462 Works

Multi-Objective Optimization in Power Electronics

Johann W. Kolar

Die Bahn im Spannungsfeld künftiger Mobilitätsangebote: Workshop

Ulrich Weidmann

Engaging Virtual Reality

Mohsen Nazemi

Bridging discrete mode choice models and microsimulation in MATSim

Sebastian Hörl, Milos Balać & Kay W. Axhausen

Mobilität und automatische Fahrzeuge

Kay W. Axhausen

Good Practice Guide - Erfahrungen aus der Schweiz

Toni Kraft &

Location assignment for secondary activities

Sebastian Hörl

Welch ein Zufall!: Abschiedsvorlesung an der ETH Zürich

Hans R. Künsch

Das Bildarchiv der ETH-Bibliothek

Nicole Graf

Leveraging Controller Area Network Data for Predicting Vehicle Position during GPS Outage

Benjamin Ryder, Andre Dahlinger & Felix Wortmann


Kay W. Axhausen

Knowledge Spillovers from Product and Process Inventions in Patents and their Impact on Firm Performance: Interim presentation

Sebastian Heinrich, Florian Seliger, Martin Wörter, Vanessa Behrens, Christian Rammer, Ulrich Schmoch & Stefan Feuerriegel

Verkehrsnachfrage im Zeitalter des Smartphones

Kay W. Axhausen

Singapore’s travel demand management issues

Kay W. Axhausen

Agent-based modelling for transport planning

Kay W. Axhausen

Political Budget Cycles: The Role of Government Competence Dispersion

Lamar Crombach

Unsupervised local cluster-weighted Bagging the output from multiple stochastic simulators

Imad Abdallah, Konstantinos Tatsis & Eleni Chatzi

Past – Present – Future of Smart Dynamic Casting

, Robert Flatt, & Ena Lloret-Fritschi

DFAB and Challenges of Smart Dynamic Casting

, Robert Flatt, & Ena Lloret-Fritschi
Smart Dynamic Casting (SDC) is a continuous robotic slip-forming process that enables the prefabrication of material-optimised load-bearing concrete structures. In this automated process, a dynamic formwork, significantly smaller than the structure produced, is continuously moved at a velocity which allows concrete to be shaped during the critical phase that it changes from a soft to a hard material. As part of the dfab House at the EMPA premises in Dübendorf, CH, SDC was selected as...

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