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FEM Data - Discovering plasticity models without stress data

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The AlpArray Research Seismicity-Catalogue

This repository contains the AlpArray Research Seismicity-Catalogue (AARSC) for the time period 2016-01-01 up to 2019-12-31 in several formats (csv, txt, QuakeML, SC3-XML). It additionally contains the minimum 1D P-wave velocity model and associated station delays (both permanent and temporary) of the greater Alpine region (GAR) and a small station-inventory list. The detailed content, usage, and references of the repository is explained in a README file included in the repository.

Social Resilience Survey Dataset (Switzerland)

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This dataset contains the responses from our first and second social resilience survey studies launched online on July 2020 and July 2021 in Switzerland, respectively. We measure individuals’ and communities’ reactions to climate change or pandemic-related risks and crises. Participants were invited to complete a questionnaire, which contains questions on demographic and socio-economic characteristics as well as on participants’ embeddedness in their communities and their perceptions of activities going on in their respective communities related...

The Complete and Consistent Earthquake Catalogue of Valais, Switzerland

This repository contains an earthquake catalogue of southwestern Switzerland (canton Valais and surrounding regions) for the time period 1984-01 to 2019-03. It represents a relocated version of the instrumental earthquake catalogue compiled by the Swiss Seismological Service (SED). The hypocenter locations are derived from a probabilistic location method (NonLinLoc) with newly derived minimum 1D P-wave and S-wave velocity models and associated station delays, which are included in the repository as well. The data and methods...

Microstructures of a Semcorp ND16T40 and ND16 Lithium Ion Battery Separator

Binarized SEM image stack of Semcorp ND16T40 ceramic coated PE separator microstructure. Data set dimensions are 900 x 1200 x 550 pixels with an isotropic voxel size of 10 nm and a total volume of 594 µm^3

Data to ´A comparative study on seismic response of two unstable rock slopes within same tectonic setting but different activity level´: Seismic data from Cuolm da Vi

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Two sets of instrumentswere available for the acquisition of ambient vibrations. One set consisted of 12 identical three-component velocimetres with an eigenperiod of 5 s (Lennartz sensor with a Q330 digitizer from Kinemetrics), while the second set of instruments consisted of 3 three-component velocimetres with an eigenperiod of 1 s (Lennartz sensor with a Taurus digitizer from Nanometrics).

Realization of a Universal Quantum Gate Set for Itinerant Microwave Photons

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Deterministic photon-photon gates enable the controlled generation of entanglement between mobile carriers of quantum information. Such gates have thus far been exclusively realized in the optical domain and by relying on post-selection. Here, we present a non-post-selected, deterministic, photon-photon gate in the microwave frequency range realized using superconducting circuits. We emit photonic qubits from a source chip and route those qubits to a gate chip with which we realize a universal gate set by combining...

Meiotic Images for REC8 evolution

In-silico breast phantom for Grating Interferometry Breast CT

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In-silico breast phantom along with corresponding clean and noisy sinogram used for Grating Interferometry Breast CT simulation experiments.

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