16T40 and ND16 Lithium Ion Battery Separator

Binarized SEM image stack of Semcorp ND16T40 ceramic coated PE separator microstructure. Data set dimensions are 900 x 1200 x 550 pixels with an isotropic voxel size of 10 nm and a total volume of 594 µm^3

The Complete and Consistent Earthquake Catalogue of Valais, Switzerland

This repository contains an earthquake catalogue of southwestern Switzerland (canton Valais and surrounding regions) for the time period 1984-01 to 2019-03. It represents a relocated version of the instrumental earthquake catalogue compiled by the Swiss Seismological Service (SED). The hypocenter locations are derived from a probabilistic location method (NonLinLoc) with newly derived minimum 1D P-wave and S-wave velocity models and associated station delays, which are included in the repository as well. The data and methods...

Meiotic Images for REC8 evolution

Lineaments around the tongue of the Great Aletsch Glacier, Valais, Switzerland

Lineaments in bedrock slopes around the tongue of the Great Aletsch Glacier

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