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H&E stained dermo-epidermal model

3D Printed Mixing Nozzle Test with collagen

Quality Assurance Tools

Simulation Pitot Tube

Pitot Tube

SkinReactor Focus Project

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Bolt It – Removal

Binary image of pores and solids

Digital image correlation analysis (uniaxial compression testing)

Digital image correlation was used in parallel with longitudinal extensometer-based measurements during the uniaxial compression test under continuous humidity variation, with the digital images acquisition system outside the climate chamber, free from climate interference. DIC analysis was undertaken using the open-source 2D digital image correlation software Ncorr. It tracks surface deformation by correlating the best fit between pixel values within a defined search window in images taken during hold steps to those in the reference...

L-PBF Hydraulic Directional Spool Valve

Sensor-equipped cordless multi-function tool

Images for \"Picking Partners in Pairs: The Challenge and the Solution to Evolution of Stable (Auto) Polyploidy\"

Description: This dataset contains image files to support the publication ‘Picking Partners in Pairs: The Challenge and the Solution to Evolution of Stable (Auto) Polyploidy’. All crossover patterning and synaptonemal complex length measurements contained within this publication were made using this sample of cells. Imaging data are presented as maximum intensity projections of 4-colour 3D-SIM z-stacks from diploid, neo-tetraploid and established tetraploid late-pachytene cells labelled for DAPI (blue), ZYP1 (green), ASY1 (orange) and HEI10 (red)....

SkinCreator Concept Rendering



Additive Manufactured Robotic Joint Actuator

3D Printed Mixing Nozzle Test with color

L-PBF valve bodies

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